Thursday, 14 December 2017


Richard drove till we got to Ella's lodge,he horned and the gate was opened by a security officer,that alone gave me the impression that it was an expensive hostel Ella was living in.
Richard drove in and the security guy waved us.
he parked and turned off the engine and we all got down,the compound was indeed a large one with expensive cars parked all over to show that those occupying the builds were children of wealthy parents.
Don't get me wrong,I didn't say rich,I said wealthy meaning their parents had passed the level of being rich,in the compound was a magnificent two story building,it was really wide
Ella: welcome to my lodge,how do you see here?
Me: wow,it wow
Ella: thanks,I stay in the first flat on the second building
Me: not bad
Ella: so can we walk?
Me: why not
both of us walked to the stairs and started climbing leaving Richard behind because he was inspecting round the car but we later noticed him coming behind us,as we were climbing the last stairs
Richard: J'espère que vous êtes avec
les clés? * hope you are with the keys? *
Ella: n'est-ce pas avec les clés? * ain't you with the keys? *
Richard: quel genre de question est-
ce, vous feriez mieux de
commencer à descendre
pour vérifier la voiture parce
que je ne suis pas avec une
clé * what sort of question is that,you better start climbing down to check the car because am not with any key *
Ella: oh Richard, arrête ces
blagues, je t'ai donné les
clés ce matin alors vérifie ta
poche * oh Richard,stop these joke,i gave you the keys these morning so check your pocket *
Richard: * searching his pockets,I guess he touched something * oh yea sorry
Me: what's that?
Ella: don't mind him,he forgets a lot. asking me after the key when its right in his pocket
Me: oh * Richard walked pass us were we stood talking *
Ella: you don't understand French?
Me: no I don't
Ella: wow,no problem I would teach you
Me: wow,that would be nice learning.thanks
Ella: but you understand Yoruba?
Me: yea,I understand Yoruba but a little sha then Igbo,Hausa and English
Ella: k know you will understand Hausa,since you told me you were brought up in Abuja but please you will teach me Igbo o,I really want to learn that language, I can speak Yoruba,that's actually my dialect,then Hausa,of course English and French
Me: wow that's nice,I will teach you
Ella: thanks,so you teach me Igbo while I teach you French
Me: yea * we continued climbing the remaining stairs *
well I can speak French pretty well and understood the conversation they both had concerning the keys,in fact it was one of those language subjects I enjoyed very well back in my early school stage,we started treating the language right from primary four till my ss3 classes,in fact I wanted to register it as one of my waec subjects if not for my parents advice saying that since I was going to study Economic I shouldn't register French as one of my subject as its not really needed,instead I should go with important subjects that was what made me drop it,I just said I don't understand French knowing fully well that now she thinks I don't understand the language she and Richard might always want to use it when they don't want me to understand what they are saying.
on getting to Ella's door post it was already opened by Richard who was already inside.
Inside was really wide,it was a big parlour,having two wide LG flat screens television with those expensive brown kind of colour chairs on a yellow rug designed with pink colours too,at a corner is a deep freezer beside a small dinning table then a water Despenser close,I was just speechless at the sight of things,I was wondering if these is just a school lodge or a life time apartment
Ella: yea yea,welcome to my small flat,its just a three bed room flat and a parlour
Me: * surprised * you call these small? ain't you the only one here or do you have a flat mate? * Richard already entered a room *
Ella: flat mate! hell no,oh yea,I do have one,Richard
Richard: * coming out from the room * you are sick,naughty girl,sweedy,seat down
Me: *seating* thanks
Ella: well my dad said I should manage here
Me: manage?
Richard: * switching on one of the television * care for a drink?
Me: hmmm,just chilled water
Richard: ok,Ella, please help her with water
Ella: okay * walks off *
I was really surprised with what I was seeing,Ella really don't play big in school,she has never given anyone a reason to suspect she is leaving big even in school,I was beginning to think how discouraged Jerry might be wooing her if he discovers how rich she is in school,well she came back handing me a glass of chilled water from her Despenser which I accepted
Me: I respect your personality Ella
Ella: why?
Me: you are these rich yet you were never showing off,like being pompous,arrogant,proud and those stuffs rich kids normally do in school
Ella: hahaha,dear only empty vessels makes noise,I don't need to ride others because am from a manageable home after all I don't know tomorrow
Me: yea,that's true
Richard: Ella, jọwọ ran mi gba itoju ti mi
obinrin jẹ ki mi ni kiakia gba
diẹ ninu awọn ohun pẹlú ni
opopona * please help me take care of my woman let me quickly get some things along the road *
Ella: ko si isoro, o kan rii daju pe
o gba mi ju * no problem, just make sure you get mine too *
Richard: o mọ i yoo gba o nkankan
ani lai ti o béèrè * you know i would get you something even without you asking *
Ella: ok baby
Richard: * to me * sweetheart,I will be back right now,just a few minute
Me: I won't miss you,Ella is here
Both: hahaha
Richard: that's unfair
Me: don't cry,you know am just kidding
Richard: better * planted a kiss on my lips then rushed off *
Yes,these was the perfect opportunity I was seeking for,just to have my privacy with Ella so I can get her to confess to me her role in all these so far,how Richard got to know I was schooling here after seeing me in abuja and why he has been in Lagos all these while and maybe tell her of Jerry's feelings for her.


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