Monday, 18 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 4

Is been months since my dad got Chima his own phone and since then, he'd been acting like a big boy and doesn't play with me much like before. He's always in his room, either chatting, making calls or just reading his book like my dad always advice him. He will be going to California after all, so I think is just right that he concentrate more on his studies than a petty little nagging sister.
I can't help but to feel like things have really changed in the house. Daddy comes back late this days, not that am complaining or that he hadn't been one for late coming but this few weeks have really gotten worst. I sleeps before he comes back and I wake up to see him in the morning rushing to meet up with his work. He hardly eats dinner with us and breakfast is always quiet and he's always In a rush to get to work. Mum drives us to school now and is always a boring ride since Chima Is always busy with his phone and mum with the road, am left with no choice than to fumble with my uniform. Which is no fun by the way, cause anytime I do that, I always get lost in my thoughts about marrying a very rich man who doesn't have to make me do anything. Just dreams though.
* * * * * *
I stared blankly at my brother's door, still thinking if I should really knock or just go in. This days he feel so distant and I really prefers the annoying Chima who likes to fight over anything with me than this Chima who acts so mature and distance. Damn it! I opened the door slightly, peeping through the door, to know what he's doing and to be sure if I should really go in.
"You can come In and please stop moping around like that." Chima said, still typing on his phone. I smiled broadly.
“ hey are you busy? ” I asked, sitting closer to him on the bed. I missed being here, on his bed and everything.
“ no just chatting ” he said then he dropped his phone and looked closely at me. He knew why she's here and he felt really bad for not always being there for her like he always use to.
“ Ama am really sorry that I been distant for sometime now ” he apologized. “ not sometime but for months ” I mumbled through my breath. But I can't say that loud for him to hear or he will think that I really miss him. Even though I do, I can't admit it. I smiled as my mind went back to the nick name he just called me. “ Ama ” he gave me that name and since I started attending his school, everyone starts calling me that since he also call me by it over there.
“ okay fine. How do I make it up to you? Tell me and I will do, anything at all. ” he asked still looking closely at me. Probably waiting for me to make my demands, I just smiled at him. Seriously I just want my big brother back but hey I can't just tell him that or he's ego will grow bigger than it is already .
“ really? Anything ” I asked, to be sure I heard him right and to also give him a chance to take it back and back out cause trust, I have plenty things to ask him to do with me.
“if that will cheer my little sister up then why not? Bring it on will you... ” he grinned and I felt relieved for moment. Thank God I came.
“ can we gossip? ” I know is the most crazy thing to ask but I really want to know what is up with him. Who he's always chatting with on the phone, who he's calling or texting. Everything including he's studies of course.
“ hmm are you sure you want to hear a man's gossip? Is kind of different from you girls thing you know ” he stared at me, amused at my request.
“ I want to ” I stated. “ well then listen up cause I have a lot to tell you ” he grinned at me and I regretted ever asking cause when my brother grinns like that, he sure will start an endless talks about sports, movies and books which includes this advance biology, chemistry and physics.
Surprisingly, he didn't even go there. He talked about this girl in his class and how pretty she is. He thinks he's attracted to her, especially since she's smart, intelligent and have the same dream as him. That made me change my mind about him meeting a white girl when he goes to California. May be she's he's soulmate.
The mere thought of that word SOULMATE scares me a bit. I mean who won't be? With this romance books I have been reading on wattpad above these stuff, I sure would love to meet mine but am also scared. They said you can't be able to lie, pretend or hide anything from your soulmate and these things are things am really good at. I just love doing then that I can't afford to be caught.
I lie to escape from things I really don't want to face it's consequences. I pretend to be sick just so I can get daddy's attention and I hide what I feel over the fact that Chima is traveling and he also have a new phone now.
So I really don't think I want to meet my soul mate, I just want to graduate, meet a rich man and get married. Every other thing can wait. I looked back to my brother who was still talking about this girl who I discovered her name to be Amanda. He must really like her to have talked this much without noticing that I have not been paying attention. I smile at the mere thought of them being together, I have to see this girl.
4th Law Of Power: Always Say Less Than. Necessary.
* * * * * *


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