Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 35

35 Law Of Power : Master The Art Of Timing.
I drove into our familier street with so much happiness. I can't even begin to imagine the last time I felt this way, after so many years, I finally was able to see and chat with my friends again . Though some things have changed but is still cool. I can't believe that KC and Angela are finally together after so many years of hide and seek. And to even think that Amina's wedding is around the corner.
For a moment I thought is going to be a white wedding but of cause I know Amina and the kind of family she came from, they are definitely not going to allow her to marry outside their own religion so yes she's getting married to her Muslim sweetheart. The way she had told me about the guy made me know that she must really love him . No wonder Angela is upset with the cloth she's being forced to wear for the wedding, is an all housa traditional attire which will cover all aspect of her body. The cloth looks almost like a buba and we know how much Angela hates to wear cloths that get to her knees.
Amina had teased Angela that she didn't want her to snatch her fiance from her but that didn't cheer Angela up, all she could imagine is how the cloth will swallow her up completely. Oh how much she hates that clothe. The gateman opened the gate for me after hearing my car horn and I drove into the all too familiar building. I just hate this building and the story that comes with it.
My friends had insisted that I tell them what happened and I so much hates lying to them so I told them my story and how I have to carry out my revenge. At first amina was angry that I got married without her being aware but after realizing who I got married to and why, she didn't bother again and to even think that my husband is already dead added the whole thing.
“ so you are telling us that you are this almighty Bianca Adams everyone have been talking about, is that it? ” was Angela's first question. They must have really heard of Bianca a lot. Even KC said he bought a lot of my work for his new house with Angela and amina said she has always admired the artist work.
For the first time in five years, I feel so proud of the name I have made for myself. They weren't even interested with who Adams was even though they knew who he was and the kind of money and power he has. They were more concern on who Bianca is and it shocked them that Bianca is no other person but me. They were even confused on which name to address me but after many persuading, they decided to still address me with Ama cause to them I will always remain Ama.
They have quite made meaning out of there lives. Amina is still studying medicine while KC studied civil engineering and now he's working with a construction company in port Harcourt. As for Angela, she went into full time in modeling and she also studied computer science. I have always knew she had a thing for modeling though her parents were strictly against it since they already have two of their children in the entertainment industry. Her elder sister Stephanie is already a big name in nollywood. Every movie you see carrys her face on it and I heard she have won a whole lot of awards too.
The family is really made for the entertainment industry cause even their brother is a popular music producer working with big names in the music industry. Everybody knows his names cause all the singers always mention his name.
As for amina's family, all her elder sisters are all married and since she's the youngest, she's already engaged. Her brothers too are all married and are also into politics. her sisters husbands are all into politics, she seems to be the only one into a normal profession and her fiance is also a doctor running his own hospital, which happens to be one of the best in Abuja. She said she will be working for her husband as soon as she graduates and the young man love her enough to have wanted to wait till she graduates but the both familys were against it so now they will be getting Married by December.
I still remember their expressions when I told them why I had ran away and what really happened after that. They couldn't believe that my dad was capable of such atrocity but they knew I was telling the truth. They even told me how the news had spread in school that I was crazy and that I was sleeping with both my dad and Nonso. It turns out that YEMI and Oluchi had decided to make their dream of being a professional journalist a reality by brocasting the news everywhere and even went as far as going to the school media anonymously to release the news on both the school site and news papers. It even appeared on the school bulletin.
I just hope they have achieved their dream profession cause I really don't see how a then science students will be dreaming to be a journalist not to talk of achieving it.
They even have to drag Nonso's name in all this. How I miss that boy and to even think we started dating before I bumped into Adams. I just hope he is okay with my decision though he didn't say a single word to me neither did he ask me not to go.
Oh how I so much going to make my parents pay for making me lose everything. They will surely pay even if is the last thing I do on this earth. I stare at my once called home with so much disgust and hatred, with one prayer in my heart, that I should succeed with my plans or that will be the end of me.


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