Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 38

38 Law Of Power : Think As You Like But Behave Like Others.
I stared at myself for the third time this evening, I can't believe I have turned out like this. The pretty face have turned to be more beautiful than ever and my hips... You can mistake them for that of mercy Johnson or Kim Kardashian. But not like that of Nicky Minaj though. My boobs are even bigger than before and my flat tummy is just there. I quite look good bit am still not satisfied or so I thought.
But why do I look so different? Why do I look like the shadow of myself ? The girl am seeing in front of this mirror is so different from the girl I use to know. God what happened to me? Why am I so different? I will make them pay for this I swear even if is the last thing I do I will definitely make them pay for ruining my life this way.
They will be shock with what I chose to wear for just dinner. I want them to see how sophisticated I have became and I want them to see how powerful I have become too.
“ just wait mum, dad, chima just wait and see how this story ends cause I will definitely be standing to see it and that is if any of us will live to tell the tell” I hissed as I noticed that there won't be need for me to take my designer Chanel O pose with me. That will be too obvious that am just truly to show off but who cares? Of cause I want them to see how rich I have become so damn them all!
* * * *
We eat in total silence, everyone minding their own thoughts. Hmm I wonder what they all thinking especially chima who seem suddenly too quiet like he is trying to figure something out. He seem so lost In his thoughts and he kept on staring at dad from time to time. Hmm na dem sabi.
“ I wonder what she's thinking. May be she's just waiting for the perfect time to strike or has she forgotten all her plans? I hope so cause I have more issues to deal with other than dealing with mere teenager's revenge. That she's Tweety doesn't really change the fact that she's just a child to me ” Obinna said to himself while eating his meal and sparing some glances to his so called daughter.
“ God please help me win her back. I don't know how but I want her to know that is okay to admit that she's better now and everything will be fine. God please touch her sense so that she will change from her evil ways. ” nnenna prayed inwardly.
“ hmm this one all them Is quiet like this, I hope they are not trying to do something funny. Unlike before, this dining room is just too quiet for my liking but Is okay as long as I win this game they are trying to play ” I smiled while chewing my chicken. We were having fried rice and chicken. My once favorite food but now I can't do without pizza though most people sees it as snack, I see it as food. I can even make one myself, my short visit to India wasn't imvain.
“ what is she thinking, she have been smiling like an idiot while chewing her mean. Has she come up with a plane or what? God I need this girl to be calm let me settle the issue with her supposed late twin first. Why is it that nobody remains dead in this house? All of them choose now to come out and to even think that am going for the governorship election. Hmm I have to take care of the two of them before they both destroy me. How the hell did that boy appeared back in Nigeria anyway? He was supposed to remain dead and stay there in the state so why did the idiot I called my friend allowed him to get back to Nigeria? I have to settle this fast before is too late. I just can't imagine myself explaining why her late twin that supposed to be dead turns out to be alive and even have parents that I know so well. ” obinna said to himself. Trying his best not look bothered by the look he was receiving from both his son and the daughter.
“ something is definitely not right here. Why does dad seem so tensed like he is scared of something other than my so called sister here.? ” Chima kept on wondering. He has been staring at both his dad and Ama from time to time to see if he can get any clue as to what is really going on. But it seems like Ama's mind is made up on something he can't really point out and his father seems so lost in his own thoughts. What could be bothering him this much or is it Bianca. Well according to her, she's now Bianca and not Ama so may be dad is just worried about her.
But that didn't seem to be the only problem here. Mum seem so quiet and Ama seem so relaxed like she planned everything to go the way it is now. She seems to be smiling a lot and dad seems to be bothered about something then there is mum who seems so scared about what I really don't know.
“ I have to find to find out what is really going on here. I just have to get to the end of this ” chima said to himself.
“ A-ha, now let's see how you all are going to win this dad, mum, chima... I will definitely watch you all get destroyed ” I smiled again at my mean. I seem to be doing that more regularly these days.


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