Thursday, 14 December 2017


I just can't place out why am pissed off,I opened
my lodge room and entered
Me: rubbish,imagine that guy stopping me just to
ask me " isn't my face familiar" vanilla no
I dropped my books on my bed,I was just
complaining to myself restlessly like one who
just lost a husband,maybe because I was
stressed up in class coupled with the fact that I
was seeing my period.
though my menstruation is never a painful one
but most times it makes me feel restlessly.
I walked back to the door and shut it,pulled off
and entered the bathroom to take my bath and
have a change of pad,after that I tried reading
but it didn't work out so I laid down on my
ever since I met Richard on campus my problems
increased,his disturbances where so much that
most times after lectures I would start looking
for other routs to my lodge,although those routs
seem far but I kept taking them till Richard found
out and started monitoring me closely.
that very day I had followed my usual rout not
knowing he was waiting,suddenly I heard the
voice say " isn't these a longer rout to wherever
you are going to?"
I turned to behold Richard,I was shocked
Me: why are you following me around, won't you
concentrate on what brought you to school?
Richard: *walking closer* that's what am
doing,concentrating on what brought me here
and that's you
Me: God forbid,please stop pestering my life
Richard: what if I can't?
Me: rubbish *started walking away*
Richard: heeyy,don't be rude,ok just give me
your name and I won't disturb again
Me: *stopped* promise?
Richard: sure
Me: am Precious
Richard: wow,nice name for an angel
Me: now keep to your promise because you are
beginning to irritate me
Richard: sure I will but I only promised not to
disturb u about your name again.I know the
name already just wanna hear you say it out to
Me: that wasn't it,anyway na u sabi,stop
disturbing my life
Richard: well I mean no harm to you,I just admire
Me: I don't admire you,no friends bye * started
walking off*
Richard: hahaha see ya at your lodge
I didn't bother turning nor stopping,does he know
my lodge that he should say " see ya at your
well I was beginning to understand something,
most times when he speaks with me I feel
different and the times I spent trying to avoid
him drew him closer to my heart,yes I was
beginning to like him but I can't bring myself to
loving a student who would miss classes just to
wait for a woman to finish hers,who knows how
many women in the campus he is dating or he
has dated.
not that he is that handsome but parades
himself like a rich dude,coming to disturb my life
everyday with different cars.
most times in the lecture hall I can't just
concentrate just because am thinking on how to
dogge him after class.
I got to my lodge and met James and Jerry
seated outside waiting,on seeing me
James: na lectures wey we close since you just
dey come back?
Me: wetin happen,if na food una two come chop
I no get o
Jerry: where you branch?
Me: that guy is still on my neck,I did not branch
anywhere just took a longer rout to avoid him
James: I told you to always wait for us after
classes but you won't hear
Me: I can't try that one,waiting for you two to
woo all department girls before we start going,no
Jerry: so its a guy that is making you run?
Me: I stubborn one at that
James: abeg wetin you cook,am hungry
Me: its now you are telling me why you are here
but I don't have food
Jerry: don't worry we will contribute
Me: better,oyah let me drop my bag so we start
going to the market *I opened my door and
everyone dropped their bags then I shut it back*
oyah let's go
on turning my back I sighted Richard opening the
gate,quickly I disappeared to a corner before
James nor Jerry could ask me why but they are
good pretenders
Richard: * I was seeing them from my hide out *
good evening guys
James: eh you evening
Richard: please am looking for Precious?
James: Precious! Precious!! * turned to Jerry *
Jerry have you heard of that name in these
compound before?
Jerry: don't you see the way am staring at
him,its because am trying to figure out what he
Richard: I sighted her with you guys when i
opened the gate,that was while I was coming
James: ehhhm?
Richard: yea
James: ok na,now that you are here sight her
back,Jerry let's go
Richard: why are you guys acting like
women,help your fellow guy
Jerry: we? women? James let's go * they started
walking away *
Richard: these is not fair guys * turned to my
door* Precious I know you are around,ama sit
here and wait till you come here me out.
He sat down on the suck-away close and waited
for about 15 minutes,then he stood up
Richard: ama come back * he walked off the
compound *
by the time I came out I just couldn't control the
laughter,suddenly the gate opened again,I almost
ran to my hiding but with was James and Jerry
Jerry: omo you be flash o,how that guy take
know here
Me: I just don't know
James: maybe he traced you
Mr: please let's go to the market before it gets


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