Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 34

34th Law Of Power : Be Royal In Your Fashion - Act Like A King To Be Treated Like One.
I stared at the gate for few more minutes hoping that they still live here. I knocked at the gate for the third time before the housa looking gate man came out.
“ na who i dey fine? ” he asked in his normal housa English. They still had the same gate man, I thought they would have changed him since five years Is quite a long time.
“ am looking for Angela, is she in?” I asked, hoping he will just say yes. He grinned at me, showing me his perfect yellowish teeth like he has won a lottery or something.
“ Small madam I dey inside, wait here let me tell am for you I dey here. What is my name? ” God must all housa gatemen be the same? Must they tell us that they know how to speak English more than we do? “ tell her Ama is looking for her ” I said with a grin.
“ okay wait am for here, I dey cum ” he said before closing the gate. It took another few more minutes before I heard the gate open but before I could turn I felt someone nealy pushing me to the ground with their hug.
“ Jesus Ama is this you? ” Angela said with so much excitement after the hug. She look more beautiful now than ever. Her legs are now more long and sexier than ever especially with the bum short she's wearing. Her tummy flat and her hips In a right place. You can say she has an hour glass figure. She quite look like a model.
“ Angela! ” I shouted with excitement too but not as excited as she looked. She seem to have really missed me a lot.
“ Ama what happened? We thought we will never see you again gosh you look so amazing babe. ” she exclaimed.
“ well you're so not looking bad yourself. ” I said, hugging her again. Oh how I so much miss them. “ what about Amina and KC ” please don't tell me Amina is married. I said.
“ well you're so right but not married though, just almost. She's engaged and her wedding is this December and thank God you are back cause you have rescued me from wearing that cloth she said I will be wearing. Hey come on In ” she said while gesturing me to go In with her.
Stepping inside the compound, it felt like yesterday. Nothing have changed much other than new cars. “ who owns the lambo ” I asked, admiring the car, my love for Lamborghini has no bound even though I have already acquired one myself.
“ oh is mine, actually is a birthday gift from Kelechi ” she said smiling shyly. Are you kidding me . Oh boy! I have always known that KC has a soft spot for Angela, he actually told me when he started crushing on her but she never noticed them but that didn't stop her from always flirting with him. I think she actually like him more than a friend cause he happens to be the only guy she always flirt with.
I cleared my throat “ hmm is there something I should know about? ” I teased her and that only got me a shy smile from her again. A-ha something is really up “ come on split it already ” I said eagerly to hear what she has to say.
‘“ okay but let's call Amina first cause trust me she will be so excited to see you dear ”’ Angela said, changing the topic.
“ okay sure why not. Call KC too ” I said.
She brought out her latest iPhoneX product and dialed what I assumed to be Amina's number.
“ hi bae abeg you fit come my house now now now. Is ogent abeg. ” I didn't hear what the other person was saying but with the frown on Angela's face, I can tell that is not good.
“ haba Amina ni! Person no fit ask you for something again? Just come my house first then I promise I will wear that your shapeless gown to your wedding ” she said before bursting into laughter. I don't know what gown she's referring to but I know that Angela has a thing for cloths that will show off her sexy legs, hips and her flat tummy so I can just imagine what this gown she hates looks like.
“ okay hurry up cause you won't want to miss this ” she said before hanging up. "Okay one person gone and now is KC. I don't need to call him cause he will soon be here. We were supposed to have lunch together."
“ hmm” I stared at her amusingly.
“ what? ” she said while dragging me inside the living room. Oh boy! Her parents sure have a tastes when it comes to funiture. The living room speaks of money, I can't even start to describe what it looks like so I won't even bother.
* * * * *
“ I swear to God I will kill you Angela if you don't have anything reasonable to tell me ” we heard a female voice say as she walks into the room with someone. She probably didn't knock. We turned to see who it was and to my surprise, I saw a gorgeous lady standing in front of me with this tall guy.
“ Jeses please someone should tell me am just hallucinating!” Amina screamed with shock. She has really grown to be beautiful and her blue short dress didn't make the situation any easier. She look so amazing.
“ Ama?” I heard the guy call.
“ KC! Amina! ” I rushed to them both and hugged them at the same time. This are the only people am excited to see here in Nigeria and they are the only once I can have a family reunion with. Oh how I so much want to make it up to them for those lost years! Well we can always start from somewhere right? “ I love you guys a whole lot ” I murmured.


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