Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 49

Epilogue ( chapter forty nine)
hello sir good morning ” chinedu greeted over the phone.
“ chinedu how are you? ” Mr Mike asked
“ am fine sir, how about you and your wife sir? ”
“ we are fine oo"
“ thank God sir ”
“ that's it oo. I called because I saw your book almost everywhere yesterday when I was going to work. THE DELICATE right? ”
“ yes sir the book is finally out there ”
“ I can see. And everyone is just rushing it like is some hot cake” the man chuckled.
“ sir is God and besides....that's my prayer, for everyone to read it ”
“ and they are doing just that. I can't believe that this is your story. Is such a painful story to tell. You are a destiny child my son and people will definitely talk about you in a good way ”
“ thank you sir and Amen ”
“ you know my wife is a journalist right? ”
“ yes I know sir and I also know that she's one of the best the country has ” chinedu responded, wondering what that got to do with him.
“ she really want to interview you tomorrow. She's currently working as a presenter in Good morning Nigeria TV show and she really wants you to be her guest speaker tomorrow and she also wants to interview you too but that's if is okay with you though ”
“ is okay sir, it will be my pleasure. ”
“ that's good. I will call her and let her know your reply ”
“ thank you sir and I will really love that ”
“ okay then take care of yourself son and I will talk to you later ”
“ you too sir ” chinedu said before the man ended the call.
“ finally the story has gotten all round the world and I now have the opportunity to talk to the world about this book THE DELICATE.”
* * * * *
"Good morning Mr Chinedu Adiekwu, welcome to good morning Nigeria TV show." Mrs Joanna said, welcoming her guest speaker for the day. She was also going to interview him as well so she was really excited.
“ good morning Mrs Joanna and thanks for inviting me over. ” chinedu said, smiling broadly at his interviewer.
“ your debut novel is currently the talk of everyone. Both teenagers, adults and everyone. Children even imagine reading it and believe me I really cried while reading that book. Is too emotional trust me. ” Joanna said.
“ am glad that everyone enjoyed reading the book. That really means a lot to mean ”
“ what really inspired you to write such book ”
Mrs Joanna asked, looking genuinely curious.
“ my mum. Like you know, is a true life story of a woman who was never given an ear until her last days. ”
“ yeah I forgot is actually a non fiction book. THE DELICATE is indeed a story for everyone to read so if you haven't read it yet please try and do so cause trust me you won't regret it ” Joanna said while facing her camera.
“ so tell us what the book is all about and what message you Intend passing out there for those that read this book ” she asked.
“ thanks for this opportunity Mr Joanna cause I have really been waiting for this question. Okay please everyone if you are watching this show right now then please listen up. ”
“ THE DELICATE Is a story about a girl who believed so much in trust and love but was unfortunately hurt by the same people she had held so much love and trust for. The book explains to us the important of sex education in our children's life. They should be thought all these things in a tender age before they meet the world as it is. ” he took a breath before he continued.
“ parents especially mothers should try their very best to let their daughters know the implications of dressing provocatively around the opposite sex and they should also be taught how to conduct themselves around the opposite sex, be it a relative or a stranger cause since Ama's father could do it then your sweet cousin or nephew can. ”
It is hard for most to imagine in our own conscious minds being raped by someone that you share your life, home, and even family with. To have the person that is supposed to love you until death to betray you in such a way. It causes psychological injuries to yourself. Let alone to constantly deal with a deeply seated lack of trust in their lives, acute fear, self doubt and the overwhelming reality that this sexual attack is likely to happen again. This book is going to inform you about the facts and myths, you can call it domestic rape, is a very terrible kind of rape , and the psychological effects it has on girls are beyond medical intervention so we might as well avoid it.
‘ thank you Mr chinedu for being here with us today on Good Morning Nigeria TV Show, hope to see you next time ’
“ you're welcome and thanks for having me too and definitely we will see next time ”


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