Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 48

48 Law Of Power : Assume Formlessness.
Twenty years later
Nonso stared at his son who had quietly listened to the story he had just narrated to him without uttering a single word to him.
"So My son this is the story behind your birth and our family, she wants you to help her tell her story to the world. She made me promise to tell you this story when you are done with school completely and has finally become a man that's why I chose now to tell you her story, cause I know you are capable of handling it. do you have anything to say ?" Nonso asked his so quiet son.
“ I have heard you dad and I will do everything to make sure this story gets out there. Indeed I come from a very complicated family but am really glad that you took care of me even though the story behind me was this bad. ” Chinedu said, trying his very best not to show the pain he was feeling at moment.
“ you are my son and my nephew. Nothing will ever change that, cause I love you just the same way I loved your mother. ” Nonso assured him.
“ you are also forgetting the part that am also your blood brother cause we share the same father ” chinedu reminded him while biting back a chuckle. The whole thing was funny to him but was also painful to even think that someone passed through that much pain and yet never won. His mum really endured a lot til her death.
“ you are an Adiekwu and am an Obi. Let's allow it remain that way cause that's the way it should be. ”
“ okay dad. I promise not to fail you and I love and respect you even more. I have to go now ” chinedu said while standing up from the sit.
“ okay son ”
* * * * *
“ hello is this empire publishers? ” chinedu asked.
“ yes this is empire publication, am Tony, who am I speaking to and how may we help you?” the man on the line asked.
“ am Chinedu Adiekwu and I have a manuscript that I will like to send to you and I want it published as soon as possible. ”
“ okay, you can send it through our email and we will go through it and get back to you as soon as possible. ”
“ okay. I want it published and distributed world wide please, no matter what it takes ”
“ no problem. As long as is a nice book, it will definitely go round the world ” the man assured him before they both ended the call after chinedu promised to send the draft over to their mail.
Months later...
“ Cynthia what are you doing ehh? This girl you will not kill me oo! Since morning I have asked you to cook this soup but you just decided that reading this novel is the only thing you will be doing today ehh! ” Mama Cynthia shouted while approaching her daughter who was busy reading a novel in the kitchen.
“ Mama don't worry I just finished reading it. This novel is very interesting ooo, am so happy that I finally finished reading it.” Cynthia said while closing the book she's holding.
“ is that while you are crying? Cause you finally finished reading a novel? ” the woman asked, looking confused at her daughter who had tears in her eyes.
“oh my God! I didn't even know when this tears flowed freely on my cheek. mama you won't understand, this world is something else. Can you believe that a man raped his daughter repeatedly and even got her pregnant and the worst is that she dated her own twin brother without knowing that he is her brother. ” Cynthia said while wiping her tears.
“ A-ha what kind of abomination is that? What kind of story is that self? I have told you to Stop reading this kind of books that tells nothing but lies and fabrications ” the angry woman shouted.
“ mama is a true life story oo. Not fiction. Is someone's story and the child in question is the one that published it, can you believe that he is even staying with the girl's twin brother who have adopted him as a son. ”
“ are you saying that he has a father who happens to be his elder brother and his uncle too? ”
“ exactly mama. This book is very interesting ooo. "
“ my friend drop that book and go and do what I asked you to do ” she shouted at her daughter who dropped the book immediately and rushed inside the room.
“ hmm let me see this book she's even talking about ” she checked to be sure that her daughter is not watching her before she picked the book and opened it.
“ wonders shall never end! So is true that this book is not even fiction ehh. THE DELICATE. What kind of book bears such name kwanu? Ooo let me come and be going before this girl sees me reading this book here, let me take it to my room and read it jhoor. I can't believe that this is someone's true life story chai. Life...! ”
* * * * *


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