Saturday, 16 December 2017


I was still thinking of what to say when my mom called,I take in the call
Me: hello mummy
Mom: Precious what are my hearing?
Me: mummy I don't understand,what are you hearing mum?
Mom: let me believe its not your own precious *I could hear my dad shout "what do you its not are own precious,give me the phone"*
Dad: hello,precious,if you know what ever relationship you have gotten yourself into with the son of the president you better undo it as fast as possible,so I am wasting my money in sending you to school? did I send you to university of Lagos to get a man or to study ?
Me: papa hear me out
Dad: I have told you,keep whatever you have to say to yourself and for your information return that car immediately
Me: daddy,hear me out nah,stop taking things these way
Dad: Precious,in fact start coming down to delta
Me: daddy I can't,next week is my exams
Dad: immediately after your exams make sure you don't waste an extra day return home
Me: daddy why all these
Dad: keep quiet my friend,who are you talking back at *I could hear my mum saying "take it easy on her,she is but a child,please let me talk to her"*
Precious: father all you are asking is hard,Richard is not the kind of man you think,he might be the president's son but he is decent
Dad: I have spoken,once you done with your examination come back home
Mom: hello,hello Precious,calm down,just come home after your exams let's talk these over
Me: thanks mother *hung up* what kind of strict father is these eh *Michael's call came in,I take in the call*
Michael: sweetheart hafa
Me: am not fine
Michael: what are my hearing,the president son engaged you with a new black spider?
Me: Michael I love Richard,I don't know why mum and dad are asking me to quiet the relationship
Michael: mummy and daddy said what! for what nah,see me am very happy for you,abeg make those two old people park well o
Me: Michael am confused
Michael: confused? about what,abrg tell that dude you have a brother who would be rounding up youth service these month ending,who knows where help would come from these one Nigeria is a hard place
Me: am worried about mum and dad
Michael: don't worry I would talk sense into them just help me too
Me: *smiles* that's not a problem,you don't need to ask .e before I do that,you are my own fine bro nah
Michael: if ah hear,and you couldn't even tell me of the big fish your hook caught
Me: am sorry
Michael: don't tell me that,so if not for news I wouldn't have known my sister is in soup abi?
Me: am sorry nah,please just help me talk to mum and dad,me I can't stand loosing Richard o
Michael: no problem with that,am still that Michael you use to know o,aka Mr Luxguy
Me: I trust you
Michael: no worry,even your new name dey paper,Mrs.Richardpresh
Me: *lol* stop jhoor
Michael: baby call you later
Me: ok Mr luxury,I love you so much *hung up,I dropped my phone on the bed,on turning I saw Richard resting on the wall* baby?
Richard: I like that name luxury*smiling*
Me: *lol*that's my brother,don't mind him,his name is Michael,but you know you guys,I don't know how he got the name luxguy
Richard: nice one,I wish to meet with him
Me: you will
Richard: your parents ask you to quiet?
Me: *shock* ehm,ehm,my,my brother,yes my brother would...
Richard: *came closer,holding my hands* baby,its okay,I want you to know that I love you so much and won't stop loving you
Me: baby,I won't stop either,don't worry about my parents,they would get to understand soon
Richard: I would be leaving to abuja tomorrow, please make sure you take good care of yourself
Me: baby why so soon *frown*
Richard: my parents calls,I learnt from Ella you would be staying here,am so happy about that
Me: baby stop nah,am missing you already
Richard: don't worry I would come back before you roundup your exams
Me: promise?
Richard: I promise
Me: am still not happy
Richard: don't worry we get married once you round up with your school,so that you stop missing me
Me: I can't wait dear,its too far
Richard: that reminds me,I contacted the guy that would prepare your Lerner's permit, so you should be getting it by tomorrow
Me: wow,thanks honey.
For the rest of that day,its being call after call either from my own side or that of Richard or Ella.
By evening Ella and Richard started teaching me how to drive.
By Monday morning Richard was set to go,I found myself crying and begging him not to go
Me: baby I can't live without you
Richard: baby am not dying,stop making it look like am going to die or would never come back
Me: being out of my sight is like taking breath out of me
Richard: baby,I must go
Me: please baby please
Ella: Precious understand nah
Richard: Ella don't worry,Richardpresh,I would stay for today but you must let me go tomorrow
Me: *wiping my tears* thanks love thanks
Ella: Richard but what of your parents,what would you tell them
Richard: when I get to that bridge I would cross it,oyah baby let's go up so you get ready for school
Me: ok baby,but my legs are aching me,I can't walk up stairs
Richard: that's no problem,I will carry up upstairs
Ella: please stop making me jealous
Richard: then get a boyfriend*backing me*
Me: *laughing* yes,get yours
Ella: okay o,before we know it tuesday would come and Richard would leave,shey its me and you in these house
Me: Richardpresh,are you listening to her threats?
Richard: baby don't mind him
Me: I trust you *Richard starts moving with me in his back*
my self and Ella dressed up for classes and Richard dropped us off,after lectures Jerry walked up to Ella and excused her,Ella later came back to meet me
Me: accepted?
Ella: no,am still thinking about it,so I told him
Me: okay o,so what car were you talking about yesterday with your dad
Ella: my car
Me: where is it?
Ella: at my lodge there na
Me: are you kidding me?
Ella: no,I own the black SUV you once asked me about
Me: but you said you don't know the owner
Ella: was just kidding,I just don't want to be seeing driving about the school,by the way that would make every man on campus wishing to date me and you know these kind of thing,men we truly love me won't have the courage to approach me,they would me saying am above their level
Me: hmmm,you must drive that car o,by fire by force
Ella: *lol* I will,once I finally accept Jerry
Me: eh? so you love him and you just pretending?
Ella: maybe,please call Richard to come pick us up
Me: who is Richard?
Ella: what do you mean who is Richard,my cousin of course
Me: oh you mean Richardpresh?
Ella: *lol* I fear o,sorry ma,please call Richardpresh to come pick us up
Me: better but we would go to my lodge first so I would pick my clothes
Ella: no problem!!!..


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