Saturday, 9 December 2017

TWIST OF FATE (Tales Of An Orphan) Episode 17

Onochie and Charles as they went upstairs
prepared to take a look at the village that he
will soon begin to rule.
“Bro, do you know that I have been thinking of
that dance the other day” Charles said as they
were getting ready
“The one by the girl I held?” Onochie asked
“Yeah bro, others combined weren’t as half as
her” Charles said
“Don’t give me the inspiration that you have
begin to eye her” Onochie jokingly said and
they laughed
“You know I ain’t gonna do that mehn” Charles
“She was just a good dancer” Charles added
“Seriously, I liked her from that day” Onochie
said throwing away his face from Charles who
joking hit him from behind
“Don’ t tell me that you followed the suite of
“I guess though” Onochie said and they looked
at each other…
In the kingdom of Omambala, Olaedo was seen
sitted on her bed in her bed chambers
operating her phone. She smiled and laughed
as she operated the phone.
“This boy won’t kill me” She muttered as she
was concentrated on her phone. A knock on the
door paused her mood
“Yes, come in” She said and Omalicha her
personal maid came in with a new well folded
bed sheets on her hand
“Good Morning My Princess” She greeted
“What is it?” Princess asked as a reply to her
solemn greeting
“I want to change your bed spread” Omalicha
said bowing down
“Alright, you can go on” Olaedo said and stood
up from the bed, wore her slippers and walked
out still on her night gown. Omalicha looked at
her as she went out of the door, she shook her
“Mtchhew” She hissed and began her work.
Olaedo walked out to the compound stretching
hrself a bit and still operating on her phone.
She walked slowly smiling at every glance she
gives on her phone. After a while her phone
rang and she smiled broadly before picking it
“Hello Baby” She said
“No, I haven’t, I just woke up” She said again
and chuckled
“Stop calling me those names” She said
scratching her hair
“Ken, stop it” She said and chuckled again
“Yes Baby, later” She said again
“Love you too darling” She concluded and hung
the call. On bringing the phone down from her
ear she looked at the screen of the phone and
“And what makes my daughter to be this
excited this morning?” The voice of Ugodie her
mother sounded from behind her and she
“Good Morning Mother” She said
“How are you my daughter?” Ugodie asked
“As you can see Mom, I’m fine” Olaedo said
“And who was that on the phone?” Her mother
“Just a friend. One of my lady friends back then
in school” Olaedo lied
“Ooh… I see” Her mother said
“I will be inside” Ugodie added and left. As she
left Olaedo’s phone alerted a message
notification. She quickly opened the message
from Ken which read “BABY,I AM MISSING YOU
frowned her face a little and her phone rang
again and she picked it up
“Just have patience, you know I am betrothed
to a Prince” She said
“I know it shouldn’t stop our affair” She said
“Alright, I will make out time to see you”
Olaedo said looking around to make sure her
mother was not behind her this time
“I don’t know when” Olaedo said hitting her leg
on the ground
“Don’t worry, that won’t be a problem
sweetheart” She concluded and hung up the
call. Immediately a guard walked towards her
“Good day my Princess” He greeted not bowing
down well and the Princess knocked him on the
“Are you mad, bow down properly” She
ordered and the guard bent properly
“Good, what is it?” She asked
“The King sent me to tell you that breakfast has
been served” The Guard said
“And that’s why you came to spoil my happy
mood isn’t it?!” Olaedo asked a bit harshly
“I’m sorry my Princess” The Guard said
“Sorry for yourself” Olaedo said
“Get out from my sight” She ordered and the
guard left
“Stupid guards….” Olaedo said and walked in..
Ada didn’t wake up early enough as she
normally does, the compound was still dirty
and nothing was done that morning. Obinna
and Nwanneka decided to allow Ada rest a bit,
so Obinna did some things and walked into
Olamma and Ugomma’s room to wake them up
“Bia Olamma!!!” He called but they didn’t wake
up he hit them and called their names before
they sluggishly woke up
“What is it this early morning eeh, Obinna”
Olamma asked
“You must be stupid to ask me such question”
Obinna said and Ugomma hissed
“Look at the time and you are still sleeping”
Obinna added
“And so what, are we your wives or house
maides?” Olamma asked
“Before I close my eyes and open it run and go
out there pick a brrom and sweep the
compound” Obinna ordered
“Maka gini (For what??!!)” Ugomma harshly
“You are asking me right, just wait” Obinna
turned to get a slippers and hit them but they
ran to out of the room to their fathers room
“Papa!! Papa!!” They screamed and Emetamma
woke up and held them
“What is it?” He asked
“It’s Obinna” They said and Emetamma angrily
looked at Obinna..


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