Friday, 22 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 6

Five Years Later
September 10 2014, 5:55pm.
I stare at myself in the mirror, I smile at my reflection. I knew I looked beautiful but seeing it every morning in this mirror makes me so proud. And today is special, today is my favorite day of the week. “ FRIDAY! ” who doesn't love Fridays? I get to not come to school for two days which are Saturday and Sunday, I also gets to go to any party available or club with few friends cause trust me, my friends love clubbing but I don't and I only have to attend when my parents are not around which is mostly every Friday.
But today is more special cause daddy is coming back from his trip to California to visit my elder brother who been there for close to three years now. He left as soon as his results were out and he passed with straight A's. Sometimes I wish my results will look that good so that I will join him there but no body had said anything like that. I sighed as I rearranged my hair for the third time.
Oh before I forget, did I tell you that today is super special? Not just because is Friday and I won't be going to school tomorrow. Though school just resumed on Monday and I haven't really started yet cause I always skip the school resumption week till next week. And is not because Sunday is fast approaching and I get to see those cute boys from church. Is also not because daddy is coming back after being away for a whole month and he promised to buy me a lot of things both from him and Chima but because today is also my birthday and I will be fifteen. Tadaaa!!!
“ fine girl, we know you are beautiful so just come out and stop this your makeup as if it will make any difference ” Angela, my second best friend said as she walked inside my room. Angela is fifteen like myself but she's two months older and loves Parties a lot though she's not much of a fan of makeups. She prefers looking natural but she kind of like short things, all her cloths are unbelievably short and that includes her uniform.
She's average in height, fair in completion like myself. What I like most about her is her hips, flat tummy and her nice legs. May be that's why she like wearing short things cause seriously from her waist down to her feet are sexy. She also have a pretty face to back it up but she's not that fine sha. I was still staring at myself in the mirror when she walked in but now, am more concerned with the number of people that came for this celebration.
I kind of invited the whole class for my birthday but I doubt if all will really come. We were less than fifty in number in my class from S S S ll but that doesn't mean that the number will still remain the same, this new term. From Monday I will be a final year student, S S S lll to be precise and I know is not really making sense if any student will transfer this term. But never say never.
"Where is Amina? Isn't she here yet ?" I asked, after I was done admiring what she is putting on. She's wearing a short red off shoulder dress. Showing off her legs and bringing out her hits which really makes her look like a lady of twenty and not fifteen. Anyway all my friends kind of grow pass their age and that includes me. It will take a miracle for you to believe that am just fifteen and not twenty one years old.
Okay may be that's too much since I have an innocent child-like look to back up my real age. So my face will definitely tell you that am just fifteen or less than eighteen. Oh by the way, Amina is my best female friend in the world. Though she's housa and a Muslim too but that doesn't change anything. She understands me completely and she's always supporting me both in good times and In bad situations.
“ not yet, she has to wait till her dad leaves the house ” Angela who I mostly prefers to call Angel said. Yea Amina kind of grow up in a very tight Muslim home, where parties are not allowed unless is a religious one. Her mum, Aunty Aisha pardons her sometimes but not her dad and that's why she had to wait till the man leave the house before she can mostly come out.
“ oh ” I said, staring back at my self in the mirror.
“ but K C is here though and he's looking for you to wish you a happy birthday beautiful ” Angela grinned. K C is my best male friend and trust me, he deserve it. I gave him that title cause he always like to fight and defend me each time I get into trouble. Oh did I mention that he acts like a gay? Not that he's like a gay or something like that but he behaves like a girl every time and he loves gossip a lot so there, we always like to tease him that he's gay but he's not though. He's full name is Kelechi but everyone calls him K C for shot. I got to know him from that time my brother introduced me to his friends. He was the youngest one among them and since we clicked from that day, we became best of friends ever since. I also have two other friends who in a way, are not really my friends cause they always like to gossip about me to other people. So literally they are not my friends but my class mates that I talked to.
YEMI and Oluchi! Join an Igbo and a Yoruba girl together and you will get yourself a perfect combination. But they are still my friends though and they are coming here too. but I know they are here just so they will get something to talk about in school on Monday
* * * * * * *
6th Law Of Power : Court Attention At All Cost.


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