Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 47

47 Law Of Power : Do Not Go Past The Mark You Aimed For. In Victory, Learn When To Stop.
One year later
September 22, 2018. 5:55pm.
“ Chinedu drop your flowers ” Amanda told the five years old boy, who looked exactly like his mum. His late mother whome they have come to pay their respect to. Is been one year since her death after she was sentenced to death by hanging by the federal court of Nigeria Abuja.
Now here they are, paying there respect for her one year death anniversary with her son whom she had left under the care of Nonso before her death. Nonso had officially adopted the poor boy who was also his nephew and his little brother cause their biological father, late Mr obinna Adiekwu had fathered the boy.
When Amanda had took Ama, she was already pregnant for her father and was almost due for labour but the mother was not aware cause her husband never told her which psychiatric hospital he had admitted the poor girl. No one was able to visit nor see her. The man had tried to have the baby aborted but all to no avail so he let her keep it until she finally escaped that very day Amanda had ran her down with her car.
What surprises everyone was the fact that the baby still survived the accident, and that was the reason why Ama had name him CHINEDUM ( God is with me ) the boy had been in the state when she had returned to Nigeria. Adams never knew she had a son that's why she never changed his surname. He bears CHINEDUM ADIEKWU. The only surviving soul in their family cause Nonso refused to accept that the wicked man was his biological father so he still answers Obi.
Even when Nonso had took the boy as his son, he didn't change his surname cause he knew that Ama, his twin sister will want the boy to still bear her surname so he allowed the boy bear their surname “ Adiekwu ” he still find it hard to believe that she's dead. Was killed actually for a crime she didn't even commit.
How cruel the world could be sometimes. Someone who had passed through all that pain was still not given a chance to defend herself even when everyone knew she was innocent. Nonso was able to talk to her before the execution and she had told him everything.
Flash back
This is my story Nonso. Please tell the world my story, let them know that there was once a girl who passed through all these pain and misery but yet never had a happy ending.
We all know the kind of law we have in this county and definitely am going to die for a crime I didn't commit so take care of my son for me.
Very funny he's not just my son but also my blood brother since we have the same father. He is also your brother and nephew too and to even think that you will be adopting him, which makes him your son too. Tell Aunty Amanda that am sorry that I never took her advice but am okay with the way everything ended. Am really okay with how this story ended at least my decision to leave saved another pain of getting married to you and getting pregnant for you my brother. My twin brother. So am really cool with these right now.
"Promise me that you will never bear the name Adiekwu and remain an Obi and that you will also allow Chinedum to go with the name Adiekwu while you still take him as your son" she pleaded.
“ I promise ” Nonso said while trying his very best not to let the tears flow. It really surprises him that Ama is not even sharing a single tear not to talk of crying right now. She seems so okay with her fate but why is this life so cruel to some people “ indeed life is not a bed of roses ” he says to himself.
“ let my son know my story when he grows up and let him be the one to publish this story so that the world will see. I want the world and my son to know my story and let every family especially mothers out there, watch how there daughters act especially how the act around the opposite sex, be it their male siblings or fathers not to talk of friends ” she had pleaded.
“ I promise I will do everything you had said and am so sorry that I can't even do anything to help you ” Nonso said, finally letting the tears flow freely on his cheek.
“ is okay nonso. I accept this and I don't regret anything. Not even what happened between us. I just wish things was different but don't worry cause all will be well from now on. My Death will bring light to your lives.”
But he knew that he will never forget her, his first love, his twin, his only sister and the mother of his adopted son. He just knew that all will definitely not be well but he just nodded his head in approval while she wipe his tears with her hands.
“ mummy I miss you ” Chinedu said, bringing nonso back from his thoughts.
“ I miss you Ama ” Amina said while dropping her own flowers. Her husband holding her closely to himself not to let her fall.
“ we miss you so much best friend ” Kc and Angela said while dropping there own flowers together. They had finally gotten married and they also watched Ama being hanged that day. They wept so bitterly especially since they all knew she was innocent of the crime she's being killed for.
“ am sorry Ama for always being so envious of you. I thought you had a perfect life but I never imagined that this was what you were going through. Please find it in your resting soul to forgive me. I Oluchi really miss you even though we were not that close ” Oluchi said while dropping her own flowers on the grave.
“ I don't know what to say other than am so sorry. Please forgive me Ama ” YEMI said while dropping her flowers with tears blocking her view. They couldn't believe that she's really gone and the worst was that she died with no happy memories.
“ you will always be like a daughter to me and I miss you so much dear ” Amanda said before carrying the little boy on her arms.
“ I will never forget you and I miss you so much my lover, my sister and my everything ” nonso said before turning around and left, leading the way for everyone.
* * * * *


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