Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 42

42 Law Of Power : Strick The Shepherd And The Sheeps Will Scatter.
“ hey babe what's up? ” YEMI beamed with so much excitement in her voice as she talk with her best friend on the phone.
“ I dey ooo how far you nah? ” Oluchi said smiling broadly as she talk with her friend.
“ bae I gallant ehhh. How far with that your Oyibo boy friend? Abi una don't break up? ”YEMI asked
“ na watin be your prayer for me nah abi? ” Oluchi said, faking annoyance.
“ Haba Oluchi why you go talk like that nah? I just dey ask cause I get person wey dey ask me about you everyday but no P sha. I go just tell am say you dey engaged. ” YEMI stated.
“ yes ooo cause Mike just asked me to marry him yesterday sweetheart ”Oluchi said with so much happiness in her voice.
“ huh thank God for you oo. Finally we both are engaged. ”
“ yes ooo. Wait I have something I want to tell you ” Oluchi said.
“ what's it ” YEMI asked looking really interested with what Oluchi has to say. Bring gossip up and you will have her complete attention.
“ have you heard that Bianca Adams is same person as Amarachi Adiekwu, our secondary school mad girl that time na ”
“ oh my God so is true. I heard it from Tony yesterday when he came back from his office with one of her drawing for our room decoration. He said she did her exhibition, that's where he bought it. He also said that she finally showed her face to the press and agreed to be interviewed and that is when she told them about her family. When he mentioned that her real name is AMARACHI Adiekwu popularly known as Ama, I nealy faint I swear. Abeg who opened gate for her self? ” YEMI asked sounding really confused.
“ hahaha I know? But is true oo and who would have thought that she will become this popular with that her drawing wey she been dey draw that time for school. I even hear say she marry Adams the CEO of Adams co-operation. A multi billion naira company who died few months after the wedding and now she's not just famous for her art works that even me self admire but she is also the riches widow the country has ”
“ my sister I fear ooo. Sure say no be she even kill the man to acquire all his wealth? ”
“ I no hear that one ooo. But me too I tire oo. I come tire self for the girl. She doesn't even need the man's wealth cause come to think of it, Bianca is rich on her own. Do you know how many people buys her art work or attend her exhibitions? The girl is good and even both us used to admire all the works of Bianca until yesterday that we discovered that she's Ama ”
“ babe abeg let me come and be going cause this guy will be back soon and I haven't prepared anything yet but we will see tomorrow sha for my restaurant you hear? ”
“ okay na tomorrow then. ”
“ yes oo tomorrow things ehh…we go gossip wella ” Oluchi said while laughing.
“ yeye girl you like gossip abeg get out of my phone. I no no where I sabi you self. ”
“ who no like better things. Get out of my life jhoor... Fish ” she said before ending the call with smile.
* * * * *


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