Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 31

31th Law Of Power : Control The Options -Get Others To Play With The Cards You Deal.
“ Bianca? ” my mum stares at me like I have finally grown horns on my head. Wait is she dumb or something? Didn't she hear me say Bianca or is that too hard to accept? My happy family, I just can't imagine what you guys are thinking right now. Let me make it more clear so that they will understand better.
“ yes mum B-I-A-N-C-A! And please don't forget the Adams that follows it ” I smiled at her confused face. You should have believed me when I had pleaded with you, all of you. But no! You insisted that I was going crazy, people laughed at me and you all joined them and to even think that you are my family. I stared blankly at her.
“ when did you get back? We thought you were... ” she stuttered.
“ dead? ” I completed her word for her. Nah am not going to die without making you guys pay na.
“ as you can see am flesh and sound so please tell this two the same thing cause they are staring at me right now like am some ghost or something. ” I said, pointing at my loving father and my dearest brother who were busy staring at me like I just jumped down from the sky.
God! They look like they just saw an alien spider with ten legs. Nah I hate spiders, they can scare the creeping hell out of me. Those scaring things that has these unimaginable number of legs and hands. That's the most scary animal I have ever seen. Ew! Especially when they crawl on your body without you knowing it, I remember when Amina and Angela teased me with it, I nearly died of heart attack. Oh how I miss my friends.
“ You never called me ” I finally hear chima's voice. What is he saying? Call him? Are you freaking kidding me right now cause the last time I checked, he was the first person to label me crazy and ended my call on me so what the heck!
“ call you? Did you just say call you? Pffft. Chima we both know what you would have done if I had made the mistake of calling you. Trust me I know better.” I retorted. Mehnn this people are so annoying me right now and I better retire to bed and lay down my plans.
“ please dad? Mum? Big brother? Can I rest now cause am tired already. ” I looked lazily at them. Am not even sure i should call them that but I need to have this room to my self already so please leave.
“ okay dear please rest, I will call you for dinner ” my mum said. Wait why is she acting like she cares? Come on don't play this game with me right now.
“ mum please take your family with you and don't call me for any dinner. I want to sleep and think of how to handle you guys from now on. ” I told her truthfully. At least I should let them know that am planning on taking my revenge on them.
‘“ oh okay if that's what you want dear but you know where to find me right? That's if you need me though and I want you to know one thing, God knows if you had called me I would have find you and bring you back home.”’ she said. Is she trying to make me feel bad and guilty right now. Is she looking for my sympathy or what? Come on mum not again. Don't play this mother rule with me right now. When I needed it you weren't there so fuck off already. She looked at me for a while before leaving. I was expecting Chima to say something before leaving but to my surprise he just followed mum without saying a word to me, leaving me with this man whore of a father.
Now let's hear what this man is going to say or is he also going to leave just like that without saying a word too just like chima did? Nah! If I know my dad any better then I know he will definitely say something especially now nobody is here with us but do I even know him? He proved me wrong a long time ago so anything can actually happen.
“ what are you doing here? ” I finally hear him say. A-ha... That's what am talking about. Now let's do this shall we.
“ what do you mean d-a-d?” I faked innocence. Just play with his head for a while and enjoy the fun in seeing him suffer.
“ Amarachi what are you doing in my house? ” A-ha- A-ha! That isn't what you should be asking rather what am I going to do to you dad. “ your house? Did you just say your house cause the last time I checked, you're my father and this house is mine as well as yours so am so much welcomed here. ”
“ Amarach! ” what the heck is wrong with this man. No one dares shout at me now or tell me what to do.
“ Is Bianca Adams old man and don't dare shout at me ever again cause the next time you try it, I will burn you together with this house and everyone in it!” I retorted. Did he think he can control me? Well he's wrong and now is my turn to watch him cry.
“ Ama please don't do this to your family I beg you ” is this man going crazy or something? You never see something.
“ dad dad dad!!!! are you scared? well let me tell you this, am going to make you pay for every single drop of tears that I shared, the blood that flew from my vaginal and for every other thing you made me go through in that psychiatric home. Now get the hell out of my room before I change my mind and start with you first "
“ Bianca Adams please ” he pleaded.
wow this man is desperate for had called me a name he never gave me and a surname he doesn't even know how it came about.
“ you shameless escape of a man! Get out of my room now!” I shouted at him. I think for a moment he looked freighted cause he rushed out of my room immediately. “ hahaha you haven't seen anything yet just wait till I start my revenge on all of you. ”


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