Thursday, 14 December 2017


The next morning I was ready to go back to school already forgetting what happened at the road side the previous day
Me: *tapping Juliet* wake up
Juliet: ooo aunty nah
Me: my friend open your eyes,its almost 7
Juliet: talk am listening nah * still acting sleepy*
Me: am going back to school now,please make sure none of my things are left behind
Juliet: I will leave some behind if you don't bribe me
Me: you know I don't have money yet
Juliet: hahaha * sitting up* poor sister,I was only pulling your legs
Me: better * Michael came in*
Michael: you are set already!
Me: know its a long journey ahead
Michael: yea
Juliet: good morning brother Mike
Michael: hey pretty little sis,hope u slept well
Juliet: no o,sister Precious was disturbing my sleep
Michael: don't mind her boh
Me: when are you going back?
Michael: tomorrow for sure
Juliet: everyone wants to leave me abi
Me&Michael: hahaha
Michael: sorry about that,nothing we can do about it
Me: abeg leave Juliet alone *picking my bag* is mom and dad out?
Michael: no,still in their room
Me: let me tell them am leaving * hurried out of the room with my bag,I got to my parents room and knocked*
Mom: come inside
Me: *opening the door* good morning dad,good morning mom
Both: morning
Mom: set to go?
Me: yes
Dad: check that locker over there * pointing* take the money in it
Me: *walked to the locker,opened it and took the money* thanks mom,thanks dad
Dad: call me once you get to school
Me: okay dad
Mom: don't go and start following men o,remember the daughter of whom you are
Me: ah mummy,you should know me better
Mom: not at these stage,people change
Me: I haven't mom
Mom: if you say so,don't forget to call home once you need money and be careful of evil friends
Me: I will,byeee,see you guys in delta state soon
Mom: journey mercy my daughter
Me: *leaving the room* thanks mom
Dad: don't forget,call home once you get to school
Me: okay dad
Michael and Juliet saw me off to the park.
I arrived Lagos late and was feeling so stressed up and weak, I managed calling home and making sure I speak with everyone home before hanging up,I slept off
by the next morning Jerry and James came to look for me,both are my course mates and they are funny twin brothers though James can be more timid and wicked than Jerry,they are just too identical, I only recognize who is Jerry and who is James with their ears,Jerry has a wider ear than that of James also Jerry likes being on afro while James prefers punk or low cut.
apart from their similar voice both are good dancers
Jerry: so Precious you are back and couldn't call either of us
Precious: don't be offended,I came back last night very weak and tired,you know how far the journey from abuja to lag is na
Name: no we don't know,na only you don travel lam na
Jerry: eyah sorry but why you never ready for class
Me: boh I still feeling weak,if not for these test I would just forfeit today's lecture
James: pregnant woman
Me: your handwork
James: my leg,my hand nor dey o
Me: but your mouth dey,please jhoor excuse me let me get ready for class,just five minutes
Jerry: please fast o
Both excused me,I rushed into the bathroom to take my bath,then dressed up,I locked my door
James: your five minutes is one year
Me: am a woman so what do you think?
James: became a man
Me: you are not serious
Jerry: but seriously you don't need make up
Me: why?
Jerry: you are amazing just like these
Me: wow,uhm,am blushing,thanks
James: I like your style of wooing girls o,just tell are you are in love hahaha
Me: you are not serious,let's hurry up jhoor
school was really stressful,every lecturer demanding for money for one thing or the other,it was as if we were beginning to pay tax to different course lecturers each week and I was really getting pissed off even with studies.
A month gone already,with exams close.
I was returning from lectures one evening when someone drove up to me
Man: hi pretty,am Richard * I just mopped at him* please may I know yours?
Me: sorry,I don't talk to strangers
Richard: don't you remember me?
Me: as you can see am just coming from lectures,so excuse me *stared walking away*
Richard: hey,just your name *he called out*


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