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TWIST OF FATE (Tales Of An Orphan) Episode 25

As they all sat on the bench and Emetamma
still thinking of what to do with Ada, Olamma
and Ugomma were busy mocking and laughing
Ada. Disdaining and insulting her..
‘What were you doing with the Prince?’
Emetamma asked Ada after a long silence
‘Nothing Papa, I wa…’ Ada tried to make a
statement but Emetamma gave her another
‘Who is your father eeh?? Don’t ever Papa me
again and answer my question immediately’
Emetamma barked at Ada who was already was
on the floor weeping bitterly
‘Papa, it’s not what you think’ Ada said in tears
‘Then what is it?’ Olamma asked
‘Or do you want to lie in it?’ Ugomma added
‘I don’t know what you are talking about. The
Prince only saw me on the road and stopped to
say thank you for… for…’ Ada stammered
knowing that even her truth can’t save her
‘For what Ada??!!’ Obinna barked at her angrily
‘Or have you suddenly began to stammer?’
Nwanneka asked further
‘I showed him the way to the palace when he
was dumped by the roadside by someone’ Ada
completed her sentence
‘Good samaritan’ Emetamma called her
‘So, you left the food stuff you went to buy for
us and turned to a convoy right?? What is it by
your time now Ada?? You haven’t even started
preparing food’ Emetamma barked at her and
stood up breathing angrily
‘Alright, since you say so. Does your words
explain the fact that you came down from the
Prince car and you hugged him?’ Nwanneka
asked her
‘Heii!!’ Ada exclaimed
‘Nne, it’s a lie ooh’ Ada defended herself but
Olamma attacked her words immediately
‘Heii! Ada, you are lying!!’ Olamma said
‘So Ada you mean that my daughters are lying
eeh!!’ Emetamma yelled at her
‘No Pa… Sorry Nna anyi, that isn’t what happe…’
Ada tried saying but Emetamma started hitting
him severely. She pleaded but he paid deaf
ears. Nwanneka hissed and left followed by
Obinna. Olamma and Ugomma as usual kept
ranting their mouths to make their father
continue beating Ada. Emetamma with
whatever he saw beat Ada to a trash. As if that
wasn’ enough, he dug her head into a drum of
water. Ada almost gave up as she was
engulved.. Emetamma threw her down and left
her there
‘This is just the beginning. Useless girl’ Olamma
said and Ugomma mocked her. Ada struggled
to regain her breathe on the floor. All she
bought from the market was scattered all over
the compound. Her body was soaked. Her body
with injuries. She wepy bitterly singing a song
of sorrow. She crawled on the floor as all her
body ached. She held her stomach occassionally
spitting out blood…
Onochie and Charles has already gone home
late that day. Onochie didn’t talk to neither his
mother nor Father as a result of what
happened earlier at the dinning table..
‘See Bro, I see something special in that girl’
Onochie said to Charles who was quiet
‘Charles’ Onochie called and Charles looked at
‘You haven’t been yourself since we met that
girl in the afternoon. What is the matter?’
Onocgie asked
‘Onochie my Brother, didn’t you hear her
name. She bears my surname’ Charles said and
Onochie laughed at him
‘Why are you laughing now?’ Chalres asked and
Onochie kept on laughing
‘Are you the only one answering that surname?
It is a coincidence’ Onochie said
‘No Onochie, you don’t understand. I felt
something’ Charles said looking serious and
Onochie looked at him but didn’t laugh this
‘This is serious’ Onochie said and the room
became silent. Few minutes into the silence,
there was a knock on the door and both of
them looked towards the door
‘Who is it?’ Onochie asked
‘It’s me Nnenna my Prince’ Nnenna the maid
said from the outside
‘Come in’ Onochie permitted her entrance and
she walked in
‘Good day my Princes’ She greeted the both of
them but only Onochie replied.
‘The King calls for you my Prince’ Nnenna said
directly looking at Onochie
‘Tell him that I am not coming’ Onochie said
not looking at her
‘But my Prince…’ Nnenna tried to convince him
‘You heard me clearly. I am not coming. Tell
him that’ Onochie meant it and Charles looked
at him. Immediately Nnenna left the room
bowing down in respect.
‘Bro, that was harsh. It’s your father and you
know that’ Charles said
‘And so what. What does he has to tell me that
he hasn’t said before, eeeh, tell me?’ Onochie
asked and Charles exhaled weakly
‘Please, just go and see him. Please, to avoid
problems’ Charles pleaded
‘Let there be problems, I don’t give a dime!!!’
Onochie exclaimed
‘No Bro, don’t say that again’ Charles said to
Onochie. He suceeded in convincing him but
still yet Onochie wasted time before standing
up from the bed
‘Please, take everything easy’ Charles lastly said
as Onochie was already holdong the door
‘Alright’ Onochiesaid and left
‘This is big problem. I just don’t understand
this..’ Charles said and fell on the bed with
arms widely open…
Watch Out For SEASON 2!!


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