Thursday, 14 December 2017


Dad: I just asked you a question Precious,who called Michael? *he took two steps forward*
Me: *couldn't look into his eye so I looked away* daddy am sorry,I was worried
Dad: *looked deep at me,then turned and started walking to the door* get ready to answer all his questions
Me: *smile* yes daddy
Dad: *stopped but didn't face me* I see,so u intentionally called him *there were smiles in his voice* you won't kill me in these house *he started walking away*.
I could hear Mom's conversation with Michael in the sitting room
Mom: you didn't even bother calling to tell me you were coming
Michael: because I know u too well,you and daddy won't let me come if I had told you both I was coming
Mom: I hope no problem?
Michael: I heard something,I had to rush down here to know if its true
Dad: all the way from Rivers to gossip in abuja *dad must had interrupted before he was noticed,I guess because I was in the room listening*
Michael: oh dad,good evening,wow I have missed you all big time
Dad: welcome,what made u abandoned your youth service just to be in abuja?
Mom: same question I was asking
Michael: dad what's wrong,what happened,how did it happen,hope its not true? *by these time I was already at the door post of the sitting room watching, dad looked at mom and mom did same*
Dad: my son,go drop your bag first,eat then we talk
Michael: oooh daddy,talk to me,am eager,I just hope what Precious said is not true
Mom: Precious? *she exclaimed then turned to my room direction,our eyes met right at the door,I forced a smile out*
Dad: how information follows from these house is baffling most times,I asked your mother not to let any of you know for now but she ended up telling Juliet,I still pleaded with Juliet to keep it out from her siblings but she told Precious over the phone,now before I could talk to Precious she has already past the information to the lest person I wouldn't want to hear it for now
Michael: ooh c'omon dad,am your first and only son for crying out loud,I deserve to be carried along
Dad: no *he walked to a couch and sat down* u don't deserve to be carried along when the happening would distract you
Michael: *walks toward dad* dad,is it true?
Dad: *cold for some time before he finally answered* yes son
Michael: oh my God,how is it so?
Dad: sit son *he did and that was when he noticed me*
he stood up and rushed toward me
Michael: oh sweet Jesus,look at my angel,you are looking awesome
Me: stop flattering me jhoor
Michael: no am not,he must be taking real care of you,how is...*his eyes meant with that of mom who was surprisedly watching* em,you know na
Mom: she don't know so complete it
Michael: hahaha,how is Juliet
Dad: you can't deceive your parents,well Precious you ain't too small to have a man but don't keep it away from the family
Me: *shy* no o don't mind Michael,you should know how he jokes na,I don't have any man yet
Michael: hmmm *walks back to his seating position* so dad can we continue?
Dad told him everything just like he had told me
Michael: don't worry dad,God isn't asleep
Me: don't you think Union bank as a whole should be sued?
Mom: I thought of that too
Michael: no no no let's not waste money suing them,God knows best
Dad: you have spoken like my true son
Me: hmmm,pastor
just then Juliet came back from school
Juliet: heyyy,brother Mike,you are good evening,Mom good evening,sister Pee good evening
Michael: see my pride,wow,mummy is really taking good care of you o abi you have joined them?*he joked*
Juliet: yes nah,if u see the boy eh,he is just like you
Mom: quiet? if I see you with any boy eh that day I will skin you,thank God we are relocating soon
Juliet: ah mummy,am 16 nah,can't I have...
Dad: have what??
Juliet: *frown* just kidding
Michael: baby girl,you are the finest in these house as far as am concerned
Me: why are you two acting like you are just seeing each other in a long time!
Michael: hahaha
Michael and Juliet: some people are jealous oo
Me: jealous ko,Jerry in
Mom: go inside and drop your bag,you have exams tomorrow don't forget
Juliet: I know mom,ooops, another house arrest *she started heading to the room*
That evening my self and my elder brother Michael decided to take a walk along the roads of abuja,maybe my last sight seeing in abuja,I had thought.
as we walked we talked about school life and other things
Michael: how are you finding things in school
Me: hmmm,don't know actually but am managing,what about your service?
Michael: abegi leave 9ja and their service,the area where I am in Rivers they don't pay well self
Me: I wonder why you choose rivers in the first instance
Michael: I just don't know the devil that helped me in filling that form in form of me
Me: hahaha,just bear,you are almost done
Michael: that reminds me,what where you saying at home,ain't you and Monday together again?
Me: yes
Michael: why?
Me: he is too demanding and a flirt of the highest order
Michael: demanding? hmmm,I think I understand now,well don't blame him,you refused to summit na so he has to play around "body no be firewood"
Me: hmmm,men,always supporting evil.
Just then we saw cars lined up,other vehicles were giving them space,two escort vehicles in front and two at the back then two ranges in the middle,the two escort drove pass us but the third car stopped, Michael held my hands drawing me off the road very well,the cars following behind also stopped,the two in front on noticing that stopped too,a young man came down from the car,he walked toward us,I was thinking he wants to ask us for direction but he just stood mopping at me like a lost soul,my brother drew me to his back,the second range back wind scream rolled down and a man brought out his head
Man: son,what's wrong? get in the car we are late already.
he took his last mop and turned,walking back to the car,I was already scared because armed soldiers came down too.
he got to the car,turned to look at me again
Man: c'onmon son
he entered and a soldier shut it,they rushed into their own vans and started driving off
Michael: isn't that the president in that second car?
Me: yes,he is the one
Michael: and who was that goat showing off?
Me: if you ask me,nah who I go ask?
Michael: please let's start going back home,who knows what might happen next.


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