Sunday, 10 December 2017

TWIST OF FATE (Tales Of An Orphan) Episode 23

Onochie woke up that morning with what his
father said still in his mind, he walked down
the staircase very early that morning still on his
night dress and his arm folded behind him. He
walked out to the fancy tree in form a shed
that was in the middle of the compound, sat
down on the seat that was there quietly alone.
Charles woke up to find out that Onochie was
not on bed. He stood up immediately and
began to search for him. He searched almost
everywhere for him but didn’t see him. The
day was still a bit dark, Charles walked out to
the front of the house and sited him under the
tree and he walked towards him.
“Onochie” Charles called him and he looked at
“Why worry yourself?” Charles asked him
sitting down on the opposite chair
“Charles, I am confused. I’m really confused”
Onochie began
“I can’t marry that girl, at first I don’t Love her
neither do I like her character” Onochie
“I understand you Bro, but you have to listen to
your parents” Charles said and Onochie sighed
“That’s the fact here, I have no choice but I still
can’t force myself to like her” Onochie said and
“I think you will get to like her” Charles said
“Just try and manage her” Charles said
“That’s it… There you go! I can’t even manage
her. Seriously, dad should know what he did
and reverse it. He should pay her Father back,
as for this marriage, it won’t work” Onochie
said and stood up
“Brother” Charles called and Onochie paused
his movement
“Just try and take it easy” Charles said and
Onochie left.
Brighter became the day as Onochie and family
were on the dinning table eating breakfast.
Onochie’s face wasn’t good at all, Charles and
Nneka his mother noticed it but Ebubedike was
not concerned at all.. Few minutes into the
food, Ebubedike broke the silence
“Eerhm.. Onochie” He called but Onochie didn’t
look at him
“Your wedding will commence in 5 months
from now, so get ready” He said and continued
eating the food. Onochie’s ace became
disfigured completely. Nneka and Charles
starred at both Onochie and Ebubedike.
Onochie stopped drinking his tea, stood up and
went upstaris without talking to anyone. Soon
enough, he came down with a car key in his
hands and he left through the door. Charles
dropped his tea spoon immediately and ran
after him. Onochie already has ignited the
engine of his car before Charles waved at him
“Where are you going bro” Charles asked
“To take a ride” Onochie replied
“C’mon Bro, you will hurt yourself” Charles said
opening the door to the driver’s seat, took the
key from Onochie and shifted him to the other
side of the Car
“Let me drive Please” Charles pleaded and
Onochie allowed him. Musa, the gate man
immediately opened the gate and Charles
drove out with Onochie.
“Dike!! Dike!!!” Igwe Ebubedike called and Dike
the guard came in immediately
“Where is Onochie” He asked
“He drove out my King” Dike replied and
Ebubedike hit him with his staff
“Are you stupid, I told you to always follow
him!” Igwe barked at him
“Sorry my King but he refused” Dike said
“You better trace him and know his every
move” Igwe ordered and Dike left
Charles inserted a music “All Of Me” in the Car
which he lowered a bit. Occasionally, he starred
at Onochie whose mind was lost.
“Where are we going?” Charles asked Onochie
“I don’t know” Onochie said
“You don’t know?? We might get lost here”
Charles complained
“That would be better for me.. Just keep
driving” Onochie said
“See Bro, you are….” Charles tried to say but
Onochie interrupted
“Just keep driving!” Onochie said aloud
“Alright, fine” Charles said raising up his hands
and continued driving. They drove through so
many corners and curves without a destination.
On coming to a place, they passed a lady on the
way. After they had passed her, Onochie’s mind
came back and he looked back from the side
“Pull back” Onochie said putting on a little
smile on his face. Seeing the excitement,
Charles did not ask any further question. He
pulled back and slowly the car went back close
to the Lady….
“Papa, why is Ada wasting so much time?”
Olamma asked
“Shut up your mouth. Why didn’t you go to the
market yourself” Nwanneka their mother said
to her and she kept quiet
“After all, it’s minor stuffs. So allow her”
Obinna said as they all for once sat together in
front of their house
“So, she should misbehave because it’s minor
stuffs okwa ya?” Emetamma asked
“No Problem, she will come back to meet me
in this house” Emetamma said and pin locked
his mood.. Olamma and Ugomma stood up and
left through the gate without telling anyone
where they were going…


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