Sunday, 10 December 2017

TWIST OF FATE (Tales Of An Orphan) Episode 24

…’Stop the car! Stop the car!!’ Onochie said to
Charles as they pulled back towards Ada who
was walking home a bit sad from the market.
Although, sh was never happy. Onochie quickly
alighted from the car ran bahind the car as Ada
was still a bit away from them. Charles also
came down standing at the door of the driver’s
seat. Ada didn’t perceive nor see anyone as her
mind was carried away in thoughts of her
parents and the things she is going through
now. She walked past Onochie but Onochie
called her back
‘Excuse me!’ Onochie poolitely called but Ada
still didn’t stop
‘Hello!!’ He called again but no response. On
seeing that, Charles held her not to pass him
and Ada shockingly got back her mind and
began to look around in pretence and
speechless mouth
‘Goo.. Go.. oo..Good day my Prince’ She
greeted and also greeted Charles as she slippee
her hands off from him
‘You have already greeted me my dear’
Onochie said walking to the place where she
and Charles stood
‘Ooh.. Alright then.’ Ada said covering up her
lost mind
‘You have never been yourself since the day I
saw you, I noticed it.’ Onochie said but Ada kept
‘Tell me, What’s the matter my dear?’ Onochie
asked and Ada lifted up her face
‘It’s nothing my Prince’ Ada said and moved her
basket of food stuff from her left hand to her
right hand
‘Look at me’ Onochie said and Ada looked at
‘Do we look like we will harm you?’ Onochie
asked pointing at himself and Charles and Ada
nodded her head negatively
‘Then talk to us’ Onochie persuaded
‘Sorry my Prince, but it’s nothing’ Ada persisted
‘Even your face is swollen up’ Charles said
pointing at her face and Ada immediately
covered her face
‘Sorry my Prince, but if you permit I will like to
leave now’ Ada said and Onochie sighed
‘Alright, let me give you a ride home’ Onochie
‘Haaa!! My Prince mba nu!! No ooo’ Ada
immediately rejected and they were surprised
‘Why?’ Charles asked but Ada said nothing..
Olamma and Ugomma who left the house
directed their displacement towards the place
where Ada and the Prince were standing.
Walking few steps away, they saw them
standing and they hid behind a bush biting their
‘This girl is a witch’ Olamma whispered to
‘I will strangle this girl with my bare hands I
swear!!’ Ugomma said all with anger in their
‘Papa must hear this. I will make sure she dies
this night’ Olamma said
‘It’s alright. You will walk home to meet us’
Ugomma said on her part
‘Let’s go’ Ugomma added and they sneaked
home through the bush.
‘Alright then, I just wanted to say thank you for
leading me home today’ Onochie said and Ada
smiled a bit as a reciprocation
‘She was the one?’ Charles asked and Onochie
positively nodded
‘How can I repay you my dear?’ Onochie asked
‘Only God repays My Prince. I will take my
leave now’ Ada said
‘Alright, but just tell me your name’ Onochie
asked as Charles jingled the car keys in his
‘Ada.. My name is Ada, Ada Madueke’ Ada
replied and the name shivered Charles.
Without Onochie giving a reply, Ada ran out
knowing she was going to face hell at home.
She ran as fast as she can but Onochie’s eyes
never went away from her till she diverted to
her left.
‘Ada?? Such a nice name’ Onochie said but
Charles was still thinking.
‘Let’s go’ Onochie said to Charles but he made
no move. Onochie tried walking out but turned
back around
‘Chally!!!’ He called Charles’ nick name
‘Yes Bro’ Charles replied immediately
‘Let’s go’ Onochie said again but this time, he
was slow that one can read his lips from afar.
Charles entered the car and ignited the engine.
They drove all over the village and luckily
found their way home..
Ada, on reaching the entrance to their house,
she exhaled deeply and did the sign of the
cross. She opened the gate and walked in
innocently but fearfully. She greeted everyone
and tried waking inside the house but
Emetamma called her back
‘Ada come here!’ He called with a low tone and
Ada walked back
‘Yes Papa’ She replied
‘Kneel down here!!’ He ordered and without
any further thought or questions, Ada knelt
down immediately as she knez it was going to
happen. But this time she was surprised that
Nwanneka, her Aunt and Obinna who normally
speaks for her didn’t say a word but all looked
at her as if she killed someone.
‘Ada, so it has gotten to this eeh?’ Nwanneka
asked her rudely
‘Haa.. Nne, I don’t understand wha….’ Ada tried
to defend herself but before she could
complete her statement, Emetamma gave her
a resounding slap that pushed her to the
ground. Blood began to drop her mouth as an
effect of her tooth that broke off in respect to
the slap.
‘I thought I was defending a reasonable girl. I
never knew you were a cheap prostitute!!’
Nwanneka said to Ada standing up.
‘Ada why?’ The questions were too much but
Ada only shed tears and held her mouth. Blood
and tears stained the white top she wore.


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