Saturday, 16 December 2017


About 10 minutes later Richard drove to school,I pleaded with him to drive to my old lodge so I can pick my things and he accepted after that we drove back to Ella's lodge,in the evening my driving lessons continued.
The day ran so fast,soon it was tuesday,the guy Richard said was going to give me the learner's permit didn't show up the previous day,Richard on his own part was ready to leave,I felt it would be so selfish of me crying and asking him to stay again knowing fully well the numerous excuses he made to his parents the previous day so I held back my tears and bide him a safe journey back to abuja
Richard: am giving you an assignment,each day you must send me 8 love text messages
Me: no problem,please go now that am trying all my best to hold back my tears before I break down
Richard: Ella,thanks a lot,don't forget to ask me for anything,anything at all once you need it
Ella: yea I won't,thanks,I will miss you
Richard: would get to meet you guys soon enough before you know it
Ella: safe trip. my regards to everyone,I had Sharon is around call me as soon as you get home and see her so I can speak with her
Richard: no problem* kissed me and got into his car,I just waved him as the gateman opened up the gate for him to drive off*
Ella: make sure you don't think of Richardpresh as you drive to avoid accident o * she echoed as he drove out of the compound *
Me: I will miss him
Ella: I know,but all thanks to God he left so we can start studying especially you
Me: let's go freshen up
Ella: yea but sorry,you would climb the stairs now yourself because Richardpresh isn't here now to back you up stairs *lol*
Me: *frown* jealous girl,I will walk I have legs
Ella: yes ma *lol*
That week classes seem to be boring since its just revision most times,I don't fail to do Richard's assignment everyday since he left and he has always replied me,I had the opportunity speaking to his kid sister Sharon on Thursday and she sounded so cool and interesting just like Ella but I really don't think any other person can match the spot in my heart Ella has matched,she is indeed a sister,a big sister because she is 9months older than me.
Sharon had told me she can't wait seeing me,she just wanted to confirm if those photos of me Richard had shown her were really me.
She said pictures do lie a lot and Richard is the prefect type when it comes to photoshoping pictures.
well it was really fun speaking with her.
On Friday I met Monday on campus,Monday is my ex guy,Michael knew about him
Monday: presh what are my hearing
Me: hi Monday,what do you say you heard?
Monday: that you were engaged last Saturday,hope its not true?
Ella: who is these?
Me: Ella calm down
Monday: who is these one asking who is these,are you blind to see it's a human standing ?
Ella: oh sorry dear,you know most times we mistake humans for goats simply because there are no difference between them and goats
Monday: oh my God,I don die,see these bitch calling me a goat,cheap whore
Me: enough of these, see Monday,you don't have the right to question what I do with my life,we ain't dating again so its not as if I cheated on you so why so concerned about who I date
Monday: you belong to me,no one else
Ella: keep shut you shiny fool,a classification of an Economic 3.0.5,look here,look around,does here look like a zoo where monkeys roam about looking for trouble ? she is yours! are you God that made her
Monday: *pointing at her* you no wetin wey dey vex Mr for were you dey? na sake of say I no no wey to touch chewing stick like you
Ella: *lol* see these kind of human being self,why are my wasting my time talking to you when I can call the zoologists to come pick you up back to the zoo *brings out her phone*
Monday: Precious,who is these whore you are following
Me: are you insane? does she look to you as a whore?
Monday: Precious even you,even you,you now talk back at me?
Ella: hello,is these the Lagos zoo service? okay,please a donkey just escaped into the university of Lagos causing havoc,yes,thank you,immediately please,the donkey must have escaped from your zoo,thank you *hung up* hey you cryptic fool,stand here and wait,they are coming to pick you back at to the zoo
Monday: as I dey look the both of you make una just flush off before I change my mind
Me: and what would you do?
Ella: anything that makes you change your mind now I promise you,I will change your base,from the zoo to the prison
Monday: these bitch still....*taaaah*
Ella: oyah do your worst!
Monday: nah me you slap,as in you slapped me *I was already holding Ella* I will deal with you in these campus
Me: Ella na let's go,stop these,leave these guy
Ella: no let him do his worst now *as I was holding Ella,from now where Jerry jumped out followed by James,maybe he thought Monday was beating Ella*
Jerry: guy what's your problem,you want to show your strength on women?
Monday: *pushing Jerry away* who is these fool?
Ella: imagine these goat,I just asked a simple question who he is and he took offence at it calling me a whore
Jerry: guy,I am asking you question and you are pushing me away?
Monday: and what would you do,no tel...*he has barely completed it when james landed him a punch on his nose and Jerry brushed his feet off the soil on which it stood,within 3 seconds Monday was seated on the floor with blood zooming off his nose.I got scared and started pleading*
Me: please Jerry, please james,let him go
Monday: you both are fighting me,me Monday,in these campus
James: *slapping him* you still dey talk?
Me: you no no who I be *tried getting up but Jerry returned him to the floor with another brushing*
Jerry: thunder fire you,anything wey you be na for your pocket
Me: *drawing the both of them* please leave him,please
Ella: let them deal with these animal so when next he sees us he would take to his heels
Me: ah Ella,stop these,you want them to kill him?, see students gathered
Ella: is these one alive? these bastardized amoeba!
I managed to pull them off Monday whom at his end stood up and started walking away threatening to be back
James: just dey run anytime you see me because anything wey make you do pakine you don die be that
Me: leave him let's go nah
Monday is a student of computer science,we use to be lovers back then when I got into university of Lagos newly,he was a 200 level student then who helped me run all my school processing then and was cold headed,he is handsome too and brilliant but the rate at which he changed still surprises me each time his thought comes to my mind.
he actually started misbehaving when he asked for sex and I turned him down then we were already dating,we broke up before my first semester exams in my 300 level while he was in 400,and ever since we broke up,though in the same school I have never seen him for the past months,about 10months if am not mistaken only to see him today showing off his stupid talent
Ella: you should have left me to deal with that fool
Jerry: bae its ok
Me: I need to inform Richard
Ella: for what? because of these moimoi case? these donkey you call your ex is too small for me to finish under 5minutes
Me: Ella?
Ella: what,isn't he a donkey!
James: that guy is just so lucky,you are just his saviour today
Me: please am having headache already,I need to go to the lodge and sleep,if you guys want to kill him,you are free to go back
Jerry: we would be leaving now then
Ella: no,you are coming to my lodge today and now,hope no problem!! *Jerry and James stared at each other for a while*
James: no,no problem,as long as food is involve.
Me: you and food
James: see me see trouble o,I talk my mind na,you nkor? you and Richard
All: *lol*


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