Monday, 18 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 5

‘“ hey guys, meet my kid sister Amarachi but you can can call her Ama. ”’ my brother Chima said, introducing me to his friends. I had insisted that I meet his friends, after hearing a lot about them from him yesterday so here we are, in school, being introduced to his friends who I mostly see In church. “ Ama meet Obinna Emeka and K C , Obinna's younger brother. ” he said, pointing each of them to me.
The K C of a guy looks so familiar but I can't point where exactly I have seen him before. I just say hi to the guys who seem friendly to me but the K C looks and acts strange though, but of cause I didn't tell him that.
“ Ama, we have heard so much about you from your brother who doesn't stops in telling us how cute his little sister is ” Obinna said. I like the boy's accent, his English sounds foreign but I just smiled at the compliment.
We talked about this and that and I find my self finally adjusting to their presence. The are quite friendlier than I had expected, especially the K C of a boy, who I later discovered that his full name is Kelechi and not Kingsley like I had thought. They boy just like to talk and act like a girl. for a moment I thought he's gay but I don't think is possible cause such things ain't rampart In Nigeria but he sure acts like one.
He's the most friendliest one among them and I finally understood why he was looking familiar earlier, he's in my class. Now I understand why he's the youngest one from the guys, he's just In J S S l, same class with me. We became best of friends instantly. with the way we both gist and talk like we have known each other for quite a while to an extent that we forgot that my brother and the rest of the guys are still here until someone tapped me on my shoulder.
“ Ama meet Amanda ” my brother smiled broadly at the girl in front of me. She look pretty, no wait, she look gorgeous and I find myself admiring her. I guess this is the Amanda that had succeeded in stealing my brother from me. But of cause I didn't say that one out. They might think that am angry with her or that am possessive of my brother.
Well that isn't far from the truth though, I don't like loosing the people I love for another and definitely not to a total stranger.
I smiled at the poor girl who's probably wondering why I seem quiet and not taking her handshake. “ oh sorry, am Amarachi ” I finally said, taking her hands. Who said I have to shake her anyway ?
“ hmm Ama right? I have heard so much about you ” she smiled after we both Withdrew our hands. Her hands seems so cold though, but wait... Is it just me or is my brother finally becoming a gossip? Why the hell is everyone saying they have heard so much about me? I smiled back at her, not knowing what to say to that. The only thing on my mind was how much of a gossip my brother had finally became but of cause I can't say that to her so I might as well keep calm and just smile cause it seems that's the only thing I know how to do these days.
We talked about this and that and from time to time I will catch a glimpse of my brother staring in admiration at Amanda. "He most really like her I guess " I thought but continued with the talk anyway. I don't want to get my self involve with grown up business, am just ten. But he's my brother so I don't mind if he choose to tell me everything though.
* * * * * *
Mr Obinna was just watching the news in the living room when his children returned back from the school and as always, he's daughter run to him and gave him a peck, she sat with him for a while before going to her room to change but not before promising to come back cause she have a new drawing to show him.
He stare at her as she disappear inside, he couldn't get his eyes off her butt which was strange for him cause for Christ sake, the innocent girl is his daughter. He tried telling himself that. But the girl is really growing fast and even though he pretend not to notice, she's really growing pass her age. Her hips, her boobs and her small waist doesn't escape his notice no matter how he try not to.
His mind went back to the way she always like to dress. In her bum short and crop top that shows off her hips and flat tummy. Each time he sees her on those outfit, he can't help but to want to hold her small waist and touch her beautiful boobs.
“ wake up Obinna! What is wrong with you? That girl is just ten and she's your daughter for heaven sake. Listen to your head and not your mind. ” he said to himself.
“ I have to travel more these days, to avoid this temptation or it will be the end of me, if I ever think of hearkening to my thoughts and not my head. I have to stay away from the house more, but is that even helping? I have been traveling a lot these days and it doesn't help me from admiring her each time I come back. It feels like she's getting more attractive each time am not around and when I come back, she hugs me with those soft hands and smooth skins. ” he sighed in frustration.
“ am a father with two kids and a beautiful wife so why can't I make do with what I have? Why do I always want more, especially with things I know I can't have or are not supposed to be mine? ” he groaned loudly then resting his head on the couch before being carried away by sleep.
* * * * *
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