Saturday, 16 December 2017


Me: morning his excellence
Mr.President: good evening young woman * I felt embarrassed*
Ella & Co: good evening sir
Mr President: * went to take a seat * hmmm you all finally decided to come back
Ella: your excellence is not like that
Mr.President: Your father told me he sent yourself * Ella * and Jetty to governor James and since then you both decide to start leaving there
Ella: father said such?
Mr President: *to me* seat down young lady,while stand
Me: oh sorry sir * I seem to had been carried away *
Mr President: Jetty what happened
Jetty: nothing actually,just felt bored of the house so decided to look around delta state for a while
Richard: dad,these is Precious,the girl I told you about
Mr.President: oh,I see,what a beauty,son I must confess you have good eyes so young lady introduce yourself
Me: * my heart was beating faster but I decided to calm down myself within me after all he is human* sir am Precious Oyege,am from delta state,a final year student of Economics in the university of Lagos
Mr.Precious: that's a good course,that means you are Ella's course mate?
Me: yes sir
Mr.President: well let me not question you further we would get to know much better as time goes on * standing up * children as you can see I am just coming out of the meeting room,I need to rest a little before dinner is served
All: okay sir
Mr.President: what about your mother Sharon?
Sharon: she's out
Mr.President: okay,and you Richard make sure you take good care of our visitor
Richard: no problem dad * the president climbed the stairs after waving his security men to go back to their duty post,my mind calm a little*
Me: your father must be nice
Richard: not really,politicians are never nice
Jetty: ah Richard see what you are saying of your dad
Richard: no I didn't say just my dad
Ella: Jetty its 6 pm already let's start driving home
Sharon: no with for dinner
Ella: abeg we can't
Richard: why?
Ella: home calls
Richard: okay my regards to mom and dad,ama check up on you guys tomorrow
Jetty: sure? these one you have Precious here are you sure you would be able to go out again?
Richard: if I dash you hand eh
Me: *lol* Jetty don't start,am tired of laughing
Jetty: okay
Ella: Precious try visit us o but sha we would always come around
Me: I will miss you both
Jetty: sister Sharon keep her company oh
Sharon: sure I will
Soon enough dinner was served and we ate but with the President's presence and that of the first lady.
Shortly after dinner the first lady came in,Sharon ran to her like a little girl
Sharon: welcome mom
First Lady: where I'd your father
Sharon: inside his room *she walked closer to myself and Richard*
Me: good evening ma
First Lady: event and how are you?
Me: find ma
Richard: mom these precious the girl I told you about
Fitstlady: hmmm I srr,Precious who?
Me: oyege ma
Firstlady: sounds familiar,well relax yourself,Richard can I see you in my room?
Richard: okay mom
she left with Richard while Sharon sat with me,gisting me about how school. now I have gotten to understand where Sharon's beauty came from,she's a typical resemblance of her mother the first lady,its really interesting knowing,soon Richard was in the living room looking so angry
Me: what's wrong?
Richard: nothing
Sharon: you and I know that's a lie,did mom say anything to you
First lady: * just then she came out shouting * am talking to you and you are walking away,you walked out on me Richard,you have grown wings I can see
Richard: what you ask of me is impossible mother
Firstlady: oh really,I see,I would handle these my way
Sharon: mom what's the problem?
Firstlady: keep shut you,birds of same feather * she angrily walked into her room climbing the stairs
Me: Richard what's the problem * he said nothing*
Sharon: talk na?
Richard: imagine mother asking me to go apologize to Clara and her family after what she did
Sharon: rubbish,is it Clara or Zara abi what's she called you ain't gonna be apologizing to any Hausa cow in form of a woman
Me: who is Clara?
Sharon: Richard's ex,the daughter of the vice president,don't you know about her?
Me: I do but just hearing her name
Sharon: in fact I must tell father about these* started climbing the stairs*
Richard: what kind of mother is these
Me: don't say that,if she wants you to apologize then do
Richard: quiet,don't you ever tell me that okay?
Me: sorry
The house became a little hot for the days I spent there,Mr President seem to be so fond of me but the Firstlady was something else,maybe she thought I was advising Richard against apologizing to Clara and her family.
I didn't wast time relating everything to Ella when she came around but she said I shouldn't mind the first lady that she's always like that and she asked me never to advice Richard on apologizing to the isah family but it seem everyday I spent at the villa makes the cloud unleash hotter suns so I told Richard I wanted to go back but he refused,instead he took me to Ella's house to stay,I was well accepted there by her parents who promised talking sense in to the first lady.
I felt at home again till one day I received a text message from an unknown number threatening to kill me if I don't leave Richard for her,I got so scared and regretted ever coming to the villa to see Richard's family.
I showed Ella the text,she deleted it and told me not to worry,that it was Clara threatening but I shouldn't mind her,I got alarmed,how has she gotten my number.
Since Ella's dad was out for business Ella insisted we tell her mom once she comes back from work.
then I was just him with Ella and Jetty,I haven't met with her other brother yet because I learnt he was out of the country.
When Ella's mum got back we reported to her,she got so angry with Ella for deleting the text
Ella's Mum: I would have shown it to the president so that if anything happens to her Clara would be held responsible.
by these time I was so scared so I called Richard and informed him of the text but he just assured me it was an Pty threat from a drugger
All these while I never tried informing my parents,not even Michael because I know once my father hear of it the next thing would be I should put a stop to my relationship with Richard and no one can make him turn his mind again not even my mother nor Michael my brother.
I never thought there could be more to everything than I had thought....


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