Friday, 22 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 8

‘‘Dad! ’’I almost screamed “ what are you doing? ” I tried escaping from his touch cause his mere touch scares me. But No! He didn't budge nor did he bother to clarify what he's doing, instead he forced me down the bed.
I still didn't understand what is really going on, why is my dad doing this? I didn't understand anything and I was just too scared too scream for him to stop.
“ I can't let anyone have you before I do and don't worry you are going to enjoy this ” he said. I stared at him In horror, could this be my birthday gift? The one he promised to give me as soon as he comes back? Does Chima knows about this or is he's own birthday gift different? I couldn't understand the thoughts that was running through my mind. Everything is just happening too fast and I can't help but to have a lot of thoughts.
“ Dad please what are you doing? Please don't do this to me ” I pleaded as soon as I saw him removing his belt and unbuttoning his trouser. It all came crushing down my head. Now I know what he's about to do but why? Why my daddy? Isn't he supposed to advise me against this things or protect me against it so why? Why on my birthday and why should it be him? Tears began to roll down from my eyes. I tried to struggle him off but he's too strong and before I knew what was really happening, he pull down my pyjamas and forced my legs open.
“ Jesus! Please daddy stop. I don't want to please ” I pleaded, still struggling with him.
“ you have no choice Ama so stop fighting it and just enjoy it. ” he said, forcing and pulling my pant from my waist down to my leg. He forced my legs open again and this time, I have lost every single strength I had left but I didn't give up. I have to make him wake up from this stupidity, I can't let my dad rape me. So I hit him with my legs with every strength I had left and that made him stop for a while, trying to gain back his balance and the pain that I caused him from hitting him on his stomach.
I tried using that opportunity to run but I received a hard slap on my face, forcing me back to the bed. He came for me again but this time with full force, he opened my legs wide open and forced his fingers inside my vagina and I felt so much pain. But he didn't stop not even when my tears have completely blocked my view. I cry in pain as he forced him self on me. He went on and on until I felt something cold inside my stomach.
I don't know what it is but he stopped as soon as it happened. He kissed my lips and I felt disgusted by his tongue. He stood up from the bed and dressed him self up.
“ make sure no body hears of this or I will kill you myself. Trust me, I will kill you and trow your corps in River Niger! ” he threatened and left, leaving me to my fate. I couldn't believe what just happened. I can't get myself to believe that my dad just did this to me. A man I respect and love with all my heart just did this to me.
I find it difficult to believe that my dad have just took away my virginity and every virtue In me. Leaving me with nothing other than this disgusting body that feels like is not mine anymore. I cried myself to sleep, with fear and prayer In my heart, that I should wake up and discover that this is just nothing but a mere dream. The worst nightmare of my life.
* * * * * *
But No! I woke up and the first thing that hit me is the pain that I feel under my thighs. I try standing up but the pain gets even worst.
The blood stain on my bed spread reminded me of my last night ordeal. It wasn't a dream but a reality, a reality that my dad just raped me and took away my pride and virtue. Is all real, I can't help but to cry again.
Thank God today is Saturday, no one is going to disturb me. Am going to cull up on my bed and draw my pains out. I will draw till night fall, may be it will help me forget, it always does. I step inside the bathroom, I need to wash up. My body, my skin, they all smell horrible to me. I feel irritated by the mere touch on my skin, it disgusts the freaking hell out of me.
I wash my myself for the third time today but I still smell bad, I smell of Dad, the alcohol he took, the smell of his sweet all over my skin. I dip myself inside the bathtub full of water, making sure that the water swallows both my head completely. I have to wash everything about him off my skin or I will never live with this.
“ Ama! ” my mum called, helping me out from the tub. I was lost in my thoughts that I didn't hear her knock on my door nor the bathroom and now she's probably thinking that I want to commit suicide. I coughed out the water that had gone inside my mouth. I have been holding my breath in there for quite a long time and I think am going to chuck.
“ are you okay? Why did you do that? ” she asked, genuinely concerned. Is she also going to hurt me one day too. Since daddy can do it, she can right? I stared at her for a while trying to figure out if she's real or just acting. She hadn't given me her own birthday gift, which means something right? Hers could also hurt me. Who should I really trust if I can't even trust daddy. If daddy could do this to me then anyone can.
I smiled at her, faking it actually cause it didn't go down my eyes. “ am fine mum, I was just birthing and I wanted the to water to get to my hair ” I replied not really lying cause I was really bathing and I also wanted the water to reach down to my hair.
“ are you sure? ” she asked looking worried and I assured her that am fine by nodding my head in approval. “ then get dressed and come out for breakfast. ” she said and left. I sighed in relief as my mind went back to my thoughts again.
8th Law Of Power : Make Other People Come To You -Use Bait If Necessary.


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