Saturday, 9 December 2017

TWIST OF FATE (Tales Of An Orphan) Episode 19

Ada walked down to the market covering her
face very well for no one to see what happened
to her. She also held her tears although she
couldn’t bear it. She finished buying the food
stuffs and slowly began to walk home..
On the other hand, Onochie and Charles into a
little but attractive black Tundra Car. A guard
walked into the car holding the wheels
“The King ordered me to take you anywhere
you wish” The guard said
“Your dad is real mean Mehn” Charles said and
Onochie sighed
“Alright, just show us around the kingdom”
Onochie said and the guard ignited the car
engine. Musa the gate man opened the gate
and they drove off. As Usual, Musa waved at
them as they drove out
“Such a funny gate man” Onochie said as they
went. The guard was quite interactive as he
explained everywhere they went to. Telling
them it’s name and everything about it.
“It seems you know everywhere in this
village?” Onochie asked
“Yes My Prince” Mbagu the guard said. Their car
slowed downand was moving with little speed.
Their whined down the side windows of the car
looking at the beautiful Umudike Kingdom
“This is very beautiful” Charles said
“Surely, it has changed a lot” Onochie added as
they viewed.
Ada was lost in thought as she didn’t know that
she was walking in the middle of the road.
Onochie’s car curved towards her direction, the
guard horned for her to go out of the way but
she didn’t hear it so Mbaagu stopped the car
“What is it?” Onochie asked but Mbaagu said
nothing as he walked towards Ada. Onochie and
Charles came out immediatey
“Are you deaf!!” Mbaagu shouted at Ada who
shivered immediately and looked at the guard
“Didn’t you hear my horn?” Mbaagu asked
“How dare you block the way of the Prince”
Mbaagu added and Ada pleaded
“I am sorry” Ada pleaded
Onochie and Charles walked closer
“What is happening here?” Onochie asked
“She was the one that was on the way My
Prince” Mbaagu said as they came close enough
“Young Lady, do you want to die?” Onochie
asked Ada who covered her face and knelt
“Good day My Prince. I am very sorry” Ada said
“No noo no.. Stand up” Onochie said pulling her
up and he looked at her eyes
“You look confused” Onochie said to Ada
“No… It’s nothing my Prince” Ada said
“Why are you covering your face?” Charles
asked and Ada faced him
“Nothing My Prince” She said to Charles
thinking he was a Prince.
“Hold On, tell me what it is, you are even
crying” Onochie requested but Ada didn’t say
anything as Charles came closer.
“We can help you dear” Charles said
“I have to be going now my Prince. I am
running late” Ada said and tried to leave but
was stopped by Mbaagu
“The Prince is talking to you and you are
walking away!!” He barked at Ada and she was
“Let her be” Onochie said
“Thank You My Prince” Ada said and left trying
to walk faster
“She is going through so much pains bro”
Charles said to Onochie
“I felt it. And she looks like someone I have
met before” Onochie said looking at Charles
“Do you know her?” Charles asked Mbaagu
“No Sir” Mbaagu said
“I didn’t see her face clearly” Mbaagu added
“Alright, let’s go” Onochie said and they went
into the Car and drove off….
Olaedo got dressed up looking very attractive
and beautiful as she walked towards her car.
“Where are you going?” Okpalaugo her father
asked her
“Oh!! Dad. I want to go and see Onochie”
Olaedo said
“Ooh! I see. Does he know that you are
coming?” Okpalaugo asked
“No Dad, or do I need to place an appointment
before seeing him?” Olaedo asked back
“Definitely not my dear” Igwe said and Olaedo
entered her car escorted by Omalicha and
being driven by a guard.
“You look beautiful this morning My Princess”
The guard said handling the wheels
“Really? Thanks anyways, now concentrate in
your driving” Olaedo said initially polite and a
bit harsh afterwards..
They drove into Igwe Ebubedike’s Palace. On
seeing her, the maids began to spread flowers
for her. Immediately Igwe Ebubedike and
Nneka came out
“Greetings Majesties” Olaedo greeted
“Greetings my daughter” Nneka reciprocated
“You look more like the morning Sun” Igwe
said and she smiled
“Thank You Igwe” She said
“Is Anochie in?” She asked
“No My dear, he went out with his friend” Igwe
“Gosh!” Olaedo exclaimed
“You can wait for him, he will soon be back”
Nneka said
“Alright” Olaedo agreed and immediately a car
horn was heard from outside the gate….


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