Saturday, 16 December 2017


As soon as I ended the call,all that could escape my mouth was
Me: Ella! Ella! Ella my parents,my parents oh Ella *tears welled down*
Ella: oh my God,who adopted them,why,how did these happen
Me: Ellah ooooh,I don't know I don't know,my parents had been kidnapped
Ella: * get her phone back on her ear * dad did you hear that,Precious parents had just been kidnapped * handing the phone over to me * take my dad wants to speak with you
Me: *i collected the phone from her* hello sir
Ella's Dad: how did these happen
Me: *crying* sir I don't know,my sister just called to inform me
Ella's Dad: when did she say these happened
Me: just now sir
Ella's Dad: stop crying,put yourself together, am assuring you nothing would happen to your parents okay, let me put a cross to the president immediately, an immediate action needs to be taken
Me: thank you sir * I answered all in tears,then hung up *
Ella: i swear to God I will kill Clara,I will kill her and go to jail for it that is if I would actually go to prison
Me: I need to be in delta now * immediately my phone started ringing,it was Richard's dad,I took in the call" hello sir
Mr.President: I need you to come down to the villa now
Me: sir,my parents had just been kidnapped, I need to be in delta
Mr.President: I know,just come down to abuja immediately, these is regarding to your parents adoption,take the next flight to abuja,I will be waiting for you, I will book you a flight now so get down to the airport
Me: okay sir * hung up *
Ella: what did he say?
Me: I should be in abuja now* phone rings,it was Michael* hello Michael * still in tears *
Michael: what's happening to your line,I have been calling your line but busy,Juliet just called me that mom and dad has been kidnapped
Me: she told me so too
Michael: stop crying,am on my way to delta now so meet me there
Me: okay
Michael: I will call you later,let me attend to something * hung up *
Ella: oh God,what's happening
Me: my parents Ella,please nothing should happen to them * phone rings,its Richard *
Richard: hello sweedy,I just saw the text message you forwarded to me
Me: Richard my parents had been kidnapped
Richard: what? by who,why,where, when?
Me: I don't know *cried out*
Richard: stop crying,don't worry I would do everything to make sure your parents ain't harmed
Me: thank you
Richard: don't thank me,all these are happening because of me,just calm down I am taking the next available flight down to Lagos
Me: its not necessary, your father asked me already to take the next available flight down to abuja
Richard: come quickly then,I will be waiting for...*Ella snatched the phone from me*
Ella: your parents life is in danger and you are busy with call,look I have packed your bag,take it let me drop you off at the airport
I didn't respond to anything she said again,I just picked up my bag without even a thank you,I was lost in thought of my parents well being,I thought of where they are presently,what are they doing to them now,how is Juliet fairing,who is consoling her,hope Michael is in delta already... all these thought occupied my brain, I didn't even know when we got to the airport
Ella: Precious we are at the airport already,get down
Me: *that was when I regained consciousness* oh sorry,thanks
Ella: here is your phone
I got down and we entered the airport,Ella helped me check if the president had booked me and all other stuff,I just wasn't in my sane state of mind to go about it with her.
Soon my flight left Lagos and before 55 minutes we were in Abuja's airport,I was surprised seeing Richard at the airport awaiting my arrival,he welcomed me and lead me to where he had parked his car,I noticed armed soldiers following us,I guess they were Richard's security but I never bothered asking,I had enough to think about.
I got into the car and Richard drove off with the securities driving behind us,all Richard said to me in the car I didn't even hear a single thing,so sorry to say these but I wasn't even sure some one was talking,all my mind set were based on my parents present condition,I regret not telling them about everything at first,maybe they would have been more careful.
We drove into the villa and I came down,we walked into the living room and met the president standing and looking pissed up,immediately he saw us he signaled the men guiding him to go out,then turned to Richard
Mr.President: Richard,go to my brother,tell him I want to see him immediately,if he is not home,wait till he returns,you must come back here with him
Richard: yes dad,baby am coming *he went off*
I was left with the president
Mr.President: hmmm,Precious,if you look around you would realize we are the only souls in these living room
These story is owned by Michael Luxguy Augustine beware
Me: yes sir
Mr.President: I intentional sent Richard away because I want whatever we discuss here to remain between us and no one else must hear of it,not even Richard
Me: please sir you are scaring me
Mr.President: don't be scared,read these message *handing his phone over to me,I collected it and read through it*
it Reads:
Mr Williams,President of our time,it is very nice having you in my palms now,I have the parents of your son's fiancé and the video records of your past and present crimes just waiting to go public once you do otherwise to my instructions. go through your whatsapp messages to watch just but few of you past crime videos,and am assuring you I have more of it then you would ever imagine,here is a quick one,you must send Precious,the so called girlfriend of your son Richard outside the walls of these country and never for her to return, only then would I release her parents and keep your dirty secret safe but if you do anything contrary to my order,first I will kill both parents and distribute these videos to every news house in these country and international and I shouldn't be telling you what the consequences of these would be. you have 24hours to send her out of these country and never for her to return or await the consequences. my eyes are fixed on you,its either you play safe or risk the game and face the consequences.
After reading I was shivering as I handed back his phone to him,I wanted to ask questions but couldn't, him his self was looking displeased and so uncomfortable
Mr.President: *in a shallow voice* I won't force you in your decision but what is your decision in these
Me: *with a heavy heart* sir,I love Richard so much that I don't know if I can leave a minute without him but I must save my parents lives,they are all I have got in these whole world as parents,they can't die for what they know not,so I would leave for the safety of my family,if it so pleases God my self and Richard would surely end up together
Mr.President: am touched,I swear with the spirits guiding these country that I will ensure your parents safety,I would take care of them till you return and my son Richard would wait for you,its a golden promise I make you
Me: sir my parents
Mr.President: *walked close,holding up my both hands* election is few months away,I promise you that once am elected and sworn in for a second tenor I would send back for you,I swear these on my staff of office *he let go of my hands,I just couldn't stop crying*
Me: sir please can I make a last request?
Mr.President: go on
Me: can I have few hours with Richard at lest for the very last time,I promise I won't tell him anything we have discussed nor make him suspect
Mr.President: as long as you keep your promise you can have the whole night with him
Me: thank you sir
Mr.President: I know you are in your final year in school,I would make make sure you get the best result ever,am working toward that already so before today runs out you would get it *walked back to his seating position,opened his briefcase and brought out a visa* these is your visa,you passport and the rest of your travelling documents are ready,by morning tomo you leave for England till I send back for you,not to worry,a good job awaits you over there.
Richard came back in the evening but without Ella's dad,he said he is in calabar on a business deal
Mr.President: that's okay,I need you to take Precious to your room,stay with her and comfort her,by morning tomorrow she would be travelling
Richard: okay dad
He took me to his room trying all he could to comfort me,i learnt Sharon had travelled out with the first lady.
I couldn't eat,I couldn't tell Richard I was leaving,the thought of not getting to see my parents again made me cry out loud but Richard couldn't understand, he only comforted me that my parents would be fine
Me: Richard please make love to me tonight,take my virginity
Richard: why? thought you said till our wedding night?
Me: just do it,that's the only thing that would make me happy now *I stood up and went completely nude*
Richard held me close,our lips met and our tongues cling,he caress all over my body,laid me on his bed and forced his manhood into me,I felt the sharp pain as he started digging me,I was bleeding already and maybe badly. the feeling ran deep in my head,it was a feeling of both pains and pleasure,my legs were on fire as he pounded me,my Virginia hurts so bad. he removed his dick and cleaned up the bleeding with tissue paper before he continued,each insert he makes cause me pain but I didn't stop him.
The next morning Richard didn't wake up,I tired waking him but he didn't,the president came into the room and asked me to live him that he would wake only when I must had gone,I was puzzled.
I took my bath,the president handed me all he had promised me including a first class result with distinctions and by 8 i was set to leave with Richard still sleeping in his room.
I left the villa with my bag but the president gave me a new sim and took my old sims.
I got a taxi outside the villa to the airport but got kidnapped on the way by some unknown gun men.
I was blind folded and taken to a building somewhere in abuja,I was made to seat on a chair while I begged for my life
Voice: interesting,the pretty Precious is here,the gold digger
Me: please,what have I done
Voice: have you seen Clara before?
Me: no ma,please spare me
Voice: take off her blind fold
The blind fold was removed,it was an uncompleted building, I saw armed men standing all over,the girl talking to me was backing me,she was smoking,I got real scared and continuously begged for my life,she turned and faced me puffing out smoke from her mouth
Voice: so you don't know me,amm Clara,the girl you decided to mess around with,but you messed with the wrong girl,you can't steal my man and go scot free,never
Me: please,spare my life,I didn't steal Richard from you,I was leaving the country away from Richard
Clara: *lol* I knew that,well I kept to my words,your parents had been released but what about you?
Me: *heart skips* ah please don't kill me
Clara: kill,kill? hell no,I won't kill you,I would had done that since if I had wanted to,but I want you to suffer and beg for death,I want to show you what power and money can do in these country,I have sentenced you to life imprisonment without court hearing with hard labour,whoever talks to you would die
Me: ah please,don't do these to me,allow me live the country please and I would never return
Clara: oh sorry dear,even the president can't save you now. Tanko take her to the prison were she belongs
They roughly pulled me up leading me out of the building not listening to my plead,am not even sure they saw my tears,those men were wicked to the core.


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