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I opened my mouth wide in surprise reading through his note,it reads:
Today my heart was completely filled with the
thought of you,I began thinking of amazing
things to tell u just to put smiles on ur beautiful
face then I got an intoto idea of creating
something awesome with the alphabets.
Am gonna create something great with A-Z and I
hope u really enjoy this and while u read I know u
will be flabbergasted but I need your smile to
keep me going.
Take a deep breath,relax and calm your
anxiety,look back,side ways,up and down as I hope u enjoyed it,that's what I
wanted to create with the alphabets.
Just kidding,now read this
I just want to remind u to (ABC) Always Be
Careful and (DEFG) Don't Ever ForGet that I am
(HI) Happily Inlove with you,please and please
(JKLM) Just Keep Loving Me and have this
always in mind that (NOPQRS) No Other Person
Quiet ReaSonable will ever stop loving you.
Now listen as I take it one one for u,just know
that (T) Till death do us part,the whole (U)
Universe would (V) Vividly know you are mine.
Calm down,I don't know if this is making sense
to u but lest I forget,I believe and accept that
(W) Wonderous laughter would be ours.
Nop nop nop I don't wanna hear ur say okay!
believe it or leave it our love will never be (X) X-
my ( Y) Yen and ( Z) Zeal is to keep loving u
Richard has killed it right? How would a kiss feel
on ur lips? if am to say (PBML) it would be meaning Please Be My Lover,would you say no to these??
Ifound myself reading and laughing out loud in some part of it
Me: these guy is really amazing, he seem to be leaving me with surprises every minute of my life,wow,these is breath taking,I wish it was face to face I would be saying a big yes to you Richard * I sat on my bed for a while * no,I better safe guide these and never to loose it,its a special property now.
I stood up,opened the part of my bag a considered safe for the moment and kept it there.
I went to the pot,dishing out reasonable portion of the porridge beans into a plate,I took a seat dropping the food on my only table which serves me for reading too and scoped a spoon into my mouth,it tasted great,I really don't like beans and if it was to be home it was cooked I won't dare tasting it but I found myself rushing these meal of mine cooked by Richard, I was in the second plate when Jerry and James came in,on seeing me eating they went for their own spoons and joined me
James: * as we were eating * Christ,so u can cook beans like these,omo I give u hand* I just smiled *
Jerry: but I thought you don't like beans,these one wey you cook beans to sweet like these come dey chop am and we come join you without questions hope its not poisoned hahaha
James: that's true,when did you start cooking beans
Me: I go carry these beans commot here o,keep quiet and eat
Both: sorry ma
James: but you can cook o,you get A1 parallel for beans cooking
Me: * dropping my spoon * no be me cook am * I was filled already *
Jerry: who come cook these kind sweet beans
James: yes who cooked it,I need to marry that girl,you know beans is my best food and because of these very beans i will put it in documentation that beans is my best food
Jerry: hahaha,na which kind brother God give me so * I was just staring at them but my thoughts where on Richard *
James: tell us the girl nah
Me: its Richard, Ella's cousin * come and see pausing from the two guys *
Both: you say??
Me: yes,its your fellow guy that cooked it Mr beans is my best food.
both fall on the floor with their spoons still in their hands and stopped laughing to the extent tears were dropping from their eyes,it even got me confused
Me: what's funny?
James: * trying to control his laughter * you no fit lie sha
Me: am not lying
James: * still trying to control his laughter * maybe is not the guy I know
Jerry: * laughing and talking * no be that one dey funny me,as I open these door come see as aunty dey rush the food,chai I no even know say na because say na that guy cook am
James: meaning if na poison all of us for don die just like that hahahaha
Me: * carrying the food * when una laff finish make una begin go una hostle,no more beans for the two of you
Jerry: * now trying to control his laughter and standing up from the floor * no vex,we are just playing,bring the beans
James: yes its play,abeg add more beans for that plate
Me: after eating two plates? never
Jerry: who know how many plates you don chop b4 we come rescue you because nah suicide you be ready for with these beans * both resumed laughter again *
Me: yeyeh guys * I stood up and added more beans for them
After eating the both of them start down on the table
Me: don't break my table
James: Richard would buy new one
Me: he picks money abi
James: hahaha,na me and you money o e still dey spend for your head so chop am with out apology
Me: abeg oh Richard is not my boyfriend and he isn't spending on me so no go talk am make people hear
Jerry: abeg how can I get Ella,am dying for that girl like craze
Me: see me o,are my Ella,didn't you see her in school to tell her,that reminds me,James,where is my exam timetable you promised
James: no fear,e dey my pocket
Jerry: but I saw you and her today nah so you should be able to help me
James: she was even wearing you dress
Me: and?
Jerry: please nah help me,I will treat her well o I promise
Me: Jerry I can only tell her only after you must had approached her and not the other way round
Jerry: but you would help right?
Me: sure
Jerry: thanks,at lest e no go bad if I become in law to oga presido na
Me: oh is that the latest now?
Jerry: no,ah no nah,I just dey talk,no vex
Me: better
James: oyah Jerry let's go,at lest we have eaten night food here prepared by aso rock,maybe in the next few days we won't go angry again
Jerry: ah,na Jesus?
James: Precious,help me answer
Me: abeg una kom dey go,you guys have over stayed
James: you dey chase us now abi,you don get Richard na,why you no go chase me,your old husband
Me: I hear,no vex dey go
Jerry: hahaha,James go na abi na by force?
Me: oyah you,follow your brother,una don try.
After they left,Richard's call came came in almost immediately,I knew it was his call,his numbers were already stored in my head,I felt my heartbeat increase.


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