Friday, 22 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 7

7th Law Of Power : Get Other To Do The Work For You, But Always Take The Credit
"After a long stressful day, am finally going to rest and sleep " I grinned to myself. The birthday had gone successful and trust me na, I received quite a lot of gift from each and every one that attended the party. It wasn't a huge party but it was enough to boast my popularity in my new class on Monday. I still can't believe that I will be graduating next year.
That reminds me, daddy was kind of strange this evening or is it just my imagination? When he hugged me, he kind of did something strange. No no is nothing, is just a mistake so I shrugged it off and put on my pyjamas. I was ready to sleep now but something crossed my mind again, my gift! Daddy hadn't given me my gifts yet, both his and Chima's. Though CHIMA had already told me what he bought for me, a cell phone and is with mummy now so may be tomorrow I will get it and dad's own too.
I heard my door open, so I turned and there... By dad stood but some thing is not right. He's looking at me strangely and for some reason I felt so weird like he shouldn't be here.
‘“ Dad? Did you come to give me my gift ”’ I asked, trying to ease the tension in the room. I was really starting to feel strange and I know he didn't just come here to stare at me. He started coming closer and closer towards me and for unexplainable reason, I see myself stepping back out of fear. I don't know what is wrong with my daddy but I have this strange feeling that is not good.
“ you have really grown to be a beautiful girl or should I say a lady. Look at your hips, is huge and your boobs are tempting and big for your age. ” my dad said licking his lips and staring at me. His eyes had this look that I couldn't really understand, was it lust or love or admiration? I wasn't good in these things so I don't really understand the look he's giving me right now. His eyes were dark.
I never really had a boyfriend or gave any boy a chance to ask me out. My brother made sure to leave a record and K C took over from him when he left. So boys are kind of scared to approach me. Mum always advice me to stay a virgin until my wedding night, if I want to meet a man that will respect and provide everything that I want just like my dream man. So I have hearken unto her advice till now.
‘“ Dad I want to sleep? ”’ I said nervously. I don't know why but I just knew that I want him out of my room right now. But he just stared at my face a little longer then his eyes moved down to my boob's then my legs, he repeated the same thing he did with his tongue.
‘“ come on princess, don't you want to receive your birthday present again? ”’ he asked, still coming closer and this time I can't go any further cause am trapped between the bed and him. I looked nervously at his face “ you can give me tomorrow morning DAD” I don't know what is going on but I just felt like I needed to remind him that he's my dad.
“ but I want to give it to you now and you will like it trust me ” he said, smiling differently and I find it weird.
" Is this really my dad? Or is something going on with him? " I asked myself
“ okay…y o u… c a n…give me and go ” I stammered. What is wrong with me? Why am I scared of the very man I love so much and why do I have this feeling that I should stay away from him when I so much like his presence? I pinched myself, trying to bring my senses back. This is my dad and I don't have any reason to be scared of him. I assured myself.
“ why are you not wearing any of your bum short? You always like to wear them in the living room and you even wear one today. So why ain't you wearing any one now or do you always like to wear them each time am around ” he chuckled.
He's right, I always wear bum short In the house. infact I wear them to go out sometimes cause I have friends that love wearing short things but why will he think that am wearing them for him or anyone at all. I don't wear bum short or any cloths at that to attract anyone and definitely not my daddy. I wear them for myself cause I love my appearance each time I look at the mirror.
I looked at him, confused for the umpteenth time. Why is he here and what does he want. Definitely not to give me any gift cause he's not even with anything. What he did next, shocked me and I realized instantly that he's not suppose to be here. This is not my daddy! This is not the first man I feel in love with cause that man will not squeeze my butt. He won't hold me in this inappropriate way and stare at me like am some call girl.
“ Dad! ”
* * * * *


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