Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 36

36 Law Of Power : Disdain Things You Can Not Have - Ignoring Them Is The Best Revenge.
Standing at her daughter's door, she contemplated if to really go in or not. She knew for a certain that the girl wouldn't want to see her in her room, in fact she had prohibited anyone of them from entering her room especially her father and brother. The girl doesn't look like someone that is crazy nor had being mentally disturbed before neither did she look like the Ama she used to know.
The girl look like a total different person to her and it scares the creeping hell out of her. And her husband hasn't been making the matter any better by keeping calm and acting distant. He looks like he's always scared of something especially each time he sees her approaching. She always have this scorn on her face each time she sight her father.
This days he hardly sleeps at home but could her daughter be saying the truth about him? Nnenna wondered for the up tenth time. It can't be, is just not possible. He so much loved his daughter to do that kind of abomination so is just not possible.
How is she going to get through with her daughter now that the poor girl had harbored so much hatred in her heart for her? Her aim to achieve revenge for admitting her in that psychiatric hospital has consumed the love she once had for us and now I just can't help but to wonder how all these Is going to end.
How will this story ever end? Will it ever end or is it going to just continue till we all have been consumed by it? I so much want to see the end to this story. Such a bitter story. She contemplated again on whether to really knock on that door or just let it be. Should she let her be or should she try and talk her daughter out of this madness? She asked herself but went with the later. Letting her be will be the best thing to do until she comes around.
If that girl is truly her daughter, she will definitely come around. She concluded before matching back to the kitchen to prepare dinner for her family. How much she would like to call it family if only her daughter will come around. She get back to her cooking with one prayer in her heart ‘“ God please bring back my daughter to me ”’ she prayed.
* * * * *
Chima sat on his bed lost in his thoughts. He still couldn't get why his sister is acting the way she's actually now. For five years they had thought she was dead only for her to come back home with so much hatred for them. Why does she hate him so much and he can't even start to think about the hatred she has for their dad but why so much hatred? He kept on pondering on his thoughts.
He has to get to her, he just knew that he has to get through his sister or they will forever lose her to this hatred she feels for them. “ but we were only trying to help her, she was beginning to loose it completely and there was nothing we could do other than admitting her in the hospital ” he said to himself but the more he tell himself that, the more it looks like he is only trying to assure himself that what did was the best thing to do in that situation.
Why will any daughter want to accuse her father of rape. That's ridiculous to even think about it not to talk of even saying it. He knows his father and he knows what the old man is capable of and definitely is not raping the only daughter he loved with his whole heart but what made Ama come up with such accusation?
How the heck did she managed to get hold of Adams and even get married to him? Her dream of getting married to rich man who will ask get not to do anything in the house cause they are multi billionaires has finally come true. She's not just the wife to a multi billionaire but also a popular figure herself because of her art works. Who would hate thought that she will finally make money out of drawing. She never believed dad when he told her that her art works are amazing even I have tried to let her know how much her talents could fetch her but all she wanted then was tired just get married to a rich man who will provide everything she wants and she it has come through but it ended her an early widow.
He felt his videos vibrating by his side so he picked it up to check who it was and to his relive, is he best Friend Tubby from the states calling.
“ hey dude what's up?”
“ mehhn am so not good ”
“ what's wrong? Cause you sound like you just got hit by a truck ” tubby teased.
“ worst than that trust me and is really not funny ”
“ now that's serious. What could be worst than being hit by a truck driver.”
“ is my sister. Remember what I told you happened with her right? Now she's back. For Pete for years we thought she was dead, we even mourned her only for her to Coke back now with so much hatred for and she's this bend on getting revenge for what she thinks we did to her. Can you believe that!? ”
“ have you tried asking her what happened ” tubby asked after a minute of silence. He was still trying to understand how his best friend younger sister everyone thought was dead is now alive and now this.
“ she doesn't want to talk to me or anything for that matter. She choose to stay indoor, go out and come back and stay indoors again. She doesn't even eat with us probably because she thought we will poison her or something ”
* * * * * *


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