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Men and their way of life,they always tend to be so friendly with beautiful women.
after my call to Ella we got inside and i was faced with my parents
Me: good evening dad,good evening mum * Michael already went inside before me *
Mum: my daughter,you are welcome
Me: thank you ma
Mum: how was your tripe
Me: fine mom but stressful
Dad: how did your exams go
Me: we thank God
Michael: * coming out from the room * you guys should come and see Precious car
Mum: you don't mean it * standing up *
Dad: woman,sit down
Michael: dad what's the matter
Dad: Michael sit down,Precious take your sit also * we all did * Juliet go inside * she left * I would have allowed you drop your bag and rest and probably bring up these case tomorrow but there is no need,you see my children, there are so many things you don't know about these life.
Michael: dad I don't get any thing from all you have said
Dad: listen to me and stop interrupting me
Michael: sorry dad
Dad: better. I and your mother had passed through a lot in these life just to make sure we give the best to our children,there are things I would want to let you know but I can't but the little I can tell you is that first,you would have to put an end to anything you are doing or having with the president son
Me: daddy!
Dad: kept quiet let me finish
Michael: calm Precious
Dad: secondly you would return that car to him.don't worry if car is your problem I would get you one
Mum: my husband,you have spoken well and am not against you but I won't be wrong if I ask you to give us your reason for all these
Michael: exactly father
Dad: I don't want any body to come after my daughter or my family just to get at the president
Mum: is that the only reason or there is something you are not telling us?
Dad: I believe I have said it all and I was so clear enough
Michael: ah papa,is that why you would want to rain your daughter's happiness, see papa nothing would happen after all she is both the first person to be marrying a president son,is it not somebody that gave birth to the first lady
Me: papa I love Richard so much,my happiness with him is not for the things he gets me nor because he is the president son but because I love him so much for who he is,please papa,nothing would happen to me or anyone of us,even Richard assured me that,all I need now is my family's support and not condemnation please father
Mum: my husband, I support what Michael and Precious have said,not that am saying you are wrong nor being over protective but all am trying to say is that you see these young man Richard before deciding on these issue * everywhere was quiet,I was scared already of my father's next reply but I kept calm waiting for his take in it,he didn't say a word,he just buried his head in his palm for some mistakes then he stood up taking the news paper that had been lying on that seat with him,then he stared into the eyes of everyone present
Dad: * turning to me * the young man,tell the young man that I would like to have words with him * he walked into his room *
Michael: dont worry,its settled
Mum: come to your mother my daughter * I went to seat with her * God has favoured you and would continue to favour you
Me: Amen
Mum: all your life journey would be a success
Me: Amen
Michael: mom,come and see your daughter's new car
Mum: *standing* come and show me my son
Very thing kept going smoothly in delta,before I forget Ella called me that she would be travelling back to abuja *that was 4 days after we travelled* but firstly she would come over to delta to meet her brother so both can go see the governor,she said she would come over to our side with her brother after they must had seen the governor,I was so happy and asked her to come quickly,I had missed Ella so much already.
I also informed Richard that my dad wants to have words with him,he said when he comes the following week he would see father meanwhile Michael took over my driving lessons.
Most times the three of us would drive into asaba just for fun.
My father never disturbed me about Richard again either did my mother trying reminding me like she would have always done before.
Six days after I had a talk with Ella over the phone she called asking for my house address that she was in delta already with her brother and would like to come over to see myself and Michael, I wasted no time in sending the house address to her and about 3 hours later a jeep drove into our compound,Ella and a young handsome guy came down from the jeep,I rushed to hug her. As in the way in which I shouted out of joy alerted my parents and made them rush out thinking something was wrong
Me: oh my God,Ella you are looking so amazing
Ella: you what are you eating,your beauty is become something else,if Richard gets to see you now eh he wouldn't believe his eyes
Me: *whispering into her ears* who is these cutie?
Ella: oh forgive my manners,Jetty,meet Precious,Richar
d's fiancé,she is my course and flat mate, Richardpresh meet my junior brother Jetty
Me: wow,Jetty nice meeting you
Jetty: *soft voice* nice meeting you too,I have had a lot about you and I must confess the only fake thing I have seen is the beauty aspect of it because you are more much beautiful than described
Me: and I must confess your handsomeness is charming
Jetty: *lol* I don't know women to flatter men
Me: am not flattering you c'mon
Jetty: Richard had made a nice choice I must confess
Mum: Precious,what was the shout for? *standing by the door with my dad*
Me: mom,dad,meet Ella,my course mate and Jetty,her junior bother,they are both Richard's cousins
Mum: oooh,my children you are both welcome,come inside please
Dad: welcome my children,hope locating here wasn't a problem
Jetty: not at all sir
Mum: you mean you came all the way from Lagos abi abuja just to see your friend
Ella: not at all ma,we actually had a meeting with the governor so we decided to visit and probably return back to to abuja tomorrow or next
Jetty: that's true ma
Mum: you are both welcome,oyah come inside *all walking inside*
Ella: what of Michael?
Me: he went to get something with my little sister
Dad: please don't mind the look of the house,just manage it
Jetty: *lol* these isn't something of manage,the house is awesome *got to the sitting room and all sat down
Dad: your parents have houses in delta too?
Jetty: no not at all
Mum: when did you both arrive here
Jetty: let's say two days ago
Mum: so where have you been staying?
Ella: we lodged in asaba
Dad: she. your friend has a house here,you didn't do well
Jetty: we are sorry sir
Mum: both of you would stay here till whenever you decide going back to abuja
Ella: oh thank you sir,thank you ma
Jetty: my most gratitude sir,we feel honoured
Me: Ella you are shining
Mum: aunty Ella you are shining can you please show them to a room,so they can take their bath while we cook them something nice
Me: okay mom,please come with me *both followed*
30 minutes later Michael drove back with Juliet,I went to give him the news out side knowing fully well that he would be happy
Me: guess what?
Michael: what? who own these jeep,is Richard here?
Me: no,Ella is here
Michael: Ella?, you are kidding me right?
Me: no,she came along with her junior brother
Michael: where are they now?
Me: in their room,they would be staying for some time
Michael: father!
Me: he was even the one that asked them to stay
Michael: wow,you should know what that means then
Me: what?
Michael: father has accepted Richard indirectly
Me: I think so too
Juliet: brother Mike,I packed everything in the car already
Michael: okay thank you
Juliet: sister Precious,a lady is in the kitchen cooking with mother
Me: you don't mean it
Juliet: who is she?
Me: my friend
Juliet: hmmm,she is pretty too
Me: Michael,abeg we are going to join mother in the kitchen,Juliet let's go
On entering the kitchen I heard my mom praising Ella
Mum: am really surprised,I thought children of your status don't cook oh,that was why I got scared when you came inside the kitchen
Ella: ah ma,that's not true,we all in our family cook *Juliet wanted to enter the kitchen but I held her back,we stood at the door*
Mum: same with mine just that Michael has started doing shakara to enter kitchen and cook
Ella: *lol* that's a man for you
Me: *entering with Juliet* wow,hope you won't start bribing my parents with your cooking
Ella: trust me nah,you know I will,is that Juliet?
Me: yea,my little sis that I told you about
Ella: she is more pretty than you,Juliet hi?
Me: am jealous
Juliet: am fine ma
Ella: I like your voice
Juliet: thank you,I like you,you are looking like an angel
Me: mom,these two has turned your kitchen to rhyme store
Mum: hahaha,you children will not kill me
Michael: *coming into the kitchen*helloooo somebody
Ella: hiiii,where have you been
Michael: can't believe it,Ella,you are here truly
Mum: now you believe,please leave my kitchen,go and keep jetty company
Michael: allow me greet my baby first these woman
All: *lol*
Ella and Jetty stay in my house really made the house lively,just like Ella got so fond of Michael was the same way Juliet got fond of Jetty,laughter never seized from the house,they spent more days than they had planned because Richard begged them to stay till he comes so we all can all go back to abuja together,I mean,myself,Richard,Ella and Jetty.
Jetty was a good crime planner,and that was what my kid sister Juliet really enjoys.
most times when mother would go to the market and buy orange,Jetty would always refuse and playful tell my parents
Jetty: all these fruits gotten from the market are always and never as sweet as stolen ones,I love stolen oranges better
Mum: which one is stolen oranges?
Jetty: Juliet,hafa,any orange tree close?
Juliet: next compound
Jetty: oya let's go and steal
Mum: Jetty?
Jetty: mama forget ,you will like it o
Dad: oyah let's go and steal,next compound
We all would always laught till we get tired of laughing,I was really glad they were free with everyone of my family members..


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