Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 44

44 Law Of Power : Disarm And Infuriate With The Mirror Effect.
I have to do this today. I don't know why am having this strange feeling today but l need to get my revenge today or I may never get the chance to especially since mum is always at home this days. Thank God she's not at home today neither is chima at home too so maybe today is the perfect day for my revenge.
But why am I feeling this way? Like something terrible is going to happen today but what is it? May be is my revenge. Dad has been in the living room watching a show and I think now is the perfect time to finish this revenge. I need to quench this anger I feel cause only then can I have a rest of mind.
I stood up from my bed and left the room heading to the living room. I started approaching the living but something stopped me. I heard my dad talking to someone so desperately like his life depends on it. So I decided to listen cause with dad any thing can be wrong. The man has a lot of secret and I don't see anything wrong if I decide to just know one of them.
“ what do you mean by there is nothing you can do? Am telling you that he's dating my daughter, his twin sister for Christ sake and you are telling me not to worry !” I heard him shout on the phone. I couldn't hear what the other person was saying but with the expression on my dad's face tells me that is not good one bit.
“ am telling you that my private investigator said that they have dated befor she got married to Adams her late husband. Now that the husband is dead, what makes you think that she won't go back to him? For heaven sake he's her twin brother and you even named him Chinonso! The same name my wife wanted to name him before I sold him to you? Are you crazy! ”
Oh my God, oh my God! This is not true right? Nonso is not my twin right? I mean he can't be. I quietly went back to my room with my body shaking out of fear and horror. This is the worst thing that can ever happen to me if really is true. I have slept with both my brother and father... Gosh! Jesus please don't let this happen to me, please don't let it be true. I beg you dear lord please save me from this...
I took my phone and dialed Nonso's number. I just want to hear his voice in case this goes wrong then he will know what happened. He picked up after the second ring.
“ hello ” I heard him say over the phone. Oh how I had missed his voice and then there is his face. I miss him so much that it hurts but there is nothing I can do about it. I missed Aunty Amanda too and I really wish I can see them again before I leave Nigeria for good after my revenge of cause.
“ hello are you there? ” his voice brought me back from my thoughts. “ Ama are you okay? ” he asked again. I can sense the curiosity in his voice. Of cause am not okay cause you could be my brother.
“ no am not ” I said finally letting the tears flow freely. I have tried so much to bit back the sob but I can't anymore. I can't endure this, I just can't control this pain together with the tears.
“ you are not my brother right? You just can't be my blood brother right ” I said
“ Ama what are you saying? What's going on? ” he asked, sounding worried.
“ dad said you are my twin brother Nonso but I don't want to believe him. According to what am hearing him say over the phone with someone I think is your father, I think your father bought you from my dad for a good price. ” I finally explained but the sob couldn't let me.
“ what! Ama what do you mean? My dad is not even in the country ” nonso retorted hoping that she's wrong .
“ I don't know too but I want you to do me a favour ” I said while drying up my tears with my hands and gathering all the courage I have left. “ come to my place with the police now. Don't be late cause you might not see me alive if you are late. Am confronting my dad now and am getting my revenge even if it takes me my life ” I ended the call immediately without letting him say a word.
I walked straight to the living room meeting my dad who was just walking around the room looking restless. Definitely there is no peace for the wicked.
“ so you sold my twin? ” was my first question which brought all his attention to me.
“ you have been listening to my conversation? ”
“ yes and you actually sold my twin for how much dad ”
“ for 500 millionaire naira! That kind of money doesn't come every day you know and I wish I had sold you too. ”
“ why do you hate me dad? Well thank God you didn't sell me cause I will see to your end today ”
“ I don't hate you but I wish I had sold you instead of your twin cause you are nothing but a temptation. You tempted me to rape you and you still tempt me that's why I didn't stop the first time but kept coming for more. You made me raped you repeatedly so don't blame me cause is all your fault ” did he just say is my fault? My fault! My fault? I suddenly felt a presence behind the door but I didn't bother cause it will be great if it turns out that my mum and chima are just listening to this.
I have to make him say more though he have already confessed to everything, I will still make him say more. Am so boiling by anger that I feel like using the gun I have hidden behind me on him right now so I just have to make him say more and I really hope that they are listening to this great confession right now.


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