Thursday, 14 December 2017


That night when we came back from the market,I cooked the soup and made garri,after we were done eating the talk of Richard's visit became the talk of the night,James and Jerry wouldn't stop making mockery of us both till they got ready to leave,I put some of the soup into a cooler for them and they finally left.
for a week I didn't see Richard, I felt I was beginning to miss him as the thought of him wouldn't just stop coming to my mind. most times I find myself saying " Richard where are you,did you leave because I his from you when you came to my lodge!,am really sorry".
on the 9th day (at night) I received a call from a number I didn't save
Me: hello,good evening
Voice: my beauty,its Richard * quickly I put the phone off my ear,staring at the number and asking myself " did you ever give him your number,how did he get it then" I was just so flabbergasted, I put the phone back to my ear but he ended the call,about three seconds again he called back*
Richard: hello can you hear me now,I said its Richard
Me: how did you get my number
Richard: someone gave it to me
Me: who
Richard: be my friend and I will tell you
Me: * I wanted saying we are friends but I remembered my ego* you ain't ashamed of yourself,you got my number from someone instead of from the owner,you ain't man enough then
Richard: no its not like that,I traveled and wanted to communicate you but no way so I had to ask someone for it
Me: * forming anger * who?
Richard: friends?
Me: don't call these number again in your life **hung up**
he called and called but I refused picking,though I would had love talking to him but I don't want him to ever have that feeling that I missed him so he won't start forming for me so I had to continue playing hard to get but most of the time I feel am being stupid when a mind would say " who are you playing hard to get for,he didn't woo you he only asked you to be his friend" once these happens I start feeling bad.
that night he called and called but I didn't pick,I even had to switch off my phone.
The next day in the afternoon Richard drove to my lodge, I was seated outside,I wanted hiding on seeing him but his eyes were fixed on me,he walked up to me
Richard: hi
Me: * timidly* hi
Richard: umm,I came down here yesterday because I wanted to see you but obviously am not needed and am beginning to bug you so I decided to come to your lodge today and see you maybe for the last time
Me: * my heart skipped * what do you mean
Richard: tell me we can't be friends and I will leave right now and never to disturb you * my heart beat increased,I never knew it would get to these,I just try as much as a could not to look at him * answer me,just say it and I would leave you alone * I said nothing * ok I take your silence for a yes,thanks, bye * he started walking away *
Me: wait * he stopped and turner * if you are leaving that's probably because you want to because I didn't give you any reply
Richard: were you gonna say no,we can be friends?
Me: * straight face * I don't know
Richard: then please go out with me on a date
Me: now?
Richard: yes now
Me: * pretends * impossible
Richard: please
Me: No
Richard: please
Me: No
Richard: Please
Me: I said no nah
Richard: but am pleading or you don't wanna be my friend?
Me: * quiet for some minute as he continued chipping in please * ok fine,but wait outside let me get dressed
Richard: * smiles * yes ma!!!
That was how everything started.
I got dressed and he led me to his car parked outside,he opened the front door for me to enter then shut it,he ran over to his own side and entered droving off.
beware of criminals who steal stories online,these belongs to Michael Luxguy Augustine
He drove into a Chinese restaurant, he came down coming to open the door for me,I stepped down feeling like a princess,he took my right hand hanging it in between his arms as we walked inside,he got a table and we sat down facing each other
Richard: what's your say about these place?
Me: * looked around * its nice
Richard: red is my best colour
Precious: fake colour, pink all the way
Richard: * laughed * I don't believe red is fake
Me: why?
Richard: because these restaurant is dressed in red and you say its nice
Me: mistake then
Richard: you like roses?
Me: why not?
Richard: roses are red * smile *
Me: fine,you won,red is beautiful but what about pinks?
Richard: * inhales * wow,punks are amazing,as amazing as you * he looked deep into my eyes I tried not looking back *
Me: wow thanks,then red are for gentlemen as you
Richard: * smiles * thanks
Me: why are you smiling?
Richard: nothing,you are just romantic, so tell me about Miss.Precious
Me: nothing much about her * inhales and exhaled * like you already know am precious,Precious Oyege from a family of 3 children, a boy and two daughters,my the second but first girl
Richard: wow,so from what state?
Me: delta
Richard: Oyege,does delta bear such?
Me: why not,oyah enough of me,what about you?
Richard: oh forgive my manners, waiter,waiter,over here please * the waiter came * so if I didn't call you you wouldn't come to take my orders?
Waiter: sorry sir,I was coming to attend to you sir before you came
Richard: you Manuel please * the waiter stretched it to him * no,give it to her to make a choice
Me: * i was shy,not having anything in mind to order for i quickly said * no,am ok
Richard: don't worry,just get Chinese spiced Chicken for two and a cream wine
Waiter: ok sir * immediately he left another brought two hot towels,I pretended like I actually knew how its being used,using side eyes to watch the way Richard used it to warm his hand and then return,I did same then the guy left *
Me: so introduce yourself
Richard: like you already know am Richard,from a family of two kids,a boy and a girl,from Ogun state
Me: so your father don't have a name?
Richard: I don't get? * the order was brought and placed on the table,it was really smoking showing its hot *
Me: * today nah today,how are my going to tear a whole full chicken without being childish * I mean your surname
Richard: oh,am Richard Williams,does that ring a bell? * he opened the wine and poured for the both of us *
Me: umm yes,the president nah but you ain't * taking the wine he poured for me to drink at lest to use it in suspending the chicken till it gets cold *
Richard: * laughed at length * yes you are right am not the president, am his son,the President's son
Me: * my hand seem to stop working for a while,I brought down the tumbler * the son? you are kidding me right? * he started cutting his chicken hot*
Richard: why should I be kidding you? aint eating?
Me: is these food * it just dropped from my mouth *
Richard: hahaha what is it called then?
Me: sorry,I mean are you using food to coverup
Richard: no
Me: hmmm,Precious,in the same table with the president son!! * I murmured to myself *
Richard: pardon,what did you say?
Me: me! no o nothing
Richard: ok,why not eat ?
Exactly the problem now, where do I start from in cutting these chicken,if I was to be home now in my lodge I can eat it any how I want,see people everywhere, if I fuck up now they would laugh thinking am bush.
Richard: is anything the matter?
Me: not at all
Richard: * stopped eating and looked straight into my eyes* Precious,I love you,I think its right I let you know.
oh God is faithful,these is an opportunity for me to leave to escape these chicken
Me: * forming anger,in a low voice * was that why you brought me here,I don't blame you,so these is the friendship you said you wanted? sorry,wrong number * I stood up and started hurrying away,he stood to stop me but I was too fast for him,people turned watching so he stayed calm,maybe to avoid embarrassment,he quickly signaled the waiter to come,I don't know what happened next because I went out,got a bike back to my lodge,I opened my door,threw my bag down and fell on the bed
Me: thank you lord for saving me from these embarrassment I would have given myself all in the name of chicken..


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