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I could feel my legs wobbling and unable to carry my whole body as I walked to my lodge.
I managed to get home under a trembling feet,I was opening the door when a neighbour Nneka greeted
Nneka: Peepe hafa na
I turned to answer but in my sorrow tears dropped out of my eyes instead
Nneka: * surprised * ah why are you crying?
Me: are my crying? * my hand going to my eyes as I have successful unlocked the door
Nneka: eyah,eeeheyee,so person fit cry without im notice,sorry no vex,you no dey cry,I forget say na another new pattern of laughter be that * started walking away * I didn't reply her,I just watched her go out of the gate murmuring to herself then I entered inside,that was when the main tears started following.
I never realized I have gotten to love Richard these deep to the extent of feeling jealous seeing him with another woman,I never thought I could cry for love,why Ella of all people,she is the only girl in my department competing beauty with me,she is just naturally beautiful maybe that's why am more jealous,maybe if it had been other department girl I wouldn't mind.
I was so busy playing hard to get forgetting they are other girls who are even willing to woo him for them self but I was ready to apologise to him,I was ready to tell him how sorry I was.
I kept thinking to myself till I slept off.
The next day I didn't go for lectures, i just stayed in my room all through,I just needed time to get myself together again but the thought of Richard wouldn't just leave my head.
The next day I got ready for classes and left,but throughout the duration of the lectures my eyes where on Ella,I just couldn't concentrate,before we had the last lecture for the day in the school complex hall James walked up to me
James: hi Precious
Me: * coldly * hi
James: you look dull today why?
Me: do i? no am not dull
James: ok o but these is not the lively precious I know
Me: dear,am just not feeling too well
James: ok was that why you didn't come for classes yesterday?
Me: yea
James: bae you missed o that yesterday
Me: gist me,what happened?
James: it was Ella's birthday na,come and see the way drinks were flying
Me: hmmm,really?
James: remember that guy that was disturbing you that year
Me: who,Richard?
James: yes Richard,he was just all over her,come and see,he even told us he would be hosting us all these Saturday for Ella's birthday party at Eden Garden
Me: * my heart was melting * that's good,it would be a big one at lest you guys would enjoy it
James: you are coming along right?
Me: nop,I have better things doing
James: like?
Me: reading
James: c'mon don't tell me you are jealous,shey these guy asked u out first but you refused,you should be happy he found someone else and that person is our Ella
Me: * stood up and pick my books * see you later,I need to go to the ICT to sort something.
James: hmmm precious, are you really sick?
I didn't answer him,I just walked out of the class,I sighted Richard at his normal spot,I wonder the kind of student he his,not attending classes maybe because his father is the President.
I pretended not to see him as I walked passed
Richard: hello Precious
Me: * using my hand * hello * I walked passed him * to the Library **not ICT**
I stayed in there till I felt like going home,on coming out I saw Ella and Richard,they were seated together charting and laughing,I just walked pass them and started walking home.
For that week I wasn't really focused, it pains me the more knowing he doesn't care anymore about my existence,imagine Richard signaling me "hello" I just have to forget him and move on after all nothing happened between us in the first instance do I have to forge ahead because if I keep remembering Richard I might even end up having carryovers.
I tried moving on but mere seeing him on campus makes my heart skip.
On Saturday afternoon Jerry and James came to my lodge
Jerry: Precious, hafa
Me: fine
James: these week you just dey look somehow
Me: meaning?
James: you are too dull
Me: na you sabi
Jerry: so are you ready?
Me: ready for what?
James: don't tell me you mean you ain't going to attend Ella's party?
Me: am going nowhere jhoor,I want to sleep
Jerry: sleep?
James: which kind sleep
Me: afternoon sleep
James: bae stop these nah and let's go
Me: sorry
Jerry: leave her if she says she is not going let's go
James: no wahala but these thing wey you do I no like am,you big pass am
Me: go make una come back come gist me
James: me! come back here after these thing wey you just do?
Me: abeg na
Jerry: we go come,oyah James let's go * they walked out of the room but james surfaced again *
James: so you mean am say you no dey go?
Me: am not going na
Jerry: James come na let's go * that was when he finally left *
In the night as at 10:30 pm that was when their knocks on the door woke me,I stood up and walked to the door opening it
Me: don't tell me its noe you guys are returning * locking my door *
Jerry: you won't understand, the party was wow
James: please let's sleep here,our hostel gate is locked
Me: gist me how it went
Jerry: you won't believe it,that guy is not a student of these school
Me: which guy
James: your Richard
Me: James stop it please
James: sorry o
Jerry: he is truly the president's son,every of our department mates present there now knows and he schooled in Paris
Me: hmmm
James: abeg you ain't telling her the main news,do you know that Ella is Richard's first cousin and not his girlfriend
Me: * it resounded in my ear * she's what?


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