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James: * looked surprised * oh you no hear that one? I said Ella is Richard's first cousin
Me: you are kidding me right?
James: Jerry are my lying?
Jerry: stop wasting time to convince her shey we told her to come along she said she is not interested abeg show me where to sleep jhoor
Me: * making that childish face * urm that's not fair
Jerry: yes it's black,I even forget to tell you the sweetest part of it,we collected your own share of the food and drink and ate it
Me: * sigh * thought is something better, you guys should sleep in that corner,take that wrapper over there
James: ok but you miss sha
I just laid down silently on my bed,thinking to myself,if what I just heard is true then Richard has lost interest in me or is probably very angry with me,what should I do now to make him start noticing me again,I really think I should go apologise to him and pretend its just an ordinary apology then he would have an idea that I still want him and start coming again,no no no that would make me look cheap,I must have to do something and fast.
I was still thinking when I slept off I was awoken early the next morning by James and Jerry that they were going so I stood up and opened up the door for them to leave then locked back,it was Sunday already.
I went back to sleep,I wokeup finally by seven thirty and went into the bathroom to prepare for church
I wasn't settled within me but i was really struggling to be,the thought of Richard has eaten me up and it seem to be making me dull each day.
I got ready for church and left,it was a Catholic church,the mass already started before I got to church,it was the second mass.
after the first reading other members who came later were permitted inside,I didn't take notice of people that joined my seat but I realized I was perceiving a familiar perfume, I just don't know what turned my head to see people sitting with me,I saw him moping and smiling at me,by his side was seated Ella. immediately I felt my heartbeat increased
Richard: hi,is these your church also?
I wanted to reply but couldn't,I found myself giving him a forced out smile as a reply then my eyes met with that of Ella but she said nothing,for the rest of the mass duration I can't tell what happened all I knew was that we had offering and communion any other thing that happened aside that precious don't know.
when the mass was over I stoop up with my bag containing just my bible and bulletin for the for the Sunday mass and lodge key and started walking out unnoticed but on getting outside I met Richard and Ella,I didn't notice they had gone out of the church before me
Richard: avoiding me?
Me: me,avoid you,why?
Richard: I don't know,well you look like the angels in heaven on these outfit
Me: thanks but you don't look bad either
Ella: Richy let's go
Richard: hey easy am talking to someone
Ella: someone am angry with abi
Me: angry with me? what did I do?
Ella: ask me again * since our year one I had never had a one on one chat with Ella,I just walked closer to her ignoring Richard first *
Me: dear what's my offence?
Ella: why didn't you come to my birthday party
Me: oh that?
Ella: would you say you had no idea Saturday was my birthday party?
Me: I knew,my friend told me but...
Ella: but you couldn't come because am not your friend
Me: no dear not that,I was ill * lied *
Richard: ill?
Ella: ill, what happened?
Me: its fever * lied *
Ella: so sorry about that
Richard: how are you now?
Me: fine,I should be going now
Ella: ok see u in school
Richard: no let's drop you off
Me: no thanks
Ella: don't refuse it please,use that to make up for my birthday that you missrd
Me: *smile* ok thanks
we all walked to where he parked his car and entered.
when he got to my lodge I came down from the car
Ella: hope I srr you in school tomorrow?
Me: yes
Richard: have a nice Sunday
Me: thanks * he started his engines * Richard?
Richard: yes? * he turned off the car *
Me: *looking down* am sorry for the way I treated you
Richard: oh,C'mon come over that,you did nothing wrong
Me: * still looking down * thanks * walking away *
Richard: how about dinner these evening,just the three of us? *he shouted*
Me: * smile* ok
Richard: see ya then by evening *he starts his engine once again and drove off leaving dust in the air*
wow,I felt refreshed as in anew again
Me: yes,yes *I started running into the compound out of happiness,I really couldn't wait till evening,I was eager to see him again *I opened my door and got in falling on the bed flat
Me: I can't believe these I'd happening,Ella my new friend? wow,Richard is back,oh yes *I talked to myself like we were two in the room,I was hungry but I don't wanna eat, I don't want anything that would rule that the dinner date for me.
I just laid on the bed smiling to myself over and over again like one who started madness newly
I stayed indoors till five thirty then I went into the bath room to clean up,being a woman is really not easy,before six thirty I was done preparing but no sign of Richard nor Ella,I was peeping throw the window at interval hoping to see one of them surface again but no signs of either of them,by 7:00 I was already getting frustrated or had he changed his mind! I had to go outside the gate checking on him,I even stood there till 7:30pm but no sign of them,I was pissed up,I went back to my lodge and angrily shut the door,I don't even have either of them contact to communicate them,I laid down on the bed and realized tears dropping from my eyes,I really wish to see Richard,my Richard.
I laid still on the bed till I slept off,it was an incoming call that woke me up,I checked the time and it was 9pm,the caller was Michael my elder brother. I picked up the call and we spoke over the phone for about ten minutes before saying goodnight to each other.
I sat up,took off my dress and wore my Skippy night wear,when into the bath room to wash of the makeups on my face
Me: * sad * my makeup just wasted because of Richard,no problem,I came back to room,I saw my phone screen light on and picked it up,two miss calls,no name just number
Me: who is these one that wants to annoy me these night again * the phone began ringing again,same number * hello,who is these
Ella: its me Ella,come open your gate for us to drive in
Me: Ella?
Ella: yes,we are outside your gate * hung up *
Mr: Jesus,they are here
I quickly opened my door,rushed to the gate,opened it and Richard drove in,I locked back the gate,Ella step down
Ella: sorry we are disturbin,Richard's car got spoilt,before we could finish the repairs it was :8 30already so we just decided to buy the dinner and bring it down here instead of taking you out late *Richard came out of the car*
Me: no nah you shouldn't have bothered,we can always go out another day
Richard: am so sorry
Me: not your fault so don't be sorry
Ella: let's go in please
Me: in? erm,erm,ok
Richard: hey girls come help me out with the food * we both got to the back seat parking the things there out *
Ella: *on getting inside* its ten already,Richard are you sure we ain't gonna be sleeping over?
Me: *my heart skipped hearing that* sleep where?
*I said inwardly*
Richard: just pray I don't get drunk so I can drive you home.
those words resounded in my ears,I knew I was in for it these night.


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