Saturday, 16 December 2017


The house was indeed fun filled,I was really hoping it ends no soon.
Something baffles me and that's the way Jetty is pretty cool with the pidgin English than Ella
Jetty: let's play these riddle
Juliet: go on
Michael wasn't around,mum and dad were seated at one corner of the parlour while myself Ella,Juliet and Jetty sat at a corner
Jetty: if you are asked to choose between sense and wealth which would you take?
Me: that's a question not a riddle
Jetty: you too talk,answer my question
Ella: as for me I will go for sense
Juliet: me too
Me: sense of course
Jetty: chai,sorry guys,its so obvious you guys really need the sense because if it's to be me I would go for wealth
Ella: and leave sense!,why?
Me: wealth without sense
Jetty: *lol* you are wrong because I have sense that's why am going for wealth
Juliet: uncle Jetty I don't understand
Jetty: I have sense and don't have wealth so I would go for wealth na,its what one lacks he goes after,you guys lack sense and wealth but you decided to take sense,which is nice but me I have sense so I go for wealth
Dad: hahaha Jetty
Mum: these boy is wise,look at you people,Jetty is wiser
Juliet: thank God have not chosen
Mum: ah Juliet,I told u never to lie
Juliet: mum I just said me too,but you guys didn't ask what the me too was for,of course its for wealth
All: *lol*
Ella: Jetty so I your senior sister don't have sense that's what you are meaning?.Jetty: no na,you said that your self that's why you decided going for sense
By next week Tuesday Richard was around,it was really a full house
Richard: *on call* baby am outside your house
Me: Which house
Richard: the address you gave me now
Me: are you serious!!
Richard: yea baby,so come out
Me: okay dearie just 5 seconds and I would be out
Richard: your time starts now
Me: *lol,I rushed outside and met Richard,he was on our polo,hope you remember my engagement polo* oh my God,Riccchhhard
Richard: see my baby love *hugged* you are looking like a new angel on earth
Me: please don't start making me blush,since you left me in school no one had flattered me
Richard: oooh,stop these,just take a look at you,you were made just on a Saturday,God's resting day
Me: you were made on a Sunday *lol* the day God started work
Both: *lol*
Richard: I must tell my mummy for you
Me: my dear you are in my house don't forget that so before you get to abuja to report me to the first lady let me first report you to my mum
Richard: oyah please
Me: no bribe me
Richard: okay,if that's what you want,I bribe you with my self
Me: *lol* you are not serious
Richard: so how is everyone
Me: fine fine fine,trust me
Richard: Ella and Jetty?
Me: Richard thank God you came,at lest you would take Jetty along with you before he kills us with his wisdom and laughter
Richard: that guy?,you haven't seen anything yet
Me: hahaha,my parents can't even escape his jokes,he makes everyone laugh like these a comedy house
Richard: hahaha,you don't mean it
Me: of course I do
Richard: how is Michael,Mr. lux
Me: he is hardly at home these week,always out looking for work
Richad: work! and you couldn't tell me?
Me: tell you to do what?
Richard: well ama see him myself
Me: kosi wahala ifem mi
Richard: how about the little angel of the house,Juliet?
Me: that one!,is she small? she is aunty on her own o. come Mr let's go inside before you stay here and ask after every one
Richard: *lol* after you
We got inside and I ushered him a seat then I went inside the room informing the rest of Richardpresh presence,Juliet took off to the parlour on hearing that,she really had been dreaming to meet Richard,trust little sisters nah
Ella: Richard is here?
Me: you nor hear me before?
Jetty: no o,its not Richard is here,Richard is there
Ella: if I slap you eh Jetty
Me: hello,he is waiting
Ella: *standing from the bed* please Jetty pack these whots before coming down to the seating room,Preciouse let's go
Me: okay
Ella: have you informed mum and dad?
Me: not yet
Ella: okay *on seeing Richard,who already was on a gist with Juliet* heey Richard
Richard: wow,indeed Precious is taking care of you
Ella: who said is Precious, its not Precious o it mama and papa
Juliet: and me
Ella: tah,you that is taking Carr of Jetty alone instead of me
Richard: so its Jetty and Juliet
Juliet: then its brother Michael and aunty Ella
Me: *lol* see casting
Richard: oh you guys grouped yourself already? so its my Precious and who
Ella & Juliet: Richpresh
Myself & Richard: *lol*
Richard: it's a lie,have been away,so you guys left my angel lonely abi
Me: yes o they did
Ella: *lol*
Richard: don't worry,Richardpresh is here
Juliet: hmmm,my father's house has become a love garden o
All: *lol*
Dad: *coming out of his room with mom* you people enjoy noise
Juliet: *ran to dad* dad see brother Richard is here
Richard: good evening sir,good evening ma
Dad: evening
Mum: evening dear,you are Richard?
Richard: yes ma
Me: mom,dad,meet Richard my fiancé, Richard,my parents
Dad: you are welcome,feel at home okay
Mum: anything you want,let me know
Richard: no problem sir,thank you ma *both went back into the room before Jetty came out*
Jetty: bros Rich
Richard: see my main man *shakes* how had it been
Jetty: well we just here chilling like its no man's business
Richard: funny man,met with the governor?
Jetty: leave that man,please bro let's talk about the living and forget about the dead
Richard: who died?
Ella: Jetty!!
Jetty: calm down sis,I only spoke of the governor not his son
Me: ah,interesting,so the governor's son is on board now?
Ella: Jetty if I slap you,governor ko son no
Jetty: these slap you have been keeping for me eh,let me not talk
Richard: so Ella which of the governor son
Ella: don't mind Jetty
Jetty: mind me o,is George,that monkey *lol*
Everyone joined his laughter *lol*
About an hour later mum and dad came out
Dad: *seating down* please everyone excuse us apart from Richard *everyone did but I remained*
Dad: my daughter must have told you I wanted to see you I believe
Richard: yes sir
Dad: good,I want us to have an important discussion
Mum: Precious,your father asked you to excuse him but you stayed,oyah follow the rest
Me: *frown* mummy
Mum: oyah my friend,follow them
I walked out of the room angrily,about an hour later I was called on in the parlour so I went join them
Dad: *to me* seat down *I did* I have spoken with Richard here and I must confess he is understanding *I looked at Richard,he wasn't smiling nor was he frowning,I got even scared*
Me: I don't understand dad
Mum: then listen,at lest he is still talking
Me: soory mum
Dad: am only allowing these relationship because of the promise Richard here made me and that is to ensure of your safety always and I have seen he is a perfect gentle man
Me: ah,thanks dad,thanks a lot,thanks mum am so elated
Dad: but you must be careful on your own,make no quarrel with any man or woman okay?
Me: yes father
Mum: not just yes father without duinh as instructed
Me: mama I will,trust me
Richard: please sir,I will like to plead that Precious return to the presidential villa with me,my parents wish to see her
I sensed father felt uncomfortable with that but before he could reply mum already did
Mum: no problem,you have our permission, just bring her home at the right time and unharmed
Richard: sure ma I will
Haven't gained my parents support I was so happy,Richard also spoke to Michael about work when he returned from his job seek.
the next day,myself,Richard,Ella and Jetty were set to leave for abuja,Juliet couldn't help but cry,Richard promise to visit soon so also did Jetty,I knew my parents were gonna miss them a lot,I mean Ella and Jetty.
We got into the car,Ella and Jetty to the jeep while myself and Richard to Richard's car,ready to meet the president!


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