Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 45

45 Law Of Power : Preach The Need For Change, But Never Reform Too Much At Once.
How dare you say is my fault! You have no right to blame anyone for your monstrous nature. I loved you dad but what did you do? You destroyed me complety, leaving absolutely nothing for me. You ruined me to a point that I find it so hard to know who I am. I don't know this girl dad! This girl you have turned me into is foreign to me and now is pay back time cause only your blood can queench this anger I feel right now. I brought out the gun I was hiding behind me, pointing it to his face.
“ what did I hear?" I heard a voice say. Mum is back and to my autimost satisfaction, my brother is just behind her too. That means they both heard everything, how it all started and how it all ended. No it hasn't ended yet cause I will be the end. I will end it and him today.
" did I hear it right? you really raped her? Obinna did you really raped your daughter? How could you....oh my God! And you even had the gust to send her to a psychiatrist claiming she was running crazy and I supported it Jesus! You really sold our son to your friend for how much? ” my mum almost broke down
“ Nnenna... is the devil, she was also at fault cause she always tempt me back then. Remember how she always get close to me, wearing those cloths... Am a man with bloods flawing through my veins so there was nothing I could do than to fall for the temptation. Honey please understand that we needed that money . ” dad said trying to reach his wife but she was stepping back, looking at my dad with these eyes I have never seen in her before.
What's going on? Something seems to be wrong with her so I dropped the gun on the floor to see if I could approach her.
“ you even sold my son for 500 million! How could you watch me cry and never felt any pain. Are you really the man I had married. oh my God! Oh my God ” I heard her say but the next thing that happened scared all of us. She collapsed on the floor. Chima rushed to see what's wrong with her. He touched her and she didn't move so he checked her breathing. Oh God please don't let this happen my dear lord.
“ she's dead. She's not fucking breathing!” he screamed and dad rushed to her immediately but was stopped by chima. “ don't dare you monster! I don't even know who you are anymore. ” he rushed to me and I thought he was going to slap me or something but instead he packed the gun on the floor.
“ chima what are you doing ” I asked, hoping he will just drop the gun. This isn't what I had planned.
“ I can't believe that all of this happened right under my nose. Under this roof and I never noticed. I thought I knew you dad! I really thought I knew you but you have proved me wrong ” he stated.
“ chima listen... It was the devil. Please drop the gun, we can settle this on our own without that ” my dad tried pleading. He is obviously scared of the metal pointed on his forehead and not feeling any remorse for what he had done. I wish am the one holding that gun cause I would have shot him dead by now.
“ did you just say the devil? For goodness sake how is the devil responsible for your inability to control your dick?…you idiot! Just tell me how cause right now I want to hear it before I kill you myself and to even think that you sold your own son for just 500 million. ” chima retorted. For the first time in my life I saw chima really angry. His eyes were totally red and I feared for what he could do. I have never seen chima like this before and am even scared myself.
“ son please I really needed the money and beside, I already had you for a son so I thought that there was need for another son apart from you so please understand me. ” the next thing I heard as soon as dad said those words scared the freaking hell out of me. He shot him immediately. Like shot shot him to death. Chima just shot my dad twice in his stomach. Jesus the fucking Christ.
“ chima! ” I screamed as I rubbed to my dad but he's already dead. Oh my God! We now have two corps in this house. ‘‘ chima he's dead! He is really dead like really really dead ’’ I screamed at him while shaking my dad but he didn't move so I rushed to mum to confirm if she's really dead.
“ mum please wake up ” I pleaded but she is already dead and there is nothing I can do about it.
‘“ am sorry Ama. For not listening to you nor believing you when you told us what was going on. I never thought dad could be this monstrous and am sorry that it has to end this way ”’ what is he saying? Why am I having this feeling that he is about to do something terrible.
“ chima stop! Please don't ” I pleaded while trying to approach him but hey kept on waking back. “ am sorry that you passed through all that trauma with nobody to fight for you and to even think that the only boy you loved and gave your body to, turns out to be your blood twin. God Ama why are you so filled with this bad luck? Dad had ruined your life and that's all because I choose not to believe you nor look deeper into your accusation. ”
“ chima please stop ”
“ is over now. He's dead and mum is dead too and I have to end it all right now. Am sorry that the only thing I could do for you was just to prevent you from being a murderer by taking his life myself. Am sorry that you passed through all these under my roof and am really sorry that it had to end this way. ” the next thing he did shocked me.


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