Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 33

33rd law Of Power : Discover Each Man's Thumbscrew.
Amanda walked into her son's room to check up on him. The boy had returned to Nigeria few days ago but had hardly left his room ever since. She had tried to get through to him but he is always distance, she couldn't help but to get worried as to why he is behaving like this.
She stared at her son whose head was on his study desk probably lost in thoughts or just sleeping. He probably didn't hear her walk in nor feel her presence. She looked around the room, it was still the same. She hadn't change anything here for him since he wanted the room to be in the same shape when he gets back from the state where he went to study Architecture.
The bedroom still has this boyish style in it. Blue cotton around the four corners of the room, with blue bedspread spreading on the bed. The study desk which he is correcting laying his head on, has his books, laptop, and all his drawing materials on it. He still have Ama's masterpiece on his wall. The drawing so much tells of pain and misery. Mealy looking at the drawing, you can tell what the artist was feeling when drawing it and to even think that it was her best drawing so far.
The drawing is priceless that's why she had given it to her son. By the other side of the wall also had her portrait on the wall. That was his first painting of her and even with all the things that she did, he still kept the portrait on his wall.
"He must still love her, I think that's why he has been distant and moody since his return "How is she doing now? Amanda wondered.
“ Nonso, Nonso! ” she tap him on his back to get his attention. May be he is really sleeping but why on the desk and not on his king size comfortable bed? She asked herself.
Nonso raised his face after he felt someone wake him up. He must have really dozed off after so much thinking. “ mum? ” he stared at the beautiful woman looking at him with a worried expression on her face. God he need to bring himself together so that he won't have his mum worried about him. He said to himself.
“ Nonso are you okay? ” she asked looking genuinely concerned. He hasn't said anything to her since Ama's wedding but she knew he's hurt but choose to keep calm about the whole thing. What will he feel if she tells him that Adams is dead and Ama has finally come out of the limelight. Will he say something or just act nonchalant about it like he has always done.
“ mum why are you staring at me like that? ” he asked his mum who seems so lost in her thoughts. Hope is not about him again, he prayed.
“ I saw Ama on the news last night” she finally said. He looked down on his laptop not saying a word. He just shrugged like it doesn't mean anything to him.
“ you knew ” she said looking surprised. Has he been following her up or something? Then why is he keeping calm like he is not affected when he has been monitoring her activities but why? She kept on wondering while looking at her dejected son. He has really grown to be more handsome than before. He can easily get any woman he wants so why stick to Ama? A girl who is so broken and bend on getting revenge even though it hurts the people she care about? The people who loves her?
“ I know. And I also know that her husband is dead too ” he finally said raising his face and then smiled. But she knew better not to believe on that smile. It didn't get to his eyes, she knew he is just faking it.
“ do want to talk about it? Why are you so quiet and distance? Are you still thinking about her? Nonso you have to let her go please….just do it for me son ” she pleaded.
“ mum one question at a time please… come on am over her already. Do you think I will be happy that her husband is dead and that she choose now to show the world who Bianca Adams is? am just worried about her, who knows what she's thinking and what she's planning to do. Am scared that she won't hurt just the people she care about but herself too. ” he said trying to make his mum understand him.
“ I know but what can we do? Her mind is already made up and there is nothing we can do other than just watch how it all ends. ” she said hoping he will let it go.
“ I guess you are right and there is nothing we can do other than just watching how these will all end and I guess is high time i move on. ” he said, smiling broadly at his mum. She felt so relieved with what he said.
“ am so proud of you son ” she said while hugging him
‘“I love you mum ”’
“ and I love you too son ”


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