Saturday, 9 December 2017

TWIST OF FATE (Tales Of An Orphan) Episode 21

Everyone was shocked and startled at the way
Onochie banged the door open. The look on his
face was not encouraging either. He walked
straight to where his parents were with
Charles, looked at them and turned to go
upstairs but his father stopped him
“Onochie my Son, why is your face like this?”
He asked but Onochie said nothing
“Onochie my Son, I thought you went out with
Olaedo” Nneka his mother asked but still
Onochie still said nothing
“Talk to Us Son” Igwe said
“Manny, pull down the face and speak up Bro”
Charles said and Onochie spoke Up
“Father, can you imagine Olaedo sending me
out of her Car!!” Onochie said in Annoyance
“Who does she thinks she is.. So rude and ill
mannered.” Onochie added
“Calm down my Son, tell Us what happened”
Nneka requested
“Alright Mom, She slapped her driver that is
old enough to be her father three good times
just because he bumped on a gallop. I tried
stopping her but she ordered the driver to
push me out!!” Onochie explained
“Thank God for the good samaritan who came
and led me to my Father’s house” Onochie
“Who the hell is she, I don’t even know her and
she is.. She is.. I don’t really know what to say”
Onochie said bounce sitting on the couch
“My Son, you have to take it easy” Igwe said
“Dad, this has gotten off hand, this isn’t the
first time nor the second. Why is she so rude,
because she is a Princess?” Onochie asked
“I bet not to set my eyes on her ever again”
Onochie said
“But you have to” Igwe said reversing the
words of Onochie who looked at his Dad
“Yes, You have to learn to live with her because
she is going to be your wife” Igwe said without
“What??!!” Onochie exclaimed standing up from
the couch. Charles also was shocked to hear
“Dad, don’t give me the thought that you are
forcing me on that ill mannered girl” Onochie
“No, I’m not my Son, but you can’t help it. You
have to marry her” Igwe said
“Oh! Dad, is this what you called me back from
the States to do?” Onochie asked but everyone
kept quiet even Charles was speechless
“Mom, you ain’t saying anything” Onochie said
looking at his Mom
“She has nothing to say in this matter Son”
Igwe interrupted
” Fine!! But that will be over my dead body
Dad! Never!” Onochie angrily said and ran
upstairs, Charles followed him immediately
and Nneka was bothered and worried
“Nna anyi, I told you earlier that this betrothal
won’t work out” Nneka said to the Igwe
“What did you want me to do, would I have
watched my Son and my Kingdom die!!?” Igwe
“He just have to accept it. You better go and
talk to him” Igwe said to Lolo and left
Olaedo in anger got home, pushed away the
guard that came to open the door for her and
ran inside the house..
“My Princess, what is it?” Okpalaugo asked as
Olaedo shook her body vigorously
“Dad, is it not that useless Prince you say I am
going to marry” Olaedo began
“What happened my daughter” Ugodie asked
walking to her and cuddling her
“He doesn’t respect me at all. He insults me in
the Presence of mere guards, maids and
drivers” Olaedoo said and it angered her father
“That is arrant nonsense, did I give my
daughter to Ebubedike to drain her happiness?”
He barked
“Igwe, you better warn him and his useless Son
to be very careful with my daughter ooh”
Ugodie said and hugged Olaedo
“Take it easy, I will talk to him” Okpalaugo
“Now, go to your room and freshen Up my
daughter” He added and Olaedo left with her
mother. As they left Okpalaugo picked up his
cell phone and contacted Igwe Ebubedike..
Onochie was still pumping in anger
“Bro, take it easy” Charles tried calming him
“Didn’t you hear what my Father said” Onochie
“I did, but anger won’t be the solution Bro”
Charles said
“Let’s thank God you are back first” Charles
added and Onochie sat down trying to calm
down. As he sat down, Nneka his mother came
in and walked directly to where he sat.
“My Son” She called but Onochie didn’t reply
“My Son, please calm down” Nneka said
“Calm down!! Mom, you said I should calm
down!” Onochie barked
“Why should I when Dad has sold me into
marriage” Onochie said
“Not even to someone sensible but to an arrant
Idiot” Onochie added and hissed
“My Son, it wasn’t his fault” Nneka said
“Then, whose fault was it?” Onochie asked as
Charles also sat on the bed.
“This whole thing was just to save you My Son”
Nneka said and silence took over the room
“Save me?? How Nne?” Onochie asked and
Nneka adjusted herself
“Years back when you were still a Kid, this
kingdom was the poorest ever known. You fell
seriously sick that even all the resources of this
Kingdom couldn’t pay off for your hospital bills”
Nneka began with a low voice
“Igwe Okpalaugo agreed to help us after Much
pleading as he was the richest King but he
didn’t do it without a condition” Nneka said as
her eyes got wet.
“And that condition is what tied you and Olaedo
together. It was signed in the court My Son”
Nneka said and Onochie stood Up immediately
“Gosh!!” He exclaimed
“Please My Son” Nneka pleaded
“Mom, there must be a way out because I can’t
marry such a girl” Onochie said contrary words
despite the explanations of his mother
“There is no other way out my son” Nneka said
and Onochie was speechless even Charles felt
his mind. Silence took over the room as
Onochie looked into the eyes of his mother and


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