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The Delicate Episode 50

Guys we only have 48 Laws Of Power so create your 49 and 50 yourself oo
Extra Chapter ( Chapter Fifty. “Loz”)
Beautiful, delicate and naive.
Light hearted and cheerful.
She loved the stars and enjoyed reading stories.
She laughed and played a lot.
She played and rolled on the carpet grass and was always eager to play with sand along the beach.
A happy little girl she was.
Suddenly her preserved innocence was stolen,
Red and flowing down her legs.
She once trusted the thief and even listened to stories the thief once told her.
Dirty and out of place she felt. She couldn’t understand what was happening to her.
She tried to talk but the thief shut her up and tried to make her believe it was right, but she knew deep within that it was the wrong thing to do.
The thief came over and over again to take every virtue from her.
She suffered in silence and was threatened to be killed if she talked.
She began to see it as her fault and felt guilty.
Her joy and happiness had been taken away from her, her childhood snatched from her.
When the sun sets and every creature had gone to find a resting place,
She stayed up wide eyed and fearful watching out for the thief who was always lurking in the corner.
Filled with dread, she tried to tell people who she thought cared about her,
They didn’t believe a word she said, she was laughed at and told she was making up stories. She lost her voice and lived in pain and guilt
Gradually she grew into a woman who realized enough is enough.
She was not going to allow anyone tamper with her life anymore.
She took off her white dress and replaced it with a hot steaming red dress; anyone that dared to touch her would get burnt. It was time to be a woman that wasn’t ruled by anyone.
Watch her walk with poise and sit on a throne with a gold crown adorned with many precious stones placed on her head. A woman of honor, class, dignity and prestige.
The thief comes crawling on knees, seeing how powerful she had become. She shuts her eyes, and her heart thought of mercy, but her head suggested otherwise, she opens her eyes and points to the furnace, the thief would pay for every virtue that was stolen from her.
Poem Written By Barbara Austin
This is like the summary of this book but written in a poem and I hope you enjoyed reading this book. I really tried my very best to give you guys all the best and I hope you love it.
The End…
Thank you so much for reading. This is a book I enjoyed writing, and I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading it. Please take a moment to leave me an honest review. I’d love to know what you think about the book and the characters.
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