Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 41

41 Law Of Power : Avoid Stepping Into A Great Man's Shoe.
“ hello honey ” Ibrahim said over the phone.
“ hi sweetie pie ” Amina said with smiles on her face. Her heart beat each time she hears his voice. She never thought she will ever love this way not to talk of the man her parents had practically forced her to marry.
“ salam alaekwum Amina. How was your night ”
“ alaekum salam Ibrahim and my night was great. How about yours ” she added bumming with joy.
“ I had a wonderful night. just hearing your voice always fill my day and night. I didn't want to go to work without hearing your beautiful voice. It completes both myself and my day ” he said and she could sense the sincerity in his voice.
“ lalai Ibrahim. Your voice is the one that does the magic to me, not the other way round ” she insisted. She can't help the smile that grace her face each time he gives her such compliments.
“ Amaryana gaksiyane. You always make my day and I can't stop thanking Allah for bringing you to my life. Each time I remember that our families actually arranged our marriage, I can't help but to thank them in my heart for their persuasion for us to meet and under go the courtship. ” he said, smiling himself.
“ indeed is an arrangement made in heaven by Allah himself ” amina supported.
“ Isha-Allah I will come back this weekend then I will take you to shopping myself. ”
“ na-gwode I will be expecting you cause I really miss you. ”
“ I miss you too my love ”
“ I think you should start going to the hospital cause maybe there are patients waiting for you. I can't afford to make you go late for work ” Amina said reluctantly. She hates saying goodbye to him but is the right thing to do. His hospital probably need his attention now.
“ don't worry very soon you will graduate as a doctor yourself and you will join me here too, then both of us will go to work together ”he assured her.
“ Isha-Allah ”(By God Grace ) he said sweet nothing to her and they bide each other good bye before she ended the call.
“ please God bring him safely for me this weekend ” she prayed before she resume to her morning routine.
* * * * *


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