Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 46

46 Law Of Power : Never Appear Too Perfect.
I watch my brother on pool of his on blood. He just shot himself just like that. Why? Why? Everything happened so fast that I wasn't able to do anything to stop him. I just stood there watching three dead bodies not knowing what to do other than to stare at it in horror.
“ chima, chima, chima you will wake up right? You are just playing with me right? ” I called him so softly like I didn't want neither mum nor dad to hear it. I touched him but he didn't move, I try checking his breath but nothing. I shake him with every strength I have left but he still didn't wake up nor made a sound. “ chima please you can't do this to me ooo! You can't die on me like this ” but he was already dead and there is nothing my tears can do to bring him back.
I couldn't share a single tear neither did I shout for help. I just sat on the floor, watching the dead bodies, hoping that it was just a movie. I hope is just a movie or a night mere and nothing more but no... Is all real and really happening to me right now. Just then I heard some noise like people were coming inside. I guess they most have heard the gun shot. But I didn't bother to stand up nor check the door to see who just entered. I just stay there after picking up the gun chima had used on himself and dad, staring at my once called family, nothing was on my mind at that moment.
“ Ama ” I heard an all to familiar voice call so I turned and there he is, standing with bunch of police men behind him. I forgot that I had told him my plans earlier today when I had called him to know how he was doing . I told him that I was going to confront my dad and that in case he never hears from me then he should know that am dead. He must have thought that he was coming to save me but no!
He looked at me then to the metal am holding, I couldn't do anything other than stare back at him. I wanted him to see my pain. I can't believe he is my brother, I have slept with my own blood twin and then there is my own father too. Am really filled with bad luck just like chima had said earlier before his death.
I can't really tell what Nonso is really thinking right now and I don't really care. With the gun and blood on my hands, everyone will probably think that I had killed them but that's not my problem right now. The twin that I thought was dead a long time ago is standing right now in from of me, bearing the same name my mum had wanted to name him. What a world! And to even think that I almost married him, my own brother. God why?
I stared at him with so much pain In my eyes. Mummy didn't even get to see him before she died, neither did chima. Aunty Amanda held him, stopping him from approaching me. I almost didn't notice that she's also here. They must really hate me now.
“ Mrs Bianca Adams you are under arrest for the murder of Mr Obinna Adiekwu and his son. ” wait didn't they see my mum or was it because there was no blood coming out from her? I didn't really care what anyone thinks so I let them handcuff me, leading me outside the gate to there fan. People were just watching, some were even recording the video. Nonso and aunty Amanda just stood there and watch the police take me away. At that very moment, the only thing I wished for was to see my son before I die cause I know I will be receiving a capita punishment.
This is a murder case and am the number one suspect. No am not even a suspect cause to them am the culprit and I know there is no escaping to these. not that I wanted one anyway but I just want to see my son before I die but I know is impossible cause I will be taken to prison where I will be sued to court and then the judge will look me in the eyes and say “ Mrs Bianca Adams with all the allegations pointed against you, and with all the evidence presented, you are here by found guilty as charged and you are sentenced to death by... ” hanging maybe or fire squared. I don't really care which one it turns out to be.
I just want to be released from this pain that comes with being in this cruel world. So be it my fate. what ever it choose to be so be it.
I watch the place I once call home as we drove out of the street. This will be my last time seeing this house and so be it. Am ready for death and anything it will come with.
“ my son I will miss you. But know that I love you and I will always be with you. Nonso, Aunty Amanda I love you both and I will miss you all but is okay cause you all will be free now ” I muttered to myself. I know Aunty Amanda and Nonso will take care of my son so am not really bothered cause I know all Is going to be fine from now on. This is the end. This is how this story ends and am okay with this ending.
Nonso and Amanda watch them take her away, with one prayer in there heart “ God please be with her ” they both muttered to themselves.


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