Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 43

43 Law Of Power : Work On The Hearts And Mind Of Others.
“ A-ha KC you are so romantic I swear ”Amina said in excitement as she admirers the engagement ring on her friend's finger. The four of us had decided to hang out together this morning and they choose Angela's favorite restaurant cause is her day.
She's celebrating her engagement party and they think they should hang out first before the party later in the evening.
I stared at my friends in admiration cause their lives seems to be perfect and mine... Not even close. God how I so much wish that I was born in another family or may be their's cause I think my life would have been better this way. Even if my parents were to be poor, I think is better than this life am living now.
“ it took me one week before I decided that this ring is perfect for her. I was confused on which ring to pick cause you know Angela na and her picky picky attitude ” Kc teased.
“ hmm but you love me that way nah ” Angela said faking frown on her face.
“ yes sweetie I actually love you more because of it ”
“ awe you guys are so sweet. You are making me miss my fiance already. Anyway he is coming back this weekend, so Ama you are finally going to meet my Ibrahim ” amina said.
“ wow that's nice and am really happy for all of you. Turns out that I enjoyed the married life before any of you guys, though am a widow now but is still a nice memory so am so happy for you guys seriously., ” I said.
“ don't worry another person will come around. Maybe Nonso will still ask you back or something cause trust me I know you too still love each other very much, so just hold on princess Bianca Adams. ” Amina said
“ weird, really weird. That name sounds weird to me. Bianca Adams hmm but thank God we are allowed to still call you Ama cause you will always be Ama to us ” Angela said
“ duh you better start calling me Bianca now ooo ” I teased. I like the fact that nothing has changed with us .
“ I really missed you Ama. My best female friend in the whole wide world after My wife here of course ” Kc said.
“ what! Are you saying that you have replaced me with her? ” I asked faking shocked. Kc muttered no to me so that Angela will not hear it but I know she did.
“ I heard that Kc ” Angela said and we all burst into laughter. “
“ actually you are my best friend both in male and female so may be you should be my best man for my wedding ” he added looking really serious.
oh No! Here comes the bitches of shinmwa high ” I heard Angela said. She doesn't swear regularly but when she does, then know that they deserve it so I turned to see who she's really talking about.
“ oops here comes the Gossip Girls of Madonna" Amina teased. Why are they coming this way anyway.
“ hi guys longest time ” YEMI said as soon as they got to our seats. “ hello friends ” Oluchi said. Anyone can tell that they are faking their good girls attitude. I know they are just here to get some gossip and to even think that they both have grown to be more beautiful than before.
“ we saw you guys from our table so we decided to come and say hello. Ama I can't believe this is you ” YEMI said looking at me with so much aww.
“ so you are really Bianca Adams. My house is filled with your works and I didn't know there were your products ” Oluchi said.
Duh like they can afford to buy five of my works. If you go to their house, you will probably see just one or two and here they are saying that their house is full of it.
“ really? That's nice and thanks for patronising me ” I said. Of cause I can't tell them that they are lying right?
“ are you sure you are referring to Bianca Adams works or some other artist cause the last time I checked, her works are quite expensive and no matter how much I loved them before I found out that she's the one, I could only afford five but now she gives me some for free. ” Angela said.
Oh my God I love this girl
“ ehh I meant to say that I have her art works in my house cause my fiance loves them ” YEMI said. Wow so she's engaged. Hmm nice one
“ wow someone actually agreed to marry you? That's awesome, really new! ” Amina said shocking everyone with her statement. Are they fighting for me just now? They seem to be attacking the poor girls. I know is because of the gossip they spread with my name when I was admitted in that psychiatrist hospital.
“ yes she's engaged and same thing with me too. And my fiance actually opened this restaurant for me so that I won't work under anyone. He wants me for just himself you know ” Oluchi said after they have recovered from what Amina said.
“ oh my God am so liking this drama ” Kc said bringing our attention to him. I can't blame him though cause am also enjoying it.
“ come on girls... That you two managed to get someone to pop the big question doesn't mean anything. As you can see, Amina and I are engaged too and you know that Ama is already married right? And as for this place being your restaurant... Hmm I actually told them that this is the most terrible restaurant I have ever been to but they insisted on coming here cause is closer but don't worry cause we were already leaving ” Angela said while standing up.
OMG! She really finished there ego and to even think that this is her favorite restaurant. Oh boy Angela get bad mouth oo but we can't do anything than to support her as she stood up to leave. Is her day after all.
“ and hey girls before we leave, you two are invited for my next exhibition. Don't worry the fee is on me and trust me, I will ask my bouncer not to bounce you two out .” I said before we left, leaving them staring at our table with shock expression written all over their faces. “you haven't seen anything yet. ”
To be continued


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