Thursday, 7 December 2017

TWIST OF FATE (Tales Of An Orphan) Episode 11

The excitement filled the air as the arrival of
the noble Prince intoxicates the air, even a new
born baby felt it in the atmosphere. Everyone
made sure his/her surrounding was kept very
neat and shinny…
Igwe Okpalaugo and his entourage entered the
palace of Igwe Ebubedike and came down from
the car immediately. A guard opened the door
for them and also for the Princess. As they
came down, maidens poured flowers on the
floor on which they walked on. Omalicha was
very careful not to let the edge of Olaedo’s
cloth to fall again to avoid another slap..
“Haa!! My Good Friend” Ebubedike called as her
walked towards Okpalaugo in smiles.
“The Tiger of Umudike!!” Okpalaugo
reciproated and they hit their fan together and
hugged each other. Lolo Nneka and Ugodie
hugged themselves also in smiles greeting each
“Surely this is a great day” Okplalugo said
“Ola, greet you future Father-In-Law” He said
to Princess Olaedo who bowed down and
greeted him
“My Angel, stand up” Ebubedike said to Olaedo
and she stood up in smiles
“Oooh!! Such a beauty” Ebubedie praised her
“My husband has started again” Lolo Nneka said
and they all laughed
“I guess he fills your heart with such words”
Okpalaugo said jokingly
“He never ceases to find something saying
about someone” Lolo Nneka said
“Why won’t I say something or is admiring good
things bad??” Ebubedike asked and they all
laughed the more
“Your brain must really be brainwashed
everyday” Lolo Ugodie said to Nneka who fell
on her in happiness.
“Your Kingdom today is really attractive” Igwe
Okpalaugo said to Ebubedike
“That’s the handwork of my Onowu” Ebubedike
hailed the Prime Minister and Igwe Okpalaugo
recognised the Presence of the elders
“My elders I greet you” Okpalaugo greeted
them and they bowed a bit and reciprocated
“You have really been helping my good friend”
He thanked them
“So have they” Emetamma said pointing at his
crew of elders and they smiled at each other..
Few minutes after the greetings and
appreciationsn, the horn o cars were heard
from outside the gate and they all stood. Lolo
Nneka was smiling broadly as she couldn’t hold
her happiness. Musa the gate man rushed and
opened the gate immediately and three black
flashy cars drove in, in front was the modern
rated Avalon car, middle was a 2018 range
rover sports and behind was also an Avalon..
Maidens rushed immediately with their baskets
of flowers. The guards rushed down to open
the door for them, But before they could open
the door, Prince Onochie and Charles has
already opened the door and Onochie happily
breathed in the air of Home Sweet Home. The
maidens began to pour flowers for him
“Stop that, I don’t need it” He said to them and
other maidens whispered to them and they
stopped. Onochie immediately ran to his
Parents but was first hugged by his mother who
held him tight enough
“Good day Mom” Onochie greeted feeling the
affection of his long missed Mom.
“Welcome my son” She said, Onochie greeted
his father and so did he to Igwe Okpalaugo, his
wife and the elders in council..
“Good day Pretty” Onochie greeted Olaedo
with a hand shake
“Good day handsome” She replied accepting
the hand and their parents happily shouted
“What’s the shout for?” Onochie asked but no
one said anything. Charles greeted them also
with broad smiles but no one yet bothered to
know who he is.
“Let’s go in and celebrate this wonderful day”
Ebubedike said
“Wait on dad, I won’t do that without admiring
these lovely faces I see here” He said referring
to the guards and maidens standing aside and
Olaedo disdained that
“But they are mere guards and maids” Olaedo
said disgusting his action
“Mere guards and maidens you say??” Onochie
asked looking at her and Charles behaved like
he didn’t hear anything
“They are humans all thesame my dear”
Onochie concluded and each of them which
made them hail him and smiled at his action..
They later went inside with the elders and the
guards and maidens began to talk to each other
“The Prince is really nice” One of the guards
“Hmm.. He is really worthy to be called a
Prince” A maidens said also
“Can you imagine he refused flowers and
greeted Us even at the airport?” A maid that
followed to the airport said and they all
“But this Princess so rude, I pray our Prince
never marries her” A guard said
“Why?” A maid asked
“Didn’t you hear what she said, she is so rude
and proud” The guard said
“The gods forbid. Our Prince won’t marry such
ooh” A maid said
“I have not seen her before but I began to hate
her” Another maid said
“You better mind your tongue oh” A guard said
peeping at the door to make sure no one was
listening to them
“At least we now have someone who will make
us feel like human beings” They concluded and
dispatched to their various duty posts with
happiness and smiles still talking about the
Prince Onochie…


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