Saturday, 16 December 2017


The journey was a very long one,we had to stop at lokoji to refresh our stomach and took photos together before continuing the journey,we got to Abuja Early thought because Jetty and Richard were busy competing on "I know speed better".
I really thank God who got to abuja safely because at a time I got so scared of the speed.
driving to the presidential villa I was so curious to know how it looks like but Richard refused telling me a thing about it
Me: how does aso rock look like
Richard: you would see things for yourself sweedy
Me: tell me na
Richard: no no.
I kept mute and watch him drive while Jetty followed behind at these time.
the entrance of the Villa is so wide,conveying white paints,all these flowering palm tress alike were planted both sides which adds a pure beauty to it with its green palms
Me: wow
Richard: calm down,you have seen nothing
Me: just brief me a little please
Richard: okay, The Aso Rock presidential villa
encompasses the 400 meter nonolith Aso
Rock and is located within the Three Arms
Zone of the Abuja Metropolis.
Me: so here is the three arms zone of Abuja metropolis?
Richard: exactly
Me: wow
I got so curious watching around as Richard drove in,every soldier we come across greeted and Richard responded
Me: why don't you walk with escorts?
Richard: why?
Me: so you won't be kidnapped
Richard: *lol* I can sure protect myself,I don't want to show around attracting attentions to myself always
Me: okay o if you say so
Richard: look over there,that's Aso rock villa banquet hall
Me: wow,I love these,those flowers are ever green,those are really strong pillars
Richard: when do you start building
Me: *lol*
He got to a car garage and parked,we came down,Jetty parked also and came down with Ella
Ella: wow,Jetty call mom or dad,tell them we are at aso rock already and would be home soon
Jetty: okay *am really impressed with the way Jetty respects Ella,am certain he is up to 22 or 23*
Richard: *touching me* hello,didn't you hear me telling you to follow me inside since
Me: please don't blame me,am so carried away by the beauty of these house,its indeed big
Richard: over there is One of the meeting rooms,in there is the presidents office,over that side is Aso rock reception for
the Super Eagles
Me: you don't mean it
Richard: of course I do
Me: I really need to go for presidency election soon
Richard: don't try it,you would only grow white bears because Nigeria as a whole isn't ready for female leaders
Me: I can make a difference
Richard: please let's go in,Jetty and Ella are already in
Me: after you
we entered inside,indeed the inside was something else to write about,if I were really from the bush I would have fainted like 12 times without apology because its the most beautiful house I had ever been
Richard: here is the sitting room,sit there,Jetty where is Ella
Jetty: she has gone to Sharon's room
Richard: okay,keep Presh busy while I get my parents
Jetty: trust me on that*Richard left us climbing through the heavenly stairs of the house
Me: Jetty,is these part on earth?
Jetty: no o,can't you see angels standing all over,we are in heaven
Me: you won't understand *Ella surfaced with a girl of about our age (24) I guess that's Sharon,she looks extra beautiful,what do you expect,she is swimming in money
Ella: Precious these Sharon
Me: hi
Sharon: hi Precious, oh sorry,hi Richardpresh
Me: *lol,shy* nice meeting you
Sharon: *seating down* I heard so much about you already
Me: really? hope good?
Sharon: sure
Jetty: come Sharon where is my laptop
Sharon: in my room,go get it
Ella: where is Richard?
Me: he went in to call his dad and mom
Sharon: ooops my mom isn't around and dad is in meeting
Ella: we wait for him,before leaving
Sharon: before nkor
Me: how is your study?
Sharon: graduated these year
Me: what course?
Sharon: accountancy
Me: same course as my brother
Sharon: wow nice,Ella told me you are her course mate
Me: yea
Sharon: what course again?
Me: economics
Ella: you and Richard ate same,always forgetful
Sharon: jealousy,were you Precious that I was asking?
Richard: *climbing down the stairs* Sharon were did mom and dad go to?
Sharon: mom went out but would soon be back,dad is in the meeting room,by six pm he should be out
Richard: *down already,checked his watch* hmmm,after five
Sharon: you guys were fucking fast
Richard: hey? what's your problem?
Sharon: am sorry,its a mistake
Richard: don't let me warn you again about these "fucking" of a world you enjoy using
Sharon: I said am sorry nah
Ella: what's wrong with the word?
Richard: everything,I hate that word
Me: please am pressed
Richard: Sharon,show her the rest room
Sharon: okay.
She lead me to the rest room,in there I almost lied down on the floor,it was so wide and beautiful,the kind of smell it has was just too sweet,if not that I suspected cameras to be planted in there I wouldn't have been able to a sure you that I didn't lie on the shining ties of the rest room,after I was done using the toilet I came out but got confused to which way to take back to the large seating room,I tried to be sure of one of the ways but my brain failed me so I just rested on the wall stylishly hoping someone comes to pick me soon before I would end up busting into Mr president private room and as God may have it Sharon came back for me
Sharon: done?
Me: yes
Sharon: you should had come back to the seating room
Me: I thought you were still around so I decided waiting for you
Sharon: okay let's go.
chai sometimes its best to lie o to prevent unnecessary mockery. on getting to the living room I sat down,just then the president walked in with some armed men leading him,my heart nearly jumped into my mouth on seeing him,not that I haven't seen him before but I had never thought of standing in his presence.
on seeing the full living room he halt and I jumped to my feet immediately..


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