Saturday, 16 December 2017


Since we didn't come with my ride to school we all walked to Ella's lodge.
James and Jerry were really surprised at the kind of lodge Ella stays,on entering inside Jerry felt cold only James still had a free mind of making jokes and all that
James: these lodge is one in town
Me: you can say that again
James: do you guys have wine?
Me: as beer parlour or bar?
James: you won't understand, Ella remember your promise
Ella: what promise?
James: food nah
Ella: hahaha ok,we have fried,we also have draw soup,which would you guys prefer?
James: abeg just bring the fried rice come,myself and any kind of draw soup ain't friendly
Ella: Jerry? *he said nothing* Jerry?
Jerry: ma,sorry what did you say?
Ella: what's the matter with you,you suddenly turned cold
Jerry: nothing,just thinking
Ella: *sat close to him* you can always talk to me
Jerry: I know dear
Ella: *standing up* okay everyone,I want to inform you all that Jerry is my man
Me: meaning?
Ella: I accept his proposal
All: hhhhheeeeeyy
Jerry: *standing up* you don't mean it do you?
Ella: of course I do
Jerry: oh my God,thanks,thanks a lot badly *hugged her*
James: wait wait I don't understand, so now am the only single one here?
Me:*lol* go get a girl
James: Ella please do you have a any younger sister?
Ella: no
James: Precious what of you?
Precious: hahahaha,abeg my sister is not of age biko
James: so Jerry you can't help your brother?
Jerry: O.Y.O James
Me: hahahaha On Your Own
James: its okay,gave me the fried rices as compensation
All: *lol*
Ella: baby you wish same?
Jerry: yes,but we eat together
Ella: okay no problem
Jerry: just one spoon for us
Ella: yes sir
Me: come Jerry,if you try get me jealous here I will break your head
Ella: hahaha someone is already jealous,abegi let me dish the food.
Everything went down well with us all,no sign of Monday again,we still started our exams smoothly,thank God Richardpresh wasn't around,if he was to be around with his everyday surprises I wasn't sure I would have been able to concentrate on my studies.Thanks to the four of us,we read together every now and then,i.e myself,Ella,James and Jerry.
Jerry and Ella's love grew so well too though most times I get to pity James and stay around with him just to make sure he doesn't feel left out.
Two weeks to our examination and we were so cool with each other,as for my self and Richardpresh, am still doing his assignment always so we really don't feel the distant between us.
a week to the end of our exams he informed me that his parents would want to meet me and these got Mr really scared and I didn't hide my fears away from him but he told me there was nothing to fear.
My dad also called to know when our exams was to finish and I lied we have two weeks left and he reminded me to get back as soon as possible and as at then Michael was done with his service and was in delta with them.
My exams didn't stop me from my driving lessons and being that the guy to get me the learner's permit had done that I was able to start driving to school in my car just a week to the end of my exams while Ella was enjoying hers with her loverboy Jerry.
Two days to our exams I called Richard to know if he was still gonna come to school to see me but he said he couldn't make it but I shouldn't worry that he would surely be in delta to see me and msybd from there we can drove down to see his parents.
I was really sad he wouldn't be coming to see me in school but since he promised to be in delta I kept my calm.
After we had our last papers my department hosted a party wish we all attended on Saturday, at the party many girls and guys were trying to make friends with me,I was sensible enough not to give them much audience and these had discouraged them.
Jerry was just all over Ella,making me miss my Richard like its been years I last saw him.
Three days to the day I was to travel to delta I pleaded with Michael to come down to my school so he can drive me home in my car since i was still learning and being a loving brother he came the next day.
That guy he too like woman,if not that I told him Ella was into a serious relationship he would have start wooing Ella just for the full 36 hours he spent
Michael: these lodge is cool o
Me: yes,my friend owns it
Michael: shey that fine girl?
Me: yes
Michael: who is she self?
Me: Richard's cousin
Michael: chai that girl fine die
Me: Michael?
Michael: ma
Me: Michael?
Michael: ma
Me: Michael?
Michael: aunty easy with the name am your senior
Me: Ella is engaged already
Michael: engaged?
Me: yes
Michael: thank God
Me: meaning?
Michael: thank God na its just engagement and not marriage
Me: you are sick,don't try what's in your mind o
Michael: what do you know is in my mind
Me: you know that I know you very well
Michael: okay fine,thank God you know me too
Michael: Ella is no go area
Michael: I know,at lest she would be a post area
Me: don't say I didn't tell you o
Michael: so wadup with school
Me: do you know Monday misbehaved
Michael: as as how?
Me: *lol* please don't make me laugh. Monday confronted me for dating Richard instead of coming back to him
Michael: he just came and said that or was he having charm in his mouth
Me: I don't know for him
Michael: and you didn't abi you couldn't slap away the 4 years he already spent in these school?
Ella: * entering the room* hello guys
Me: Ella meet my senior brother Michael,Michael meet my school sister Ella
Ella: hi mike
Michael: bae you are gallant, I see you well
Ella: hahaha,Presh is these the luxguy you talked about?
Michael: yes na,the only luxguy you can and would ever meet
Michael: Michael the question was for me not you
Michael: e bad if I answer
Ella: hope you have eaten
Michael: yea I ate in the bus
Ella: bus me,that means you haven't eaten so let me get you something to eat
Michael: I just need to take a hot shower first!
Elka: hot shower? from a long hot journey you just made?
Michael: that's what my body needs
Me: let me boil hot water for you then
Ella: no let me do it for him
Michael: preferable
Me: really? okay na shey you think she would go to delta with us?
Michael: bae,these room smell of jealousy why?
Ella: *lol* Presh don't be jealous jhoor,please come let me show you to your room
Michael: okay thanks *stood up*
Ella lead Michael always to his room.for the rest of that day,it was Ella and Michael,you either see them both seated and laughing on gist or you see them both in the kitchen together and I wasn't comfortable would that.
well I really don't blame Ella,Michael is somehow having honey coated mouth,I just feel so concerned for Jerry so I called Michael to order in his room while Ella was in our room bathing
Me: Michael am afraid of you,hope you haven't wooed Ella
Michael: what sort of question is that
Me: Ella is engaged,please I won't want you to start playing much around her
Michael: listen Precious,am your elder brother and should be regarded as such okay,that I made a joke of dating her when I arrived here doesn't mean I wanna do that.
Me: that's not it
Michael: enough Precious,if you want me to leave first thing in the morning I will,am not here to argue about anything with you
Me: am sorry,just feeling concerned.
I also decided talking to Ella about it so I left to the room and meet her creaming her body,imagine on opening the door what she asked was
Ella: Michael is that you?
I was really becoming irritated
Me: Michael co,I want to talk to you about something
Ella: *facing me* okay go on
Me: Jerry
Ella: please please don't mention him to me now
Me: what's wrong?
Ella: we had a fifth about two days ago and he is yet to apologize so please don't tell me of him
Me: but He...
Ella: *interrupting me* please where is Michael?
Me: Ella?
Ella: don't tell me you are jealous,I don't know you to be like these
Me: Ella for crying out loud you are in a relationship and you know am dating your cousin so ....
Ella: *stopped creaming her body* so its all about you right? its all about yourself and yourself alone?
Me: Ella?
Ella: that's selfish of you,okay fine if you don't want me to go close to your brother its fine by me,I won't,maybe when next I see him we (herself and michael) should start fightingMe: you are taking these too far Ella,you couldn't even tell me you had a fight with Jerry
Ella: enough,you made your point and I get it so don't stress these any further
Me: Ella!!
Ella: you can have the room to yourself,I would just go to the other room *started walking out of the room*
I just don't get it anymore but I think I realized my mistakes now,it was really wrong poke nosing into their affairs and questioning them like they were under my care,I was just feeling concerned for Jerry


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