Thursday, 14 December 2017


Wondered how tonight was going to be with these two sleeping over,to me it kind of looks funny to me.
Ella: * seating on the bed * okay let's see what we have here * she opened the well and neatly sealed carton * wow piazza, my favourite * she opened another * she looked puzzled * ah Richard,why did you let them package these fried rice for you like these
Richard: *innocently* I don't want it pouring away while am driving because I know you won't carry them
Ella: well its still very hot but I thought I asked you to get me basmati rice? *making an angry face*
Richard: I got them na,keep checking
Ella: it better be o * I just stood at the corner watching the two of them displaying,she opened the remaining three cartons containing her basmati rice,a large quantity of already cut chicken while the last carton has a reasonable sized cake in it,I wonder if it was party but at these point the aroma of the food was all over my room*
Me: * pretending like I wasn't really hungry * is these another set of party?
Richard: * smiling * what do you think?
Ella: Richy where is the stew for my basmati rice ?
Richard: ooops,we left them in the car I guess, Precious can we go get them please?
Me: ok
Ella: thanks and please Richy there is another wine under the front seat please help me get it
Richard: ok
We both went outside,he opened the car showing my the plastic take-away the stew was in while he went to the front seat Ella was seated earlier bringing out a bottled wine from the under then we started heading inside
Richard: wait * I stopped and turned to him he smiled * I forgot to tell you how beautiful you are looking to night
Me: * smiles * stop pulling my legs
Richard: no I mean it
Me: okay thanks
Richard: you are welcome
Me: are you always these romantic ? * the question just fell off my mouth,he looked into my eyes and gave a funny smile *
Richard: why should I accredit myself?
Me: sorry I asked just that as a kid from a rich home I was expecting a pompous guy not a cool one * forced out a little smile *
Richard: well am not always cool,I have got my terrible side you might not like about me and beside it wasn't as if a was really born with a silver spoon! just that God was faithful enough to favour my family
Me: wow,you weren't born with a silver spoon?
Richard: yea,I was 15 when daddy started making it,then my little sister was just 12
Me: okay,am really impressed with the little a know about you,you know that wouldn't stop some men from being pompous,rude and all that
Richard: I barely know anything about you but I feel I had known it all
Me: meaning?
Richard: Precious, its hard to live without you,you are the reason while am here in Lagos and still here
Me: * my heart was beating faster again * please can we go inside,Ella must be waiting for us now
Richard: sorry if I said the wrong words to you,let's go * started walking *
Me: Richard * he stopped but didn't turn * you said nothing wrong,your words really makes me feel special
Richard: really? * turned to face me smiling * wow that's because you are special
Me: thanks * we smiled at each other and started walking back inside,if these was going to be the only thing I achieved tonight then am ready cool with it because to me its already a memorable night. on getting inside Ella has already dished a small portion of the fried rice into a plate she got from my lodge and was eating *
Ella: I was even thinking you both decided to sleep outside
Me: hahaha
Ella: are you gonna eat basmati rice with me?
Me: ok,make it two spoons
Richard: what about me?
Ella: oh,you eat food too? I don't know o * she joked *
Richard: I refer the fried rice self
Ella: better for you o,because I won't allow you eat these one except Precious would take the job of feeding you * I felt shy *
that night was fun,I just can't forget in a hurry,we ate and played like we were kids,we got over feed but who cares,we kept eating,when it was remaining just one meat Ella took it while myself and Richard kept chasing her round the room,till was really fun filled till Richard got drunk,myself and Ella had to force him to sleep,it was around 3:17 then then we all retired to bed,it was only the cake that was untouched.
I wokeup by 8 waking Ella along
Me: its 8 already,we have missed the first class
Ella: I didn't come along with any cloth so I should be going home but Richard is still sleeping because he got drunk
Me: * I looked at Richard were he laid down on the floor,I realized my room was really in a mess * I have got some nice clothes,c'mon it's gonna fit you,we are same size
Ella: what about Richard?
Me: we leave him here,he should be up before we get back
Ella: ok
Me: that's the bathroom,go bath first
Ella: ok
she stood up and entered the bathroom while I stood up searching through my bags looking for dress for Ella but she opened the bathroom door calling on me
Ella: Precious
Me: yes? *went closer*
Ella: * frowning * the shameless woman is here * she whispered *
Me: who?
Ella: my monthly follow,please do you have pad?
Me: ok just bath,I have some left
Ella: thanks,please am nude already,check my bag's side zip you would see I tied nylon I have two undies there,gave me one
Me: ok * I checked her bag as instructed and it was like she said,I gave her one and she shut the door back,funny girl,carrying panties along with her *
we got dressed and left for class,Richard was still sleeping when we left,on getting to class our second lecturer was already in class,Ella wasn't really happen she was late * maybe because she is the assistant class rep *
we sat at same seat at the back till classes were over,most of our class mates who knew us too well not to had been friends were surprised seeing us seat and chat together,James and Jerry were just observing from their own end.
as soon as classes where over they came to meet us
Jerry: birthday girl wadup
Ella: hahaha,am fine,you?
Jerry: how can I be fine when I had been dreaming of you ever since
Ella: dream well
James: Presh Presh,I dey fear u oo
Me: why?
James: you just dey shine * most times he is unreasonable *
Me: wetin you come mean
James: we dey come your house by six,cook oh
Me: no wahala,come o
Jerry: Ella,take care
Ella: you too
Me: so Jerry because of Ella you no dey see me again?
Jerry: no vex,the love don blind me
Me: hahaha
Ella: that's how you men talk,Precious let's go jhare
James: exam timetable is out o
Me: really?
James: yes,two weeks time,I will get you one when coming these evening
Me: you are such a darling
Jerry: Ella I would get you one too
Me: hahaha,you and Ella who go get for each other
Jerry: na wa for you Precious o,you no even let her tell me that am such a darling?
Ella: do you know my lodge?
Jerry: if you tell me I will know
Ella: we talk later,Precious can we go now?
Me: okay,ain't you guys going with us
James: no,let me try and see if I can change my school fees receipt
Me: ok bye
Ella: bye
on our way home Ella asked if I was dating james
Ella: are you dating James?
Me: no,he is just a friend
Ella: who are you dating?Me:
brokeup long ago,about 8months ago
Ella: wow,that's a hell of time
Me: yea
getting home myself and Ella were surprised Richard swept the room already and arranged everywhere into a new shape
Ella: Richard? so you can work these much?
Me: oh my God,you should have
Richard: its nothing,your bedsheets is with the dry cleaner at that green shop,I have paid him,though I told him to bring it once its dry
Me: wow,thanks a lot
Ella: can we go now?
Me: so soon,ain't you going to take a little rest first?
Ella: you know my condition na,let me get to my lodge
Me: okay
Ella: Richy have you eaten?
Richard: sure,I cooked
Both: cooked?
Richard: yes,beans,open your pot
Me: *I rushed to the pot with Ella following, I opened the pot*Jesus
Ella: these is serious love,are you sure it won't porge her
Richard: *I was just sprechless*let's go jhare
Ella: okay,Precious i will call you
Me: okay *we hugged*
Richard came close kissing my lips so quick,I felt it deep down
Richard: please come open the gate
*I followed them out,opened the gate and he drove out*
Richard: check under your pillow * he shouted out *
I shout the gate and went inside already missing them,I won't joke with that Richard's food,I said to my self.
"check under your pillow" those words flash my mind,I quickly raised it. he wrote his two numbers on my pillow, these guy is crazy,on the bed as a paper neatly folded,on its back was written "My Intoto Diction To My Love" I took it and opened it,on it was the finest writeup a man can ever give to a woman,you won't believe want these guy had composed...


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