Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 39

39 Law Of Power : Stir Up Waters To Catch Fire.
Mr obinna stood up from his table, heading towards his office widow. Just standing, he was able to see through the town of Onitsha just from his window. His office which is located at the six floor of the building here in Upper Iweka. He loves the noise that comes from the streets, raging from young boys running after a bus and both men and women walking in full speed.
As more as he stared down at the all busy road, he can't help but to remember what his private investigator had told him last week. He still remember the very day he saw the young man by accident, he had suspected that the boy is his son. His assumed late son actually cause he had the same features with his sister.
He had followed his instincts and it turns out that he is right and to even think that the young man is bearing the same name that his wife had wanted to name her son, him when she still had him. Obinna kept on wondering what his friend is doing allowing the boy to come back to Nigeria.
Was he trying to tempt him into doing something drastic or what? The worst part of the whole thing is that the two twins had meet. Their part has crossed again and in a very terrible way. Why is Ama so filled with bad luck? He wondered.
His conscience was beating him so terrible cause the last time he had checked, since Ama was born, she had experienced nothing other than heartbreaks in a very abominable way. Raging from him raping her repeatedly and now this... God why can't some people ever escape from terrible events? Why are some people just born to suffer in a very bad and abominable way?
Maybe that's her fate, her story and her destiny. There is nothing anyone can do about it. “ how I wish I can change the hands of time, I will definitely rewrite her story in a good way this time. ” Mr obinna kept on thinking. “ what if I didn't rape her, she would have still ended up this way cause abominable events seems to follow her a lot and now look at this…what kind of bad luck is this na? She's beyond redemption now and there is no saving her this time. Nothing can save her from all these abomination if not death. ”
Mr obinna walked back to his seat after he was done enjoying the view from his window. he felt a little bit relaxed with himself after he had succeeded in coming up with a solution to his problem. His daughter's problem actually but he needed to settle it once and for all no matter what it takes. Even if it means her death cause only her death could save all of us from this abomination.
"If killing her is all it takes then so be it even if I have to die too but I just have to end this once and for all " Mr obinna concluded. While going back to his laptop to continue with what he was doing before now.
* * * * *
Unknown Person P O V
What is really going on? Is my son really dating that girl? No! But according to my friend who happens to be his biological father, he said they have been dating even before she got married to her late husband. Does that mean that the two of them have slept with each other? That's an abomination! Two twins sleeping with each other.
For the first time in my life, I regret ever buying and adopting him as a son cause look what it has course. If my wife, his mother finds out that I actually bought him and not just adopt him from the orphanage like I had told her then am really doom for.
Is not really my fault cause the father never wanted the poor boy in the first place. I only made it more easier for him by buying the boy for that huge amount of money and look what it has cause... God please have mercy for I know I have sinned but please don't let that innocent boy suffer for a sin he no nothing about.
how am I going to fix this? Just how do I fix this? May be there is no turning back on this one. I just have to wait and watch how all of this ends. Definitely it will have an ending so I just have to wait and watch how it all gonna end. Yes! That's the perfect thing to do cause there is no turning back on this one.
The deed has already been done and the only thing we can do is just watch how the whole thing will turn out to be. I just pray that things ends with a happy ending. I pray things goes for the better and nothing like the worst. Please dear lord, save our children or these crime we have committed will consume them for no just cost.
Sitting here thinking about all these won't even make any freaking difference. May be I should just call back my son to come and join me officially here in the state than staying over there in Nigeria. I actually thought he will choose here over his home town and to even think that he picked onitsha of all places.
I have to call him as soon as possible cause he is actually my only heir so is high time he starts leaning the business and not just sitting at home doing nothing. His mother told me that he has still not forgotten her even my wife misses her.
How could I have known that the girl in question was the same girl that has been staying with us for the past four years till she finally got married. God I can just imagine the pain nonso will feel if he realise that the girl he was dating and staying with in the same house is actually his twin sister. The two of them must have really made love to each other. " God how am I just going to tell them this? Amanda my wife will kill me but is okay cause God will figure out a way to end all these disaster that has befallen us." Mr obi prayed.
* * * * *


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