Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 37

37 Law Of Power : Create Compelling Spectacles.
“ this is really serious ” tubby said, sounding confused himself. “ but have you really tried to get through her or anything? ”
“ no. Am still trying to figure out what really went with ”
“ there is no way you are going to figure out what went wrong if you don't ask her so you just have to confront her or something likes that. ”
“ she's going to keep on saying the same thing. That dad raped her!”
“ but have you ever tried to consider if she's actually saying the truth? There is a possibility that she is really saying the truth ”
“ what! Tubby do you even know what you are saying? My dad raped my sister? Man she's not adopted, she is my blood sister and his biological daughter so do you even get what you are saying ” chima retorted.
“ look chuks... I have heard so many stories of fathers raping there daughter and mothers sleeping with there sons. We are all men and sometimes we make mistakes do you get it ”
‘“ have you even seem my mum? My father can't even cheat on that woman with another woman outside not to talk of his own daughter for Pete sake! ”’
“yeah right. Same way I love my fiance right? But yet I cheated on her when I got drunk on your birthday party. I love that girl with all heart and I can't even begin to imagine how I ended up cheating on her but it was because of my state then so what made you think that your father doesn't have a moment of weakness with her too? ”
“ this is my father, the man that loves that girl with all his heart and beside she didn't just say he raped her once, she said it happened repeatedly! Can you even imagine that and to add it all, she said he threatened to kill get together with mum and I if she dares open her mouth. That's beyond unbelievably trust me ”
“ chuks believe I know it sounds unbelievable especially with her saying that he did it repeatedly. That's unheard of but still not impossible trust me. It can happen, is very much possible. You just have to think about it and follow this with caution. Give your sister a listening ear though I think is already too late cause the did has already been done and with the way you said it, it looks like her mind is really made up in getting her revenge but you just have to try and get through her. ”
“ I can't even believe that am listening to you right now. This is madness! Man I will call you back, I needs to get my thoughts together right now ”
“ I know hard but just think about it very well. Check the possibilities very well and also consider your sister's feeling and why she will come up with such story. Talk to her, make her talk to you and get this over done with once and for all but that is if it's not too late. Girls who suffers rape always have a thing for revenge and they don't stop until someone dies and that is if is not just one person that will die or get hurt. You have to hurry up before is freaking too late ”
“ okay man thanks. I will call you back ” chima said before ending the call. Is high time he investigate this very carefully and take decision before is too late. “ I will definitely do something about this ” he said before standing up from the bed and heading to his door.
* * * * * *
Mr obinna stared blankly at his laptop, lost in his own thoughts. “ what could she be planning? ” he asked himself for the up tenth time since her return. Ever since he came back, he had no peace in his mind. He is always scared and watching out what her next step could be but she have been silent ever since. Other than her threat to him the day she came back, nothing have been heard of her gain.
She doesn't even eat with them and she hardly leave her room unless when she's going to see her friends or checking up on her business and that of her late husband's properties. How the hell did she end up being Adams wife? The dead man was of the same age with him. He's wondered. May be because of his money and fame but for what gain? Just so she could get her revenge on him? Is that it? He asked himself but couldn't come up wit any other explanation for her action.
Now he is really doom for good cause her mind look like is made up on getting get revenge. How is she going to carry out her revenge? Is it by destroying him or killing him. Exposing him means destroying him cause he will lose everything and everyone but killing him will be more better cause he can't live to get destroyed.
“ how I wish I could turn back the hands of time, wouldn't have made so mistake with my only daughter and now she can never forgive for it. I truly deserve death ” I mumbled to himself. What is he going to do? How is he going to correct this mistake? Will killing her end everything but she's powerful now that he can't even stand where she is talking. She's a multi billionaire now and he is just nothing where she is so why is she so bend on getting revenge when actually the rape thing help made her who she is today.


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