Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 40

40 Law Of Power : Despise The Free Lunch.
“ hey baby I have been waiting for you since morning, I thought you said you will be coming in the morning ” Angela said after she had opened the door for KC.
“ sorry babe I was held up with something but am here now ” Kc said. Angela can't help but to admire what he's wearing. Even on his casual wears, he is still looking really hot and each time she sees him, her heart keeps on beating fast like the first time.
Same thing with KC, he can't help but to admire the bum short she is wearing together with the crop top that shows off her flat tummy and her lovely hips. He always try his very best to control himself each time he is around her and is really getting difficult keeping up with that. But now he is going to set things right and have her for himself once and for all.
“ okay is good you are here now cause I will be needing your help with what to wear for your parents anniversary. Am confused on what to wear and I don't even know what colour of suit you will be putting on ” Angela said, looking really bothered. He loves her confused look a lot cause it makes her look beautiful and vulnerable.
“ come here sweetie ” he said while bringing her closer to himself. He kissed her forehead then her cheek, he held her closely to his chest that there was no space between them, then he kissed her on the lips so passionately.
“ don't worry about what to wear. I will take care of that. ” he said after he broke the kiss. Angela grinned at him for his sweet words.
“ thanks ” she said smiling broadly at him. Kc went on his kneel “ babe you know I love you right? ” he asked after he brought out a ring from his pocket. She nodded her head with so much emotion.
“ I don't even know what to say or how to say this. We both know that am not that romantic and sometimes I wonder what makes you still choose me other than all these romantic guys out there. You fulfill me angel and you make me feel like a man that I am.
I love you with everything that I am and am happy that you are the second woman that loves me for who I am after my mother but that doesn't mean am comparing you with her.
You occupy a place in my heart that she can't and I will love to spend the rest of my life with you Angela. so please Angela will you marry me? ”
“ yes ” she finally said after what seems like an hour of silence. She couldn't believe that she just got engaged after what everyone have been saying that no man would like to settle down with someone like her since she's a model and she nags and talk a lot.
Kc stood up and hugged her with so much joy in his heart after putting the ring on her finger. “ thank you love for making me the happiest man on earth ”
“ thank you too. But wait... You know i nag a lot right and I also talk a lot and there is the fact that am a model and into stuff that can be... ” Kc shut hut her up with a passionate kiss.
“ that doesn't matter. If anything... Those things actually made me love you more sweetheart so am the lucky one here cause you have a pure heart love ” He said so gentle that it brought tears from her eyes.
“ I love you Kelechi ”
“ I love you more Angel ”


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