Saturday, 16 December 2017


I fell weakly to the bed,trying to think out something reasonable but couldn't,I decided to go plead with Ella,like seriously I wasn't meaning to hurt Ella's feeling,I was even thinking I was polite enough with her.
On opening the door of the room she had gone into I met heard her sobbing,she was just on her white towel,just the way she was while leaving the room because then she was creaming her body
Me: Ella,am really sorry,please stop crying *she said nothing,she just kept sobbing,I moved closer and sat on the bed* Ella please am sorry
Ella: *crying* why on earth would you think I will date your brother knowing fully well that you are into a serious relationship with Richard, does that mean you don't trust me. does that mean am so loosed
Me: please am sorry,am really sorry,I don't know what came over me
Ella: I just admire him because he looks exactly like my dead boyfriend, an as jovial as him *she cried*
Me: you lost a boyfriend? am sorry,please stop crying *wiping her tears with my palm* I don't like it seeing him cry
Ella: *still crying* Jerry tried to rape me
Me: jerry did what? *shocked* no Ella jerry can't do such thing * holding her like she was a child and pressing her head against my chest* how can Jerry do such,what happened?
Ella: he tried to rape me,he asked for sex and I refused,not because I don't want it just that I was on my period,and you know how painful it is *she cried*
Me: oh my God,I never believe Jerry can do such a thing,baby am sorry,am sorry on his behave please,hope he didn't succeed ?
Ella: when I refused and wanted to leave because I don't want him to know I was on my flow,he slapped me and pushed me to his bed,he tried tearing off my gown that was when his brother rushed in and stopped him *she tried wiping her tears* so Jerry is a monster,I will make such Michael deal with him,he won't go scot free,why didn't you tell me all these while
Ella: I was ashamed,I love Jerry,I never believe he could such thing,Precious,right now I hate him,I regret ever loving him
Me: stop crying,go wear your cloth,I will go tell Michael about these *I draw her up,leading her out of the room*
I stayed in Michael room pissing around,I don't know if I was anger or disappointed in Jerry or probably it was a mixed feeling of both regret,anger and disappointment, I never believed Jerry could do such,I was deeply angered in spirit,I trusted Jerry even more than I had trusted my own brother,I thought he was just the best for Ella,who would have told me he was a monster,even if I was told would I have believed,i thought i knew him best,more than anyone
Michael: what happened again,why are you walking up and down,hope you didn't go to fight Ella,Precious stop taking these too far,i am not dating her,i just like her friendliness and nothing more,please don't created problems for me. let me even go and check on her *stood up and started walking to the door*
I don't know if to tell him or let him be,i am the cause of everything, I should never had spoken to Ella on Jerry's behave *he opened the door and left the room* I don't know what to really do,Michael is the type that has anger problem,he hardly gets angry though but once he does,one can hardly calm him down.
if I tell him he might want to go fight Jerry and i know james won't stay out of these,he must want to fight for his brother and they might end up inflecting wounds on each other,I just don't know what to do.
I quickly opened the door probably to stop him from seeing Ella but it was too late,he was already in the room with Ella narrating everything to him *I stood at the door post unnoticed*
Michael: who did you say the jerry of a guy is to you again?
Ella: my boyfriend
Michael: hmmm,Ella am really speechless,I wish it was someone else that would have been different,I would have beaten him to coma but these your guy,if I react now my sister might start thinking we are having a secret affair *Ella notice me* just decide what you want,if you want me to still go fight him for you I will but still try seat and think what came over him,does he react like that before and all that,still think if you still want to continue with the relationship, remember mistakes are bound to happen in every relationship and non is perfect,look deep within you and see if you would forgive him if he comes begging now
Ella: I will never forgive Jerry
Michael: you will if you love him
Me: *cleared throat and Michael turned,noticing my presence too* Michael it was all my fault
Michael: stop the blames if not she might never be able to get off the shock
Ella: Jerry slapped me,me Ella,can he slap me on a normal good day if I wasn't dating him * crying * I will deal with Jerry, he would get to know the kind of family I came from * picking her phone *
Me: who are you calling?
Ella: leave me,I must tell my brothers about these,I will make sure they beat hell out of jerry
Michael: * collecting the phone from her * I will take care of him.come show me were he stays * Ella stood up immediately leading him off the room after grabbing her car keys*
Me: Michael please don't do anything bad,don't fight him
Ella: are you coming or not?
Me: I am
We drove down to James and Jerry's hostel and Ella got down
Precious: Michael please don't fight
Michael: am not fighting,would just make the guy apologize
Me: thanks *we got down too*
On getting to their door Ella hits it,but no one answered,we knocked and knocked but no answer,a hostel mate came to tell us that they travelled
Ella: let's go,its already dark,I will meet jerry at the right time
Michael: Ella,forget about everything okay,it was a normal mistake,just take it like that.
The next day I noticed Ella and Michael's friendship increased its closeness but I wasn't bothered,at lest I fully know that the next day myself and Michael would be travelling back to delta and I was certain Ella wasn't ready for another relationship.
I was with her when her phone started ringing,first she refused picking up that was when I realized it was Jerry
Me: Ella pick up,that's Jerry right? so hear him out
she took the call and placed it on speaker
Jerry: hello dear,its me Jerry
Ella: what do you want?
Jerry: please,am so ashamed,I don't know what came over me,I just had to travel the next day because I was so ashamed of facing you
Ella: are you fone? have a nice day then *hung up*
Me: Ella?
Ella: what?
I wanted to beg on Jerry's behalf but I remembered he isn't worth it
Me: nothing
Michael: Precious,mummy called
Mr: what did she say?
Michael: nothing,just asking if you finished your exams today and I said yes and we would be back tomorrow and she said okay
Me: okay
Jerry called for the rest of that day but Ella never took in his calls again and me I never bothered saying anything concerning it again,Jerry had lost my trust for him.
These story belongs to Michael luxguy Augustine
The next morning we left Lagos after biding Ella good bye,she said she would be travelling back to Abuja as soon as she finishes what she is doing in Lagos and she promised visiting me in delta too.
I felt really bad leaving Ella but I had to go.
before we left Richard called and for the first time he spoke with Michael,they both talked at length before Michael handed back the phone to me,he told me he has pleaded with Michael to drive carefully and we laughed it over,he also promised to call every 15minutes to check on us which he did.
We got to delta early around 3,driving into the compound Juliet ran out to welcome us.
I was glad to be home,with the semester ending well.
Richard called to know if we had gotten home and I said yes,he said now he could relax his mind and I should also be expecting him in a week's time.
I was so happy with the news, I never thought anything could go wrong..
I called Ella to tell her we were home not knowing Michael already told her.


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