Thursday, 14 December 2017


I picked up my phone and took in the calls,like I said earlier it was Richard calling,he was calling to ask me if i had seen the note he left me,I told him that I had seen it and was about going to collect my bedsheets from the dry cleaner since he hadn't brought it back,he said ok but he would like to get an answer from what i read in his Intoto diction,I told him it was nice and lovely and the best gift anyone had ever offered me so far,he was impressed but said that wasn't the answer he was seeking but I further covered up by telling him how romantic he had been so far " Richard,u are full of surprises,the most romantic guy i have ever come across,you are really amazing and I love that composure of yours,I have been reading it over and over,not that your handwriting is fine o,but really that composure of yours is flabbergasting and mind blowing,I wonder how you managed to put those words together,dear you are a genius" he said thanks and was like am making his head swallow but that I was yet to answer or tell him what he wanted to hear,I knew what he was asking but pretended and asked him what answer he was talking about,he said he needed answers to his last question in the note, I quickly tried covering up with another topic but he was the smart type,even when I asked after Ella he simply said that wasn't the topic,so I just had to let him know my mind at the moment so I replied him " please don't see me as rude,but I can't answer you that question,if really you need an answer please approach me the right way". He was silent for some seconds before speaking up again,asking me if we can meet after i must have been through with classes and I said yes,we talked about other things and I thanked him for the beans he had cooked earlier,praising him as a good cook,I even went as far as relating what James and Jerry said about the food,he was just laughing uncontrollably like one who just inhaled a laughing gas,like seriously I never wished for the call to end,so I went further to asked him about his girlfriend, he told me he was once dating the daughter of the vice President * Ibrahim Isa * they brokeup about four months ago because the girl was so full of herself and was just too proud for a human,he said they started dating when her father and his father was tagged up as running mates for the election,accord
ing to him he visited Nigeria then from his school in Paris and met her in their house,she was indeed beautiful and his mother * now the first lady * pushed him into dating her and he couldn't refuse because the girl was indeed beautiful and he was already liking her at first sight,they started dating before he went back to school and that was about three months to the election * I can't really recollect,he had said * everything was going on well till the girl visited him in Paris,she was just so lazy and over demanding,she likes giving orders but never takes none,he said while she was in his flat in Paris on her first visit she was a lazy ass,on her second visit she revealed her other side which was nagging and jealousy,her own jealousy was off limit but he said he understood her actions then being that she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth with the rest of her two siblings,she was spoilt to the call by her parents being that she was also the only girl in three children so he controlled his temper toward her,then on her third visit she came along with the beast in her,maybe she was tired of dropping them along while coming to see him * he said * he said he cane back from classes that very day only to meet her lying like a dead wood in his bed,the worst part was that she didn't inform him of her coming but that really didn't piss him off,the part that pissed him off was that fact that his room was loitered with bottles of all sort of drinks and about three packets of cigar, he didn't believe it was his woman so he left the room and walked in again hoping to see clearly thinking it was all an illusion but it wasn't afterall,he quickly woke her up asking her firstly why she didn't inform him she was coming,when she spoke to him her mouth sinks,she simply asked him if there was something he was hiding that would make her take permission before coming to see her man,at lest he understood that,that she mustn't take permission before every of her visit so he pushed that aside and asked her who took the liquid contents in those bottles lying on the floor and the cigarettes scattered all over the room,she gave him a weird laughter and asked he how many people he had met in the room on his arrival or did he meet any body leaving the room on his arrival,at first he thought he was hallucinating but she repeated the questions again " so you smoke and drink? " he asked " stop shouting as if its something wrong " she had rebuked him " no nah,I smoke and drink and you my girlfriend also smoke and drink,what kind of kids do you want us to bear when we get married? I don't even smoke half of what you had smoked now in a day" he fired " oh is it all about the cigar? don't worry,I came with cocaine,I can strick to with with just a little of cigar smoking " she smiley told him,he was shocked deep down " you take cocaine? " he asked again to be sure she meant it " what's the big deal,every normal girl does or you think am kidding? " she dipped her hand into her bag and brought out a sealed white substance, he was shocked,as in re-shocked that was how they began having issues every day,with him trying to stop her from those stuff * he explained *I felt for him but was really shocked also to learn Richard smokes but I kept those question in my head for another day because I would to tell him face to face when he would be asking me out that I Precious Oyege can't date a guy who smokes and drink till he gets drunk because I don't want a man that would turn me to rainbow by adding another complexion to my skin with beating all in the name of marriage or relationship, anyway I know the kind of brother I have,Michael Augustine my brother won't take such for any man who would try such with his precious kid sisters.
I asked him how long they had dated and what really brought the break up,he said they dated for about two years,he told me one certain period she set him up,leaving cocaine in his room when going back and immediately she left he was quick to notice it so he quickly flashed it in to the toilet thinking she might come back for it once she finds out she left it behind but instead as he was in the toilet flashing it his door bell rang,he thought she had come back for it so he quickly flashed it and went to answer the door after washing his hand only to see two policemen standing in his door post that they received an information that he is into drugs and would like to search his flat, he ushered them in and they turned the flat upside down but found nothing,but they insisted it was from a reliable source therefore they must run a medical test on him and as at that time he was writing his final year exams. he said the God that saved him was that when his girl came visiting that time,he didn't touch her being that she had refused to stop drugs so when the test was carried out on him no trace was found in his system so they apologized and let him go.
he was angry with her and called to inform her he has received the message she left behind but she denied it.what finally brought an end to their two years relationship was that he caught her also injecting drugs into her system that very day in the toilet,then they were already in Nigeria though she came visiting him from school in Australia, he went to shoprite to get her some stuffs she demanded,on his return he couldn't find her so he began searching for her only to bump into her in the closet injecting her self, he was damn angry with her,he could have beaten her blue black if not for the position her father holds but he forgave her when she came begging being that it was the first time ever he was seeing her plead for her wrongs both knowing she had other plans,not less than an hour later he caught her at the dinning injecting his own meal,she probably was trying to drug him. that was what put an end to their two years relationship that they had been struggling with,she took the next available flight back to school in anger and ever since then they had heard nothing of each other although their parents are not aware of their break up except maybe she told them but he didn't and no body had asked him so far.
his story really weakened me,well I sympathized with him and he said he has moved on.
well we called it a day and wished each other good nights before ending the call that was when I realized we have been on call for hours yet I didn't feel it nor did I feel bored with any part of the call.
I wasn't able to go to the dry cleaner again because it was already very late and the guy must had gone home.
I didn't even bother asking Richard for the girl's name and he didn't tell me either.
I received a text message,opening it,it was Richard wishing me a good night sleep.


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